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Classic Y&R Episode Counts: December 1998 & May-December 1998

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And, we have reached the end of 1998! The holidays are just around the corner, but this doesn't slow down the action. It's the month that Jill and Katherine's bitter battle for the Chancellor estate comes to an end -- the two women battle it out in court but the news that Jill gave Beatrice money severely undermines her case. Nevertheless, Judge Jennings decides that Phillip Chancellor had the right to do with his half of the estate whatever he pleased, and tells the two women they are to share the house. 


After much delay and deliberation, Victor tells Jack and Brad he's stepping down as CEO and giving them the reins while he sorts out his personal issues. It's all Jack and Brad can do not to start jumping up and down with joy, although Brad later realizes he's dealing with a much more hesitant, conservative Jack, who doesn't want to rock the boat (well, this involves tying Jabot with Brooke's Bedroom).


Tony and Megan's romance develops further. They share their first kiss and, on New Year's Eve, Tony rushes to the Colonnade Room to surprise her, where they share another, romantic smooch... to Tricia's annoyance.


Christine just will not stop appearing as Paul grieves the loss of his father all over again. Mary has found love once more: Charlie proposes and she accepts. But Carl cannot move away and forget about Paul without making sure that he's not his son. He travels to Genoa City. He remembers nothing until he spots Paul and his family at church on Christmas and starts to have flashbacks of a past life. When he and Ruth later see Paul and Mary at the diner, more memories return... it can no longer be denied.


We say goodbye to Michele Thomas as Callie. The announcer explains that due to her sudden passing, the role is now being played by something that sounds like Fienna, although it's Sienna. Olivia is in a better place, as she believes Callie has left town, but nobody realizes she's back and planning to stay.... Meanwhile, something seems to shift between Olivia and Neil. Nothing obvious, nothing they're aware of, but something is developing....


Victoria and Cole soldier on despite the death of their baby. In heartbreaking Christmas scenes, Victoria discovers a gift Cole bought for Eve months ago: Her first Christmas ornament. In their grief, they kiss each other and it becomes clearer that they're not OK. Victoria faces this by insisting she move in with Neil right away, but Neil (sensing it's not going to work) wants to wait before they make that decision. 


Nick, intent on getting Sharon to forgive him, gifts her and Cassie with a Y&R staple: The drawing Cassie made of their family, framed.


Nikki focuses on tearing Diane a new one, and touchingly making sure Katherine's place is decorated for Christmas. Jill is always lurking around, but Katherine is determined to put up with it. If only she knew what was to come...


We also get a mention of Patty, who sends Christmas cards every year but never with a return address. Mary claims Carl's death/disappearance is the cause for her continued absence.


Alice receives an unexpected visit from Grace's mother, Mrs. Turner, and it leads her straight to Grace -- who protects Cassie by claiming she knows nothing. Still, Grace is angry with the way the Newmans are treating her and is starting to consider... why is she even bothering at all? Cassie attempts to reach Millie, but Alice answers, and it gives her renewed hope of finding her. But she never expected to answer the door and find Grace there, waiting to talk to her....




December 1998 Episode Ranking

22 Episodes (Episodes 6515-6536)


1. Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) 17

2. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) 15

*.  Christian Le Blanc (Michael Baldwin) 15

4. Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) 14

*.  Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) 14

*.  Jennifer Gareis (Grace Turner) 14

*.  Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) 14

*.  Heather Tom (Victoria Newman) 14

*.  Jess Walton (Jill Abbott) 14

10. Tamara Clatterbuck (Alice Johnson) 13

*.  John Castellanos (John Silva) 12

*.  Carolyn Conwell (Mary Williams) 12

*.  J. Eddie Peck (Cole Howard) 12

*.  Scott Reeves (Ryan McNeil) 12

*.  Nick Scotti (Tony Viscardi) 12

16. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) 11

*.  Ashley Jones (Megan Dennison) 11

*.  Brett Hadley (Carl Williams) 11

19. Leslie Bevis (Ruth Perkins) 10

*.  Vasili Bogazianos (Al Fenton) 10

*.  Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters) 10

*.  Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) 10

23. Tricia Cast (Nina McNeil) 9

*.  Robert Clotworthy (Judge Russell Jennings) 9

*.  Don Diamont (Brad Carlton) 9

*.  Camryn Grimes (Cassie Newman) 9

*.  Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) 9

28. Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia Winters) 8

*.  Patty Weaver (Gina Roma) 8

30. Sabryn Genet (Tricia McNeil) 7

*.  Siena Goines (Callie Rogers) 7

*.  Gloria LeRoy (Beatrice Tucker) 7

*.  Christopher Kriesa (Charlie Ockwell) 7

*.  Nicholas Pappone (Phillip Chancellor IV) 7

*.  Shari Shattuck (Ashley Abbott) 7

36. Bryant Jones (Nathan Hastings Jr.) 6

37. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) 5

*.  Laura Bryan Birn (Lynne Bassett) 5

*.  Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) 5

*.  Sandra Nelson (Phyllis Romalotti) 5

*.  Rodney Van Johnson (Trey Stark) 5

42. Alex Donnelley (Diane Newman) 4

43. Anthony Peña (Miguel Rodriguez) 3

*.  Unknown Voice Actor (Ashley's Mystery Man) 3

45. Marissa Arena (Marissa Barton) 2

*.  Karen Hensel (Doris Collins) 2

*.  Ernestine Mercer (Millie Johnson) 2

*.  Unknown Actress (Mrs. Turner) 2

49. Julian Barnes (Jacques) 1

*.  Diane Charles (Lisa) 1

51. C.J. Hunter (Noah Newman) 1



And this is how May to December of 1998 looked like....



May-December 1998 Episode Rankings

170 Episodes (Episodes 6367-6536)


1. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) 127

2. Heather Tom (Victoria Newman) 114

3. Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) 110

4. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) 109

5. Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) 104

6. Christian Le Blanc (Michael Baldwin) 102

7. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) 100

*.  Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) 100

9. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) 95

10. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) 89

11. Jennifer Gareis (Grace Turner) 87

12. J. Eddie Peck (Cole Howard) 86

13. Alex Donnelley (Diane Newman) 83

14. Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia Winters) 80

*.   Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters) 80

16. Jess Walton (Jill Abbott) 76

17. Scott Reeves (Ryan McNeil) 72

18. Tricia Cast (Nina McNeil) 70

*.   Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) 70

*.   Nick Scotti (Tony Viscardi) 70

21. Shari Shattuck (Ashley Abbott) 68

22. John Castellanos (John Silva) 63

23. Sabryn Genet (Tricia McNeil) 62

24. Ashley Jones (Megan Dennison) 55

25. Sandra Nelson (Phyllis Romalotti) 52

26. Camryn Grimes (Cassie Newman) 48

27. Siena Goines/Michelle Thomas (Callie Rogers) [Thomas: 38, Goines: 7] 45

28. Don Diamont (Brad Carlton) 44

29. Laura Bryan Birn (Lynne Bassett) 42

*.   Brett Hadley (Carl Williams) 42

31. Anthony Peña (Miguel Rodriguez) 41

*.   Patty Weaver (Gina Roma) 41

33. Leslie Bevis (Ruth Perkins) 38

*.   Carolyn Conwell (Mary Williams) 38

35. Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) 37

36. Nicholas Pappone (Phillip Chancellor IV) 31

37. Tamara Clatterbuck (Alice Johnson) 28

38. Marissa Arena (Marissa Barton) 23

39. Christopher Kriesa (Charlie Ockwell) 19

40. Bryant Jones (Nathan Hastings Jr.) 17

*.   Ernestine Mercer (Millie Johnson) 17

*.   Rodney Van Johnson (Trey Stark) 17

43. Karen Hensel (Doris Collins) 16

*.   Gloria LeRoy (Beatrice Tucker) 16

*.   James Wellington (Rob) 16

46. Andre Khabbazi (Alec Moretti) 15

47. Robert Clotworthy (Judge Russell Jennings) 13

48. Barbara Crampton (Leanna Love) 12

*.   Candice Daly (Veronica Landers) 12

50. Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) 11

51. Vasili Bogazianos (Al Fenton) 10

52. William Wintersole (Mitchell Sherman) 9

53. Jerry Douglas (John Abbott) 8

54. C.J. Hunter (Noah Newman) 6

55. Brooke Marie Bridges (Lily Winters) 5

*.   Jerry O'Donnell (Sam) 5

57. Reed Biermann (Kyle Warner) 4

*.   Diane Charles (Lisa) 4

*.   Patricia Cullen (Gail) 4

*.   Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters) 4

*.   Joel Stoffer (Dr. Ken Cromwell) 4

62. Lise Simms (Connie Wayne) 3

*.   Granville Van Dusen (Keith Dennison) 3

*.   Greg Wrangler (Steve Connelly) 3

65. Doug Coupe (Troy) 2

*.   Pamella D'Pella (Julia) 2

*.   Scott Decker (Todd) 2

*.   Marita De Leon (Joanie Garza) 2

*.   Judd Dunning (Chuck) 2

*.   Greg Lauren (Brett Nelson) 2

*.   Keith Neubert (Dr. Hudson) 2

*.   Kim Strauss (Dr. Reese Walker) 2

*.   Unknown Actor (Barry) 2

*.   Unknown Actor (Baxter) 2

*.   Unknown Actor (Dean) 2

*.   Unknown Actress (Mrs. Turner) 2

77. Julian Barnes (Jacques) 1

78. Roberta Leighton (Casey Reed) 1


Hope you enjoyed! If you use this/repost anywhere, I ask that you credit me.

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On 12/5/2017 at 11:57 PM, StepBack said:

Thank you for posting this!


1 hour ago, ajsp35801 said:

Thank you 


You're welcome!


1 hour ago, ajsp35801 said:

Is that a picture of Neil and Vikki kissing? I don't ever remember them being affectionate on that manner. 


It is. They kissed 2-3 times around November/December. That was pretty much it, and of course they're about to break up soon....

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Y'all no longer interested? I estimate interest based on comments and discussion. I'd rather not invest the (considerable amount of) time doing these if there's no more interest. 

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Please continue these!!

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 I'm sorry,  I haven't gotten around to posting yet! I really want to see the counts for 1999 etc...

I think it's nice that they made an announcement for Michelle Thomas's Callie's passing..... tragic she died, and I understand the role was sort of changed drastically when Sienna stepped in....

The Williams stuff sounds very heartwarming.....the type of stuff that Y&R lacks today.....I wish they had just kept up the charade of saying Patty sends card without return addresses.....rather that t,hen what MAB later did with her...

I love the shot of Jill in the pic  where it looks like she's at the front door?? ( hard to tell) It always reminds me of the good old days of Jill barging into the house uninvited.....and of course always having to bicker with Esther...

Nice to hear when Cassie's Newman Family Picture came into the "Picture" 

I didn't know Grace's mother appeared on the show.

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I appreciate the work put into it!


I remember this time period fondly as it was when I was getting into the show.


Siena Goines to me wasn't that bad, at least from what I remember, but I felt it was a big switch from Michelle Thomas (I always loved her, she was just so fantastic. She went way too soon. WAY too soon) to her, IMO.

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Thanks @jcar03 @Aback @Antoyne @KMan101 @YRfan23 Good to hear there's still interest. January will be coming up soon!


On 12/14/2017 at 1:24 AM, YRfan23 said:

I love the shot of Jill in the pic  where it looks like she's at the front door?? ( hard to tell) 


That was Jill going into the Chancellor estate for the first time as co-owner. Her face was priceless.



In the meantime, while Jan 1999 is being readied, I thought I'd share some screenshots that didn't exactly pan out.... Sometimes, we catch the actors making really weird faces... we call those..... Unfortunate Screenshots! Alex Donnelly, with her rather unique style and delivery, is obviously the queen of Unfortunate Screenshots. Here's the 1998 collection:



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