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AMC - Friday - May 6, 2011

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This is the same lousy story Greenlee has had since she started polluting the show in 1999. Selfish, whiny, always the victim even as she stomps all over people. It even has the same characters (Ryan, Scott).

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Actually when yesterdays's show ended, Man-Hands, found Erica's perfume in her room and sprayed it on him/herself so that's why Jack could smell it.

I am loving this story so far, minus slut-kidnapper of course, and the Jack/Binks; Erica/Voice and the Jerica connection even when they aren't together :wub: I'm hoping KWAK finds out Real Erica is being held and doesn't tell. That would get rid of her once and for all :P

Loved Scott/Madison today too. :wub: I love Kendall/Griffin though I know that will never amount to anything now that Zach is returning and the show is over, but I thought they had some potential.

I still think there are at least 3 people involved in the Erica kidnapping so far. The minion who Erica saw; the voice; and Man-Hands. Can't wait to see who the brains is behind this and why they are doing it.

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    • Yeah, I know it's been mentioned several times in the last 1.5 years; I just don't recall who discussed it first. It's funny that something so vague and secretive suddenly becomes common knowledge, as if Stefano bragged about it to anyone who would listen.   I don't remember John/Marlena ever discussing finding Kristen alive offhandedly. I would've thought the shock and awe of her being alive in the first place would've been touched upon in a grand fashion when she returned in 2012, but it was instead glossed over as if everyone in Salem somehow knew how the whole Killing Pool murder of 1998 really panned out.   
    • It was discussed a few times during the Possession, Rolf has talked about it, and Megan mentioned she killed one of the clones for Marlena's body when she faked her death.   I know Leo has talked about it as well so I would assume everyone knows.  I don't believe I have ever heard Marlena or John speak about it though. With Kristen, didn't they have Marlena or John say that they found out she was alive off-screen years before?   To me that's even worse than not mentioning it.  A major revelation happened and we never saw or heard about it until Kristen is back and did Kristen even delve into to her years as a sex slave?
    • All My Children going up substantially and claiming the top spot. AW still strong. ATWT begins to drop off a bit. Y&R solid and strong. OLTL coming on strong as well probably getting residual carry over from AMC. GH making its move out of the bottom half. DAYS solid in the middle.   Thank you for posting!!
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