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Create an ORIGINAL Character for Your Soap!

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Young and the Restless

Actor: Chrishell Stause

Character: Lana Brooks Prentiss

Story - Daughter of Lorie and Lance. This social climbing vixen comes to town with hopes of striking it rich and landing a Newman--in a sense, picking up where her mother failed. Lana meets Nick, who is now single, in a bar. Nick, now single, wants someone young and fun. He's over the Phyllis and Sharon types. A night of drunken fun ends with the two eloping, and consumating their marriage. Realizing his mistake the next morning, Nick wants to have the marriage annulled, except Lana brings up that there is no prenup and she'd walk away a nice sum of his money. Embarassed, Nick brings his new wife home and introduces her to the family, instantly shocking Nikki (and Victor), who learn that she's Lorie Brook's daughter. Lana starts to involve herself in familial issues, much to the chagrin of Nikki and Victoria, both who wants her gone. Meanwhile, Victor grows to adore her because of her spunk and business savvy. With pressure from Nikki and VIctoria, Nick decides to file for a divorce and give Lana a nice comfortable settlement; however, she this gesture destroys Lana, as she's now in love with Nick. P*ssed, Lana decides to 1. take down Newman 2. seduce Billy to get back at Victoria, and 3. bring her mother, Lorie, back to GC to rival Nikki. Lorie tries to bust up Victor and Nikki's relationship, while Lana's brother, Brooks, using an alias, woos Victoria, and bring Newman down from within to assist with Prentiss. Somewhat of a woman "the trophy wife" scorned" and actually bringing down the Newmans.

This could also be used to slowly bring back other (younger) Foster/Prentiss/Brook family members (I.e. Jennifer, Brooks, and Chucky).

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2. Suggestions please

3. Kelsey Richardson/Colleen Carlton

4. Dr Olivia Hastings is dealing with a new patient Kelsey.Kelsey has some sort of illness that requires donation/transfusion. Kelsey has been raised by her loving father Justin.Olivia is puzzled when Justin is not a match for his daughter.Further investigation reveals that neither Justin or his late wife Maggie could be the biological parents of Kelsey.

After investgating other births on the same day as Kelsey,only Colleen Carlton is a match

Traci is told that Kelsey is in fact her daughter and that there was a mix up at the hospital.

All involved have to deal with the fall out. Traci finds herself growing close to Justin which causes problems with Steve.

Kelsey adjusts to being an Abbott etc

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Soap: B&B

Actress: Molly Burnett (Melanie, DAYS)

Character: Monday Wright, daughter of infamous rock singer Johnny Wright. She's grown up semi-shielded from the world of sex, drugs and rock n roll because of her mother's protection. But she knows what fame is all about and has been growing up with paparazzis lurking here and there. She is a woman who knows how to party, but spends less and less time on the party scene and more time trying to make her own money. She finds it harder than she thought because everyone associates her with her father and don't take her too serious.

She has a great sense of humor, although some find her a bit crude. She's not sugary sweet, nor is she mean. But she can say mean things and be rude.

Story: She is BFF with Alexandria Forrester since they were teenagers so she knows of the Forresters but hasn't spent much time with them. She meets a newly single Thomas and they begin dating, first in secret, and when things get more serious they get more open about their relationship. Caroline gets jealous. Steffy prefers Monday for Thomas, while Hope thinks he should be with Caroline. So Monday becomes friends with Steffy and helps her out with her business interests at Forrester. Turns out that Monday is a great asset for PR and Steffy hires her without consulting anyone. Alexandria gets more involved in the business too, as Steffy feels warmer towards Ally since Monday entered the scene for real. Thorne could not be happier for his daughter.

So the stories are:


Steffy/Monday/Alexandria vs Hope/Caroline at Forrester Creations

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Characters: Rob & Kyra Bailey

Actors: Thyme Lewis & Davetta Sherwood

Story: Sharon leaves Genoa City after the entire Victor ordeal (what's going on now), hoping to get away from the Newmans once and for all. She moves to the town, Sharon, Wisconsin (a true town), where she meets Rob, who saves her from being robbed by some young and drunk hicks. Sharon checks into the lodge where she is staying and Rob comes back the next day to check on Sharon and the two form a friendship. Rob is a quiet man that loves the wild--a photographer. He doesn't embrace the "Modern Age" and is old fashioned. Though strange, Sharon embraces his simplistic lifestyle. Overtime, Rob encourages Sharon to go home, face the music, and rebuild her friendships. But before Sharon leaves, Rob wants Sharon to meet his wife and daughter. Sharon meets his sassy, daughter, Kyra and the two hit off. However, Sharon is given the shock of her life when emerging from the back of his house is an amnesiac Drucilla, who is going by the name Diana. Rob admits that he found Diana in the river and nursed her back to health, and the two feel in love. Sharon stays with the family for awhile and she and Diana form (well reform) a friendship, and Diana confesses to Sharon that she's been suffering from severe migrance and having dreams about being a model once in her life.

Sharon returns to Genoa City and is conflicted as she sees the family dynamic between Rob, Kyra, and Dru, yet worries that the may Winters still miss the presence of Dru. Realizing that Neil (now back with Sofia) is in a comfortable place, and finally has put Dru to rest, decides that Dru is where she should be and keeps quiet. Sharon gets a job at Jabot (with Jack back in charge) and he appoints her as head of their new cosmetic line. To get their campaign going, Jack advises that Sharon find a good photographer and Rob comes to mind. Sharon gets Rob to come do the campaign shots and Jack is impressed and wants to hire Rob full time for their campaign. Rob is wary at first but decides to take the offer. Sharon tries to convince Rob otherwise, knowing that it could cause him to lose Diana. Not wanting to lose her new friend, Sharon confesses the truth to Rob (with paper clippings and videos) that Diana is really Drucilla. Rob is hurt at first but forgives Sharon. The two try to ease Dru back into remembering her past by bringing Olivia and Mamie to Sharon, WI to see Dru and try and help and jog her memory. While at first it doesn't work, when Mamie and Olivia are about to leave, Dru starts to remember bits of her childhood and the three have an emotional reunion.

Rob, being a good man, surprises Neil (at his wedding to Sofia) with the presence of Neil. At this point, Dru regains her memory and conflicted between Rob and Neil. Kyra, jealous of Lily, wants Dru all to herself. After months of Dru conflicted, she chooses Rob. Neil is crushed but decides to go back to Sofia. Meanwhile, Kyra starts to cause trouble to Lily--feeling that she is more of Dru's daughter than the "lily-white" Lily is. Assimilate Dru back onto the canvas, wreaking havoc for Phyllis, who caused her to lose years of life, and have Dru check everyone that has caused problems for Sharon. Then have Dru join Sharon at Jabot (with Rob) and do a cosmetic war with the underlying quad of Sofia/Rob/Neil/Dru.

A bit messy at this point and I apologize everyone...wink.png

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Hi all, I'm a NEWCOMER, please go easy on me and I hope that you enjoy smile.png


Show: Days of Our Lives

Dani Toscano (Danielle Roberts) - Kates Sister (Vanessa Marcil or Robin Christopher)

Rae Roberts (Carter H. Toscano) - Kates “Niece” (Melissa Gallo)

Lead Characters - Kate, Dani, Hope, Sami

Supporting Characters - Marlena, Julie, Shawn, Rae


A drunken, meth addicted twenty-something prostitute summons her Aunt Kate for money and help to flee the country because she is on the run, she heads to Salem, after Aunt Kate agrees to help her if she promises to leave and never be heard from again, Kate has alot on her mind as she’s finally lost control of her businesses or has she?. Before making it to Salem Rae stops at a sleezy motel and meets a drunken officer Shawn Brady. Shawn has just broken up with Belle, has a cheap one night stand with Rae, when Shawn awakes he finds that Rae has left her ID, which reads Carter H. Toscano.

Dani Toscano:

Titan has a gala to introduce it’s new mystery CEO and all of Salem is in attendance. Titan Industries will announce it’s merger with Dimera Enterprises and Sami is ready to drop this bombshell so that she can have control over Kate once and for all. Sami stands next to Kate gloating the entire time. Justin introduces the new CEO Dani Toscano, Hope gives a puzzled look, does she know her? Sami smile fades and Kate mouth drops and utters “What is she doing her, that’s my SISTER”, a bewildered Julie faints.

- Kate begs her sister to get out of town and let her run the business before more lives are ruined.

- Kates plan to help Rae are sabotaged, Rae is wanted in connection with the murder of Ernesto Tascono Jr.

- Dani enlists Sami’s help, promises her a VP position if she can use her Dimera connections to get Rae out of jail and make her dissappear. Sami finds out “Rae’s” real name and questions who the young lady really is.

- Rae is given one last assignment by Dani before she leaves Salem to pull the plug on a comatose Julie.

- Dani is Marlena’s new patient, Marlena puts pieces of the puzzle together and find out about Dani and Hopes past, more information about Rae/Carter, and Sami’s involvement in the cover up.

- Marlena and Sami sqaure off!

- Dani reveals her connection to Julie before Hope resurfaced in Salem. Rae has a flashback of seeing Julie give Dani money when she was a little girl.

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These are all fun to read.What is the deal with Julie and Dani??


Reece Marlowe

Claudia Marlowe

Jamie Marlowe

Janelle Marlowe

Played by ??? Suggestions please.

Reece is a dynamic businessman who mixes it up with Jack, Victor,Tucker and Neil.He is attracted to Olivia and she to him,although she is wary of a relationship after so many years alone.However,she does grow closer to Reece,only to find he is still married. Reece explains htat he and Claudia have been separated for several years and will be divorced soon.After many talks with Mamie,Olivia decides to continue to see Reece.

Claudia returns to town.Her new relationship(the one that prompted her leaving the marriage) is kaput and she wants to rekindle things with Reece. She's hurt that he is now seeing Olivia and tries to come between them. However she is also attracted to Neil and he to her, which has Reece and Olivia having to deal with that.

The children Jamie and Janelle enter the picture.Although they love each other they are always arguing and trying to out do the other,Janelle takes her mothers side and dislikes Olivia which gets complicated when she gets involved with Olivia's son Nate. Meanwhile Jamie and Devon become rivals over Roxanne.Devon is also attracted to Janelle,

So you have




I would also have them establish ties with other existing characters.Perhaps Claudia is involved in retail/fashion and befriends Lauren. Reece becomes good friends with Jack.That gives the veteran characters new relationships to deal with and helps integrate the newbies,rather than have them isolated as 'the black storyline'.

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The plot regarding Julie and Dani:

Julie somehow new about Hope being in Aremid off-screen years ago as Gina and she wanted Hope back in Salem with Bo and Shawn. Julie orchestrated Hope forgotteting about her life as Gina and her marriage and child to Ernesto Toscano Jr. Dani and Hope were in an off-screen Triangle with Ernesto Jr., Julie and Dani "orchestrated Gina's death" and returned her to Salem as Hope. All Dani wanted was Ernesto and never wanted to care for Hope/Gina's daughter Carter/Rae. But Julie has been paying and providing her (Dani) with connections all of these years. Hope was only with Stefano for a short period of time ;-)

Thank you!

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    • I will say the first 7 years are gold especially in terms of production value. Much like Y&R there was a slight quality slump between 1994-97. (In fact all CBS soaps minus Guiding Light maybe faced a alump after 93).  Much like Y&R, 1998-2002 was pretty good IMO.  I'd call it Bold's silver era. Brooke/Thorne/Macy, Brooke/Taylor/Ridge,  Brooke/Deacon/Bridget and Sheila's '02 return are some good storylines from that period. From what I've watched on YT, more trashy, cartoonish and camp than the earlier days of B&B but it's silver compared to today's show. I still need to get into the Rick/Amber/Kimberly/Deacon mess to guve it a solid judgement.  
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