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June 22-26, 2015: GH Again Sinks To New Lows in W18-49 Demo


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Women 18-49 Rating

4. GH 0.68/5 (-.03/-.27) < ties low *

Thats so pitiful.LOL

This is awesome now wrote in for us to get smart tv back on our tv. WHAT Jean would write is full of romance,Socia issues and compelling storylines.

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So Ron replied to Logan with a simple reply "Confident" since Logan accidentally misspelled it. 


Logan responded: "Yes, Ron, I misspelled a word. Thanks for pointing it out. Now grow up."




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Honestly GH imo is far from cancellation it can be totally remedied with new head writer and possibly a new exec producer. How would u all feel if ABC reinstalled Wendy Riche?

Something tells me Ron is a really bitchy bitchy gay in real life. He's really narcissitic and self indulgent

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My only worry about replacing Ron is, as we learned with Y&R, it CAN always get worse, but if ABC could somehow convince Sri Rao to write for GH, I'd give up my first born.

In Y&R's case the show has been unwatchable for years. And that's also mostly been true for GH. A new writer would make it unwatchable in a different form.

If anyone had cared about sitting on Ron, getting him a proper co-writer, getting him off social media, and banning the hiring of failed "stars" from other soaps, then maybe the ratings wouldn't be so low.

They have chased viewers away in droves because just like Guza, they are ashamed of their fans and this genre.

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