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AMC - Hot Sexy Men of Pine Valley

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That's pretty vague. What would make you watch? (Besides people being gay, LOL)

I'm asking honestly, because you seem so convinced that NOTHING AMC does it going to work...unless it's keeps our attention. So what is going to keep attention?

I think (but don't hold me to it) that he's there. Whether or not someone bids on him...that I don't know. LOL

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I've watched soaps since the late 70's before there were any gay characters or storylines. I take offense to that statement. Yeah I say I want to see it because nothing else holds my interest where soaps are concerned.

I remember loving the corporate takeover of Walsh Enterprise by Connor Walsh on ATWT....Andy Dixon battling the bottle with his parents trying to get him help. John/Lucinda/Susan triangle..the Lily and Holden romance....not one of them was gay related.

AMC give me something that is not boring...like you do every shitty day.

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Nope...I havent.....

AMC is a boring mess

OLTL is entertaining but storylines and plots are stupid

GH is unwatchable...its not my kind of soap

Days is dull.

Y&R is a hot mess of bad recasting...bad storylines...bad acting.....lol

B&B is lame rehasing the same stories.

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    • Shinee's comeback @Cheap21 ! Catchy song.  
    • I did.  At no time did I ever believe that Ben had anything but his own, personal, self-serving interests at heart.  Even when Paul Rauch/B&E tried to sell us on a Blake/Ross/Ben triangle, I didn't believe for one second that Ben had any romantic feelings for his sister-in-law (which annoyed me, because there was a time when Blake wouldn't have been so gullible). To this day, I wish that either James DePaiva or Philip Brown had played the role instead. Except, I wouldn't have wanted for Rick to be so two-dimensional.  I would've wanted an actor who could put SOME emotional layers into that character so that he wouldn't come across simply as this out-and-out bastard who was beyond redemption or empathy.
    • Ron seems obsessed with these Marlena clones.   No other writer including JER even mentioned it again and Ron brings up that fact on a regular basis.  I don't really need Ron to delve into what happened to the clones, but it is weird how casually everyone in town mentions Marlena has clones just hanging out somewhere in the world.   I'd rather it be forgotten tbh, but at the same time I am slightly curious where they ended up and what their lives are like.
    • i didn’t find portrayal of ben warren on gl at all swarmy,
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       which is why he would have been well cast for Rick Ryan, a character who was shady as hell.
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