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  1. now that was an ending, loved it!
  2. holy sh!t, what an episode, damn sad, I've read a couple of the books and was hoping the TV show would take a creative license with a certain character
  3. Loved last nights episode, so much going on, when The Mountain cut off his horse's head, holy hell my jaw dropped to the floor, you just know Peta's gonna be all over that I can't even comment on Lysa and Robin, just OMG, I kept thinking that poor actor. Arya does rock, she is the best, I hope she gets the Iron throne in the end Cersei and Robert had a great scene, and Ned, my poor poor Ned, is it wrong to ope the series writers deviate from the books on Ned? I know they probably won't
  4. Loved the way Dani took charge with Drogo, their first scene in the tent was hard to watch. I think Arya is quickly becoming my new favorite character after Tyrion. And I wanted to smack Sansa
  5. really enjoyed it, didn't disappoint. The wall, the direwovles, the mythology all really well done, pretty true to the first book so far which makes me happy. Really loving Dani & Arya, Jon and of course Ned.
  6. HBO aired the first 15 minutes, all I can say is it's very bloody, but it looks good, intense
  7. Robert Kirkman wrote this coming Sunday's show, he's the creator, should be another really good episode.
  8. oh thanks for the twitter info I'll have to follow them
  9. I am the last person to like anything involving zombies, but damn if this show isn't fantastic. Yeah I got verklempt at the Rick/Laurie/Carl reunion
  10. love me some Sean Bean so this is one I'll be waiting for
  11. My friend linked me to some vids from ComicCon, Jensen, Eric and Ben Edlund, maybe spoilerish http://www.movieweb.com/video/V07G0127mEJKSY http://www.movieweb.com/video/V07G89oqxEGMPY http://www.movieweb.com/video/V07G7hovxFNPTW sounds like season 3 should be really good
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