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GH: September 2012 Discussion Thread

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Frequent, don't even joke about stuff like that. Even if I knew how to make gifs, I would not waste my time on crap like that. Shawn and Alexis is a joke that will NEVER provide a punchline, unfortunately.

Cartooni certainly are magicians because they made it so that I could not enjoy a naked Sean Blakemore. That is magic! I skipped that eppy altogether because the ff on my remote is not very efficient. There was no getting past any of that chit not even on the highest level of fast forwarding, so no need to watch any of it.

Before the 2 headed clown, Shawn was a reserved emotionally damanged man, and Carly had to use alot of energy to get this man to open up. He disappears for months on end (yeah, Sean was making a movie...WTFever) and returns as a guy who strips in public throwing back tequila walking around talking about his punk ass feelings to any bored person who will listen? Yeah ok! [!@#$%^&*] you, Cartooni!

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I'm finding Todd annoying and all of the sycophantic viewers that enjoy him equally annoying.

"LMFAO! Todd reading the dollar amount off his hand?! OMG!! LMFAOOOO!! HE'S TOO FUNNY!!! BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO GH!"

Are you fucking kidding me? What is so damn funny about that?! Sheesh, I swear the overall intelligence of the viewing audience has dropped since this two headed beast of Babylon took over the show.



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