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GH: September 2012 Discussion Thread

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I caught up on last week's episodes. Mediocre as hell. Ewen killed John Jack's? OMG. WHAT A TWIST!!! rolleyes.gif I was so annoyed by the fake flashbacks and convenient story points. OFCOURSE Ewen blames John Jack's and his family for his irrelevant father's death. OFCOURSE Ewen's father owned the original Dead Man's Hand. OFCOURSE Jerry changed his face so Jax couldn't recognize him. OFCOURSE Jerry was there when John died. OFCOURSE Jerry got the plastic surgery before John died. OFCOURSE it all makes sense!! rolleyes.gif Absolutely manufactured, disgracefully written garbage.

Good god. Didn't Ewen simply come to PC because of Helena & Cass?

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    • Well given the rumors I can see why. Monyetta (and foine Heath) supposingly stepped up. And then new girl Courtney was gunning for that peach. Surprised she did not get 7th Housewife place.   I don't think the FOHs on RHOA have been this important since Season 6.     
    • Ryan's Hope had to endure a lot of recasts, but I found the ones I saw mostly worked.  Mary Ryan - Of course Kate Mulgrew was a star in the role, but I feel like had they stuck with Mary Carney, they would've been fine. I guess the pressure of recasting such an important character got to them which is what led to Kathleen Tolan who was dreadful and probably killed any interest in the character. Nicolette Goulet was fine, but I was over Mary at that point. Siobhan Ryan - Sarah Felder was EXCELLENT and should've never been fired for such stupid reasons, but I loved Ann Gillespie in the role. Marg Helgenberger was loved in the role (although not a personal favorite). I also though the last Siobhan (Barbara Blackburn) was good she just needed more time. Frank Ryan - This was probably their most successfully recast role. I always liked Frank regardless of who played him. Daniel Hugh Kelly was my favorite, but they were all good. I know the original gets mixed reviews, but I didn't mind him either. The only Ryan kid they absolutely could not recast was Pat. None of the recasts felt like the same character to me. It wasn't that they were bad actors, but they weren't Pat. 
    • Kassie did some very strong work during her time as Eve. The writing was generally just not there, and they had no vision for the character. That said, the way she was brought on, it made sense for her to have hardened this much -- I don't think it was the most enjoyable thing to watch, but Eve had had a rough life. It felt like a legitimate evolution of a character who hadn't been seen for 20+ years, but people don't usually watch soaps to see a completely new iteration of a character they once enjoyed.
    • Im SHOCKED that the friends are in the promo bc usually they dont promote them like this. They should have had more than 6 wives.
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