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AMC and OLTL Canceled!

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SFT's Jo Turner (Mary Stuart) comes to mind. This is such a sad day- can't believed they double whammied and cancelled em both. The days of fake reprieves for shows whose last airdate is predestined (hi NBC and P&G!) are over. I really thought both shows were going to avoid the ax for just a little bit longer, but it's not to be.

I've always thought DAYS, Y&R, GH, and B&B would be the final 4. Fans of these 4 shows really need to rally and tune in to them if they want them to have any prayer of staying on the air.


Selfishly, I would have rather OLTL gone first, to give AMC more time to wrap it up, if only because AMC is so much further off the beaten path than OLTL is right now.

Ugh, now I have to watch poor Susan on Nate Berkus, dodging the cancellation rumors.

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Some of the actors do know.....

David A. Gregory (Ford, OLTL) commented about it on his Facebook page, which I including an a quick SON report on the cancellation news...

"Oh, guys, it's with great difficulty I report that at a company meeting today, we were told the 'OLTL' will be taping their last episodes in November. Airing Jan. 2012. 'AMC' will finish taping in August. Thank you all so much for your support of not only Daytime TV, but the ABC soaps: especially 'OLTL.' And the Ford clan!! Love you guys. Frank has promised were goin' out with a bang so get ready!"


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