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The Egg and I (1951-1952)


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Billboard review

TELEVISION - Reviewed Friday (7), 12 -12:15 pan. EDT. Sustaining via CBS -TV. Producer, Montgomery Ford. Director, Jud Gage. Script, Manya Starr.

Cast: Patricia Kirkland. John Craven, Doris Rich and Richard Knox.

 A best- seller and later a film, The Egg and I makes its transition to TV with the Grade A label predominant. The daytime strip is gentle, humourous and heartwarming without descending to the soggy mawkish, sentimental vacuities exhibited by some of the detergent dramas televized. The episode caught delineated the depression of heroine Betty MacDonald because of the immense task of creating order in the chaotic farmhouse the city - bred couple recently acquired. The . inexperienced bride, however. quickly revived in spirits after an injection of homespun philosophy from visiting Ma Kettle. She had been thru it all and knew the answers.

Although the pacing of the show was slow and the situation was not productive of any heavy, hammy drama, fragrant with attar of ersatz, scripter Manya Starr can take bows for her craftsmanship. She had many positive things to-say and said them well and entertainingly. The strip has been cast superlatively in all its roles. Patricia Kirkland is a likeable and confused Betty, John Craven, a convincing and patient Jim. One of the chief delights was the acting of Doris Rich. This legit veteran blends into her part like foliage into a countryside. Perceptive video casting directors should find many more parts for a trouper of her range. The program undeniably rates attention from sponsors. It should get and hold an audience. 

*Although Egg and I was popular,I don't believe it attracted enough sponsors to be viable.

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SEPTEMBER 3, 1951- AUGUST 1, 1952 CBS




Paula French...Karen Hale

Joe Kettle      Richard Carlyle

Ma Kettle...Doris Rich 3STH

Pa Kettle...Frank Tweddell

Betty MacDonald...Betty Lynn   1951- March 1952

...Pat Kirkland     1952

Bob MacDonald...John Craven

Lisa Schumacher...Ingeborg Theek

Jed Simmons...Grady Sutton


Grammy    Mary Perry

Mother(Betty)...Nancy Carroll

?????...Paul Ford     

?????   William "Billy" Lee   1/1952   "The Purloined Jacket" 

??????      Ann Thomas



Actress Karen Hale was the sister of Alan Hale, Jr, The Skipper "Jonas Grumby" on Gilligan's Island.


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