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GH: September 2012 Discussion Thread

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Was it really a good idea to have Olivia burst into the room and yell "CONSTANZA LOUISE FALCONERI". I mean, the audience is supposed to be convinced that Connie is the alter, right? Why have Liv prove me right about who the host really is?

Then in the preview, Liv confronts "Kate" and says "you're Connie"! Well, yeah...

Very sloppy!

Just wish the "writers" were a little smarter so they'd realize just how stupid they are!

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You ask a good question, in general. A lot of these people have pictures of other people pop up on their phones when they call. If I hate you as much as Todd hates Johnny, I wouldn't even devote the time to be "hilarious" and search for the perfect donkey picture to use as your ID. Shit, I wouldn't even program you number into my contact list.

That's supposed to say "your number" not "you number." I don't feel like having that ugly "Edited" tagline on my post so...

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