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ALL: Who are the most Insufferable characters on Soaps right now...

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^ I agree about EJ! The ship has sailed on him being a romantic lead. Write him as a Roger Thorpe from GL type...

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Worst of the worst:

Carly (GH)

Phyllis (Y&R)

Pretty much unsalvageable:

Lulu (GH)

Chloe (Y&R)

Victor (Y&R)

Sami (Days)

Natalie (OLTL)

Greenlee (AMC) -- own your bitch, girl.

Krustal (AMC)

Jake (AMC)

Yeah, I went there:

Luke (GH)

Granny Chancellor (Y&R)

Honorary mention:

Langston (OLTL)

Courtney (GH) and Babe (AMC). May they RIP and never come back.

Once insufferable, now I'm ok with them:

Ridge (B&B )

Melanie (Days)

Somebody stop me. I could write a thesis on the subject.

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LOL - this is too funny..

Is this from an actual episode of GH? Must have been the good wardrobe day then...

Y&R's PHYLLIS and VICTORIA are the number ones, though.

Yes it's from when she trotted her uninvited ass into Sonny and Brenda's wedding dressed like a figure skater.

That GIF is AWESOME though!

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Melanie (way too self-righteous)

Faux Rafe


Chad (he needs to get over being a mopey debbie-downer)




On the fence...


Dario (useless character/actor)

Gabi (useless character/actor)

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