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AMC and OLTL Canceled!

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I would've killed to see Frons' apoplexy at Sweeney wanting to cancel Guza Playhouse 90.

What we all must do right now is remember that soaps will return. As I have said many times, soap opera is now in every sellable product we view, scripted or unscripted. They may return to us three days a week, at day or night, on TV or streaming online, but they will be back, and hopefully people will be ready to make them work. Look at the European soap operas, look at film or prose, look at whatever you have to, but they will be back. Maybe Pine Valley or Llanview will be back in some way, shape or form too, 15 minutes, online, offline, whatever, when ABC decides it needs to shore up its profits with a little next-gen revival. Maybe not. But soap opera, serialized storytelling, doesn't die.

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