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Best hair on soaps

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 I wholeheartedly agree with these choices.  Colleen Zenk's sustained excellence over decades is pretty impressive on its own merits.  She probably had only two or three episodes where her hair was out of place in the three decades of her being on the show.


I'd also like to add a bit of diversity and add Debbi Morgan to this list, particularly her time on AMC, though I was never an avid viewer of that show.  Looking at Angie's hairstyles, from press n curl, to braids/cornrows to naturally curly, DM's looks read like a historical lookbook on black hairstyles through the decades.  I loved that she never seemed overstyled, especially in her earliest years.

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I really liked Kate as played by Megan Ward.  She did have great hair.


What happened to that character with the recast then storyline under Ron was just awful.


Connie was perfect as exactly what she was to Kate- a source of embarrassment about where she came from vs where she was once she climbed to the top.  No need for them to be separate personalities.  Ugh.  Then to do that again with Luke like two years later?  Ugh.  Luke.  Of all people.  Not in character at all to dissociate.

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