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AMC - Friday - May 6, 2011

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Greenlee to Randi: "Where the hell is Madison!"


LOL....theres a cellphone and charger hidden in Erica's 1-800-Danger book


Madison to baby: "I think mommy's falling in love"


Greenlee: "Madison, get to the office, NOW!"


Haha, Kendall beat Griffin up

WTF is Erica a ghost? She sprays perfume in her fake room and Jack smells it in their real room?


The kidnapper is in the closet and has her gun aimed at Bianca

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Madison: "You still think Im after Ryan?"

Greenlee: "As pathetic as that is? Yes and Im sure you see this as your golden oppurtunity"

Madison: "Im staying with Scott. Good luck with Ryan"

Greenlee: "I dont need luck and I dont need you"

why did she do that? I dont get the purpose

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