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I like the song very much, but always felt the Assocations' version to be to sleepy and plain. I actually like David Cassidy's version the best, except for the fact that at 2:26, he hits one HELL of a sour note, and I'm stunned the song was not re-recorded. I find it hard to believe that Bell Records would have let a song come out with such an obvious bad note like that, no way would I have allowed it to be issued in that condition.

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Thanks for reviving the thread, I Am A Swede.

"Cherish" is so much better than the group's other #1 hit, "Windy."

Interesting to note that "Cherish" is one of those song titles that belongs to several entirely different well-known tunes: we also have "Cherish" by Kool and the Gang (1985) and "Cherish" by Madonna (1989). (By coincidence, both of those songs peaked at #2.)

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If you guys are interested, there's website called That Guy With The Glasses that includes a bunch of young nerdy critics who review various different things (it was founded by Doug Walker, who is better known as the Nostalgia Critic), but there's one, Todd In the Shadows (so named because he hides his face on camera) who reviews pop music. He has done Top 10 Best/Worst Hit songs of the year lists since he started in 2009 (back when he was still on YouTube), and he has also Top 10 Worst Hit Songs lists for 1976, 1987, and 2004 (and I'm hoping he does another list soon!). He also does a series called One Hit Wonderland, where he reviews acts known for only one hit, and investigates whether or not there's more to them and if they deserve a better chance. There are a few atrists with number one hits that have been reviewed for that series, and they are:

a-Ha: "Take On Me"

Sir Mix-a-Lot: "Baby Got Back"

Carl Douglas: "Kung Fu Fighting"

Wild Cherry: "Play That Funky Music"

Bobby "Boris" Pickett: "Monster Mash"

Billy Paul: "Me and Mrs. Jones"

EMF: "Unbelievable"

All of the OHW reviews can be found here:


Except for the Carl Douglas review, which I think was accidentally placed in the Pop Song Reviews section:


Anyway, I adore Todd and think he does a great job with this. He's not very well known (yet, at least!), so I'm happy to plug him here as a way to add to the conversation in this thread! smile.png

P.S.: There are number one songs mentioned in those aforementioned top 10 lists I mentioned, too.

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