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GH: September 2012 Discussion Thread

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Wow! Just wow! Screw the numerous flaws! Just screw it!

But I have to say what really bugged the chit out of me was that each person standing in the Q living room has done beyond the heinous to achieve a goal at whatever the cost, but NOT one of them had the confidence to come up with $18 mil? They had to get a motivational speech from TODD MANNING on using everything you have to make it happen? Say [!@#$%^&*] what?! Two mobsters, both of whom have killed, a vixen with a PHD in lying, manipulation and deception and a Q, but all now lack confidence to get the job done? To date, this is the most heinous from the 2 headed hack! I was mortified at how they needed to fit Todd into this whole thing. Truly fucked up! my god!

And the filthy cop hanging out with Sam is supposed to be the face of the FBI, so why is he out with Sam looking for cards?! Sam is capable, so she could have gone with a uniform.

Maddening! Just maddening! PUKE!

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