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Jump to 5.40 and see why 1998 was such a kick ass year for Y&R. The music, the look, the acting, the stories. SIGH!!!

And in 1998, I can assure you people were saying the same thing about episodes from 1983! (Using the 15 year lookback.) The great thing is that we now have access to 30+ years of our shows (even if it's just scenes, storylines or full episodes), so we can cherry pick and watch from different eras or storylines and compare. It just kills me that so many shows were lost pre-1978 to wiping.

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In that 1998 episode in just the first 15 SECONDS you see what a different and better show it was. I don't ever claim to know the 'glory years' and I would LOVE to watch Classic Y&R. I started watching in 1997/1998.

I wish TVGN would air weekend blocks of classic episodes. Y&R has always fascinated me and I know I would just love it (1973-1998). I've read all about it, seen clips and some episodes but it's not the same.

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When I was watching some of a 1989 episode, they had scenes where Jim, John, and Scott told Cricket that they had given Jessica an overdose of pills to end her suffering. She was shocked, but grateful to them. I thought this was a little jarring - I don't remember hearing about this, and it was kind of a questionable message for the show to send.

There were also scenes of Cassandra getting ready to leave the Rawlins mansion, with flashbacks of gifts George had given her. I'd never noticed how Nina Arvesen played Cassandra as girlish, Marilyn Monroe-esque, in those types of scenes. Great work from her. And her last look back as she left the mansion was heartbreaking.

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Funny in that article they talk about Jill's marriages, but only two of them were ever legal at that point. Her marriage to Stuart and her two marriages to John. The rest were thwarted by Kay with the exception of her marriage to Brock. I am surprised they didn't add Derek Thurston since she and Derek did get married in 1979, even though it was invalid due to Kay crashing their honeymoon night and revealing she was still alive.

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