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June 22-26, 2015: GH Again Sinks To New Lows in W18-49 Demo


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The numbers are very worrisome. Unfortunately, in television, it is all about the numbers. To me, it's almost frightening how fast the pendulum can swing from high praise to people calling for the crucifixion of the people who run a show behind the scenes. Ask Lisa De Cazotte about that, who was here today and gone tomorrow from Days. Something will most likely happen soon, and truth be told, i'm nervous. Usually, after a crucifixion there is a resurrection of some name from the past that is so frightful and so totally off the wall that even the sources closest to the sets are caught off guard. Chuck Pratt's return on Y&R is a prime example of that. Wouldn't it be hysterical, for example if Maria Arena Bell showed up as EP for GH? The logic seems to be no logic, at least to me. Sometimes, this behind the scenes stuff is almost more interesting than any of the shows themselves.

The only reason MAB ever got a job is because of her Y&R connections. She's likely back to shilling art to get free publicity.

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