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AMC: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Seriously they might have been good together. I still say Cara should have been a lesbian but I am afraid LH's screen presence would overshadow the actresses who play Bianca and Marissa.


Day 1 - Jessie confesses about the baby to Tad

Day 2 - Jessie tells Angie and Angie grieves

Day 3 - Angie finds out Maya is Lucy's mother

Day 4 - Angie tells Maya and gives her her baby back

Day 5 - Angie forgives Jessie

Story over

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See I think David has always while maybe sort of hating Angie has had an underlying respect for her. I think replace CAra with Angie in this David stuff and intertwine what happened to Angie and Jessie into it versus Cara and Tad and Dixie would have been far more interesting.

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Thats cool. I only thought Agnes was only on today so its a pleasant surprise.

He should die in a drunk driving accident and could kill someone else on his way out in the accident. Take your pick.

I vote for Zach, Kendall, Greenlee, and Ryan

Wow they really are "AJ Quartermaining" JR. He is incredibly ugly and disgusting. Despite all the "homophobic" stuff I hate he is using his son.

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    • Dex & Joss already have montage footage? Nah. I cannot wait for Josslyn to walk-in on Kristina riding Dex's face. That'll happen, and poor Joss will be heartbroken.
    • Thanks to our Angel i am watching 1995 episodes

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      with the anonymous letters to Macy. I think it is good written i am almost conviced it is Sly.... but he is not...
    • This Phyllis story has completely ruined all the good recasting Summer with a capable actress has done. I assume the writers wanted to show how similar at the end of the day she actually is to her mother, but I’m over it.
    • We're celebrating our National Day here today. Not as fervently as some other countries, but still....

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    • Again, with this show and their priorities.  Shawn/Belle could be the best storyline on the show right now, yet this is the only day we’ll see them this week. Those characters should be frontburner right now and the fact that they still can be after years of storyline proves that there’s a lot of story to tell. I don’t understand why we can’t see them more. Availability? Guarantees? If the show can give the world to RSW, Greg Rikaart and Emily O’Brien, they could do more for Martha and Brandon.  Speaking of which, this Megan pushing Gwen to be Dimitri’s wife crap is so pointless. But after today, it’s pretty obvious that Dimitri is gay. And all I’m gonna say is that I hope this storyline written right and not like some big joke. This storyline could actually be good if it’s written well. Tie it to Shawn’s storyline and it could be even better.  And, after today, it’s pretty clear that Xander and Chloe have chemistry. I’m kind of interested in them as a couple. It’s too bad that Victor/JA is not here to give his reaction to Chloe hooking up with another Kiriakis man

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      And btw, I like ya, Xander, but the best Kiriakis man always has been and always will be, Sonny
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