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Create an ORIGINAL Character for Your Soap!

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Thanks, Dr Neil Curtis! happy.png

Show: Young and the Restless

Actor: Natalie Hall

Character: Nastassia "Stassi" McCall

Tucker has been hiding secret from Kay--he was once married and had a family that he left a few years ago. Stassi, Tucker's daughter, comes to town and gets to know her brother, Devon. A b*tchy, self-entitled socialite, Stassi is instantly drawn to Noah and Kyle. Eden, not able to compete is edged out (finally) and leaves Genoa City. Meanwhile, Stassi becomes the catalyst that creates a new rivalry between the next generation of Newman and Abbot men.

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These are just basic character ideas. I don't have strong preferences for storylines or actors so would love suggestions. I am more interested to see what other fans with some creativity could give to these characters and if they think they would work.

Days of our Lives

Actress: ???

Character: Autumn/Summer/Spring/Winter

Storyline: I like the character of Lucas, but he has not worked in a romantic pair with anyone but Sami, IMO. I haven't liked him with Nicole, Carrie, Chloe, etc. I think Lucas is a good character to keep around, so I am interested if others have any ideas for actress and storyline that might work as a real love interest for Lucas.

Actor: I don't have any good actor ideas. Suggestions welcome.

Character: Jacob

Story: Jacob comes to Salem as a cliche rebel/bad boy. A young 20-something (21?), he quickly makes his presence in Salem known with a series of run-ins with the law for breaking minor laws around town. He catches the eye of Will Horton. They don't get off on the right foot, but sparks eventually fly. He is later revealed to be the son of Kristen Blake. Grandma Marlena is not pleased.

Actress: ??? Maybe Jenn Lilley?

Character: Ashley Blake

Story: I would really like to have the character of Shawn-D (not too picky on actor, JC or newcomer) back on screen and given that KS is contracted on GH, perhaps we could try something new for Shawn. I would really like to have a daughter of Kristen's get involved with him. I don't have any story ideas but would love to hear people's suggestions for a storyline. I'm open to other actresses as well, she was just a name that came to mind and the coloring is right for a daughter of Kristen's. I also think it would be interesting for both Jacob and Ashley's fathers to later be revealed to someone we know from Salem (not Daniel) that has been offscreen and possibly overseas at some point while Kristen was off screen, but that is hard since I paired them with two children that have both Brady and Horton blood.

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Show: ‘Days of our Lives’

Actor: Trevor St. John

Character: Dr. Matthew Michaels


As a young medical student, Matthew or Matt encountered a woman who had been badly burned, almost beyond recognition. In addition to her burns, this woman had suffered a great trauma and had amnesia. The young medical student visited her each day and as she began to recover they developed a friendship and eventually he fell in love with the patient. He fell so deeply in love with this patient that the fact that she was getting top notch care from the best doctors and cosmetic surgeons seemed to go completely over his head at first. Eventually the scars heeled, the bandages came off and he finally saw her face and fell in love with her all over again.

Eventually, he began to ask questions about who she was and who was paying the bills for her care. He received vague answers and half-truths and became suspicious that something wasn’t quite right. He noticed the other doctors and the nurses speaking in whispers about the mystery patient; and eventually overheard a conversation between the patient’s doctors and a mystery man about the mysterious and beautiful patient’s care and the need for her to be fully recovered in order to execute his master plan. Eventually, he told her what he witnessed and overheard and was afraid for her safety. This is when it was decided that they would leave the hospital, leave the town and just disappear.

They moved to a small town and just blended in. They told people that they were newlyweds and just lived a happy life. Eventually, she became pregnant. After their daughter was born, our mystery woman vanished and Matthew was left to raise their daughter alone. After years of searching for her, he eventually gave up and focused on medicine.

Current story:

Dr. Matthew Michaels is in his 40s but looks younger. He is arrogant, brash, and an all-around !@#$%^&*]. His prickly demeanor is a mask for the great loss that he has never been able to recover from. He has a daughter in college who is the apple of his eye. Upon a recommendation by his mentor, Dr. Bill Horton and good friend Dr. Mike Horton he accepts the position of Chief of Staff at University Hospital.

Almost immediately after taking the position he gets into a fight with the board of the Horton Foundation, mainly the board chairperson, Julie, who wants to give millions for a hospital expansion project. Matthew wants to use the money to increase the research arm of the hospital. Julie spends weeks badmouthing Matthew to just about anyone who will listen. Meanwhile, the new doctor and EJ become buds and EJ has finally found his first real male friend. He and EJ hang out and just sit around laughing and joking and being douches and snarky together. Matthew doesn't date, he just uses escorts and strippers to take care of the sex stuff.

While on a singing engagement in Europe, Doug gets sick and Julie rushes to be by his side and has Hope fill in for her at the Horton Foundation Board Meeting. At the board meeting Matthew comes in, takes one look at Hope, and says ‘Gina.’ (In the old days, this is when there would be a freeze frame and the Days of our Lives title would come up and the show would be over. Now it would just cut to black.)

The rest of the story plays out with Matthew coming to grips with finding ‘Gina’ after all these years, the life they had, the life they lost. Does he still love her? Does he want revenge on Stefano? With Bo out of the picture does Hope have a second chance at love?

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New man, aged around 40, gay and not related to anyone.

The young ones at Forrester screws up with their lines and the buyers completely lose confidence in the company. The value sinks. In comes new guy and buys the company from them. He is a designer who has worked for one of the biggest brand in the business before, but wants to take over and be his own boss now. He does not care for family loyalty when it comes to business.

He fires everyone who he thinks does not measure up to his standards.

Most Forresters/Logans stand without jobs and inheritance now. They have to find other ways to support themselves.

Forrester Creations raises to new heights.

But how did the new guy afford buying FC? Turns out he has a partner. His new boyfriend -- Jarret.

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Show: Y&R

Character: Morgan Richards McCall

Actress: Morgan Fairchild

Morgan is Tucker's ex wife and the head of a modeling agency. She is also the mother of Tuckers daughter Whitney and is total "B". She sweeps into town and informs him their daughter is getting married and demands he is going to pay for everything no matter the cost. While having lunch she meets Jack and they wind up getting a room at GCAC. This leads to a business proposition with Jabot and her modeling agency. Morgan soon is introduced to Victor (which every woman on this show is) and they get quite chummy. She and Nikki have cat fights on a regular basis.

Show: Y&R

Character: Whitney McCall

Actress: ?

Whitney comes to town to see her father and discuss her upcoming wedding. She reveals her new hubby to be is Brooks Prentiss, now the head of Prentiss Industries.

Show: Y&R

Character : Jackie Crawford

Actress: Jaclyn Smith

Jackie arrives in GC and approaches Paul to find her missing half sister by her mother. Jill is the sister. Jill later learns Jackie is married to her old beau attorney Michael Crawford (Colby Chester).

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