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AMC - Tuesday - June 14, 2011

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Loved that line! It was also cute how she threw the apron half over his face.


I actually like it when she shares scenes with Jake considering they have a past history that's usually forgotten. But she is once again completely out of line!

I'm hoping that Madison turning over Greenlee & Ryan's picture on the desk was foreshadowing for something she does in the future that breaks them up for good!

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The christening was beautiful! Randi was in this episode but didn't say one word. How sad is that?

Love how things are developing with Maya. Frankie told Angie that if Maya wasn't to hung up at the Chandler's, she could possibly be Lucy's babysitter as well :o

The Tad/Opal scenes were hysterical!

In the minority I think, but...Team Greenlee; At least in this episode! I totally understood where she was coming from! Madison is starting to work my last nerve! Ok it was terrible what Greenlee did to her but look how things ended up. Scott actually ended up falling in love with Madison and she fell in love with him to. What's the problem? Madison still seems to want Ryan! I'm sorry but I don't blame Greenlee for being pissed! Madison doesn't know WTH she wants.

I didn't mind the Amanda/Jake/Cara stuff until that ridiculous ending with Jake/Amanda. I thought Jake & Cara were really fun in this episode. I know not many people care that much about the music cues used on soaps anymore but I do and I LOVED that cue AMC used when Jake got that emergency text message. It was hilarious how frustrated Jake got and the way Cara was trying to calm him down. That cue went great with what was going on. I love whenever AMC uses it

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    • If this became common knowledge, I'm guessing it was sometime in the last year and half with the Possession 2.0 storyline and I just forgot. Otherwise, nobody knew about the 4 Marlena Clones gallivanting all over the world.  I guess it's just one of those things that happen without an onscreen mention, like Kristen's 2012 return with nary a mention that everyone thought she was dead (really Penelope Kent) or Tommy Horton dying at some point in time. 
    • It should be Johnny's new movie!  He needs something to do.  
    • I do, too, @P.J..  However, I would have brought back Scott Eldridge for that function.  He, like Rick Ryan, was a virtual blank slate with a sketchy past and multiple ties on the canvas.  Plus, imagine playing "bad" Scott against his "good" half-brother, D.A. Tom, with their mother, Lisa, who was once Oakdale's most notorious "bad girl," caught in the middle.
    • I’m pretty deep into 1992 and this is just see tv. I’m stunned when you look at how dull 1991 was.    Sheila has been a seamless addition and I don’t think this would be written nearly this well on a soap today. They’re acknowledging her history but presenting her in a way that it makes sense these people accept her. Today, I feel they’d be too tempted to reveal her crazy and it wouldn’t work. Her chemistry with Eric is scorching and I also love her relationships with Brooke and Kristin.    Speakinf of Kristin, I expected her to return for Taylor and Ridge’s wedding and had no idea this was an extended visit. The way they weaved into the Spectra storyline with Clarke worked really well and I’m surprised she didn’t stick around. I also love that they’ve developed her relationship with Felicia and used those two characters to usher in the Bikini Bar (a brilliant location). Zach and Sly are great additions and Felicia finally feels like a character worth watching.    Karen’s intro was pretty successful and I’m enjoying the triangle with her, Thorne and Macy. I also like Bill being back in the mix and having a family member to interact with. His romance with Darla was also a genius move.    The Brooke/Ridge/Taylor/Stephanie/Eric mess has a lot of interesting layers and is riveting tv as well.    The most shocking thing is that there is SO much going on and all of these stories are well balanced in terms of importance. That is so anti-modern B&B. It’s truly shocking how good and complex the show it and it makes me sad to think about how it is now. Just looking at this year, there are so many ideas they could pluck to make the modern show better. More storylines and the Bikini bar for the younger characters would be key things they could use. 
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