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DAYS: July Discussion Thread

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    • I remember people making jokes of "Pam's dream" on late night shows. Also Newhart did the "It was all a dream" joke for it's series finale as a jab at Dallas. Victoria also expressed in interviews that she wanted to leave the show after season 5 because of the decline in writing. The dream season really drove home her point on that.   Victoria's relationship with the cast was kind of "She felt like an outsider". When the cast discusses her they walk on eggshells when she is brought up. She rarely participates in interviews with the rest of the cast. At times Patrick will praise her and other times he will subtly throw shade at her. John Beck (who played Mark) said in an interview that he preferred working with Linda Gray than Victoria.  There have been rumors of Victoria being a difficult or to herself behind the scenes. She was the closest to Jim Davis till his death. 
    • Absolutely fascinating !
    • Diana wasn't thrown under the bus for Leo... because Diana was never given an actual character other then what Genie Francis infused into the character.. which changed quite a bit. Genie Francis spoke about how it was frustrating to play Diana because the show never gave her an actual character to play.  In fact, she said Diana was a bit part that they expanded once Days secured her.   And she did leave mysteriously by slicking her hair back, putting on a wig and leaving in the night.  So maybe what we saw was the real Diana
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