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DAYS: July Discussion Thread

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Andrew wub.png Seriously can the new regime bring this guy back? I dont think he's past the point of redemption since its been established he was in a mental institution before. Get him treatment and bring him back. I like Jack's idea about being Shane's son. Or how about this? Make him Kristen's son! Let his mother come back to fight for him

Victor: "Let me get this straight. You get a divroce from EJ. Before the ink is dry, you jump into bed with Duddly Do Right. Before the second trimester is over, you're making whoopee with Danie. Fruitflies have longer relationships than you Nicole"

He had s many good lines but that stood out to me. The dialogue was very good today

Loved the EJ/Will scenes yesterday with Will saying they are friends. I like it









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Loving the Will and EJ stuff, liking Sami also being on EJ's side for once. Roman's a douchey cop its like he's forgotten that EJ's the father of 2 of his grandkids.

Andrew and Melanie's scenes in the tunnel I'm liking too.

Victor smackdowns are always a plus! He tells Nicole like it is.

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I'm not sure why that matters. Half the time Sami tries to keep EJ away from the kids.

So now Will and EJ are admitting to being BFF? Wasn't this supposed to be about fascinating power dynamics, according to the actors? It's just really bad fanfic at this point.

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