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Khalil re signs with Y&R


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Has anyone read the article themselves for confirmation? So far, Christel's official fansite, which broke the news that she might be leaving, isn't reporting anything on this.


The CBS SID site and Twitter haven't reported it either.

This basic/boring bitch needs to go though. Though, I always knew she would cave at the last minute.

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We were almost rid of her! Whop does she have in her corner who keeps making us suffer?

There's no getting rid of this chick, but I bet you Jill didn't cave to her demands. Look at Miller and Graz. They walked. CK has nothing to fall back on so she can't walk. There are plenty of biracial black actressed WHO ARE ACTUALLY BLACK trying to find work. My money says CK is not at the top of anybody's list, which is why she came back the last time.

It makes me physically ill to see a good replacement replaced because the iffy original returns when they could not find work elsewhere. That burns the [[email protected]#$%^&*] out of me!

Davetta Sherwood and Trevor St John are at the top of my list. Sabine Singh and her treatment by ABC saddens me.

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