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Y&R Spumor: Someone is out.

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What will DC, Branco, etc. and others who hyped her so much early on say? Will they criticize Y&R for their terrible handling of her or will they not say anything since they want Y&R to do well?

Generally the AMC-ization of Y&R has been a flop, with only one or two actors managing to hang on, in spite of many attempts to make viewers love the characters.

I think AMC might keep Lind. They haven't given Bianca any real stories in years and they can keep her as a supporting character now, one who will stay around. Eden tended to come and go. I don't even think Eden would want to go back, and I can see why, as Bianca had reached a dead end as a character.

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I agree with you, but I think in the context of what today's soap world will allow her, she'd reached a dead end. They did allow some passion with Reese but even that became about how Reese really needed a man.

If Bianca stays then she might just be there as Kendall's sister/Erica's daughter. I thought that worked great in 2002 and 2003 but they've lost their way so much with the characters.

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