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AMC and OLTL Canceled!

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It seems like the soap magazines focus mainly on GH and Y&R anyway and I guess DAYS.

I'm surprised they're still around, especially SPW, which the last time I read it seemed to have all the content of a Justin Bieber newsletter.

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I wonder who Frons thinks is going to watch these new shows? Not me, because I'm done with ABC Daytime. I may not even stick around for the finale. In the meantime, I imagine pissed off mutual fans of AMC/OLTL who also watch GH are about to flee too, so that show is in for a real ratings decline

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I guess that's why Weekly is still around, but so many of the primetime shows are already heavily covered by the media.

I just hope that whoever at ABC Daytime decided to scapegoat gays and blacks for OLTL's ratings losses takes a good look at the Ken dolls and Barbie dolls all over the canvas now and realizes that their efforts were a huge failure.

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    • I've seen several people on my social media that are members of the DGA that plan to vote against the deal, but I have no clue how representative that antidotal evidence is of DGA members as a whole.  Very nice to read how strong the strike vote was for SAG-AFTRA. They seem very motivated.   
    • This has probably already been discussed but SAG-AFTRA has authorized a strike in case contract talks reach an impasse.
    • I think it was more LW having something to sink her teeth into beyond posturing with Nina for 6 months. And she killed it.
    • Hahahaha! Biscuit sex. 

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        Damn, that's serious. I still don't like her though, lol! But, damn. Realness right there.
    • What I don't understand is that I hear this over and over and over from the Right.  Do they believe elections have always been rigged - but only when they lose???  Republicans have lost at the ballot box many many times - it was just the electoral college that saved them.  And it's the reason they fight tooth and nail against statehood for DC - because DC would then have 2 senators and at least 1 vote in the House.  And they know what side the city sways.  But Gore, Clinton (Hillary), Biden all WON in the number of votes/popular vote.  Only on the 3rd example did Democrats actually WIN the Presidency because of the electoral college.  People have blinders on and I don't know why - they don't understand that NO, every vote does NOT count under an electoral college system.  If every vote counted, then those are 3 different Presidents we would have had.  It's funny to me that they do NOT see the plain number of votes.
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