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AMC Tuesday September 21, 2010

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I guess I'm the first one dying to talk/vent about today's episode!

It was alright, but way too much hypocrisy for those of you keeping count. Tad acknowledged what he did to Madden when trying to assuage Ryan's insecurity about whether or not he killed David, but then he went on to attack Liza for prosecuting the case. I really wanted her to get in Tad's face today and tell him to STFU!

Kendall lied to Madison that she wasn't taking sides in who Ryan ends up with after weeks of trying to tell him he belongs with Greenlee. I'm still peeved about Jesse pulling strings to keep Kendall out of jail, too. Later, Kendall had the gall to ask Tad to have Liza move her case up so she can leave town and tell Zach everything and Tad said some garbage about how it would prove Liza has a heart if she did.

For those of you who want Madison with Frankie, this was a good episode as they remembered him comforting her after Ryan abandoned her before he brought her home from the party. Despite Frankie's claim that it was nothing, I got the feeling today that there more that Madison doesn't recall yet. Add in Frankie asking Randi to start a family today and my gut is telling me that Frankie went all the way with Madison on the same day she made love to Ryan.

Jesse's dumber than I thought if he believes David killed himself and left behind the notes Greenlee conveniently led him to. I didn't expect Amanda & Jake to catch on because they've been lacking brain cells for awhile, but Jesse should have figured it out as soon as he saw that they weren't handwritten! My only hope to redeem this story is someone who was close to David (Krystal? Erica?) realizing he would have never taken his own life after watching his father kill himself and fighting for the truth.

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Did I miss or forget this close Madison/Frankie connection at the party? Was some of the stuff revealed today new? They seem to be making a much bigger deal out of what I seem to recall from those episodes

What court would release a woman who tampered with evidence and skipped bail into the custody of a man who is the main suspect in a murder investigation? They couldnt stick Kendall with Bianca instead?

Jesse didnt find the letters suspect? The whole thing seemed like an obvious plant by Greenlee. I also didnt like her overly dramatic confession to murder, only to say she feels responsible bc she drove David to suicide. Steve, I didnt put the handwritten part together but you are right. If David only decided to kill himself after the fight with Ryan, did Jesse really think he whipped out his PC to start typing some letters? I didnt see a printer in that room. Did they even look for one or the laptop David would have written them from? What did he think in those few moments, David went and hid the laptop and printer?

Naked Frankie is always a good thing.

I love how Tad and the rest of the town is giving Liza the cold shoulder but Tad manages to fake some niceness when he is trying to manipulate her. I wish she would quit giving him the time of day.

Jake was his usual ass self, even more so today. David is dead. Can he move the F on already? Im glad Amanda at least showed a heart and wasnt on the same page as her hubby

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Ok this episode was just bad. No wonder there are only 5 replies because there really wasn't anything worth discussing or going more in depth into! I foresee there being weekly AMC threads soon if things keep going on like this on the show. It's sad when I'm bored throughout the episode and get the itch to fast-forward, I never do that with AMC! I couldn't wait for the episode to be over. Some minor enjoyable parts, Frankie/Madison & I liked Kendall & Madison's conversation but that was pretty much it. It's so painfully obvious that Greenlee forged those David letter's so there's no intrigue in that! The rest was all about Ryan, people praising him from left to right, repetitive dialogue, ugh just everything! Oh and why the heck was Liza trying to be nice to Jake and Tad? They were horrible to her the other day, she shouldn't feel the need to be nice to them and buy them drinks! Tad and Liza being nice to each other towards the end was sickening! So disappointed with AMC right now.

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Ok this episode was just bad. No wonder there are only 5 replies because there really wasn't anything worth discussing or going more in depth into! I foresee there being weekly AMC threads soon if things keep going on like this on the show

At this point, weekly threads would make the most sense, but I know some people are really against the idea though.

Madison seemed to be making a federal case out of her awkward moment with Frankie. I didn't care for that.

No one should be dumb enough to believe that David would kill himself. Please! His type never kills themselves. I loved David, but he was into self preservation above all else. He didn't care enough about anyone to kill himself over their disapproval, which is one of the things i liked about him.

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Steve, Tad didn't even full on aknowledge what he did, or did I miss it? I just heard him kinda half heartedly skirt the issue. Anyway yeah a pretty meh episode--didn't have great scenes liek the Angie stuff yesterday to balance it out. Though oddly, I still kept watchign pretty closely.

I looked it up on TVmegasite. Tad hinted at what he did without really confessing anything:

Ryan: I gotta do this, Tad. I gotta get some more pieces to the puzzle here and put 'em together. I don't know. There could be somebody out there, another witness, somebody that saw something that went down in the hotel room.

Tad: What if there was? Are you sure you want me to find them?

Ryan: Yes. I gotta do this. I have to know.

Tad: [sighs] Ryan, look, this is gonna sound strange, but if I had done something like this, disposed of somebody like Hayward, it would be tough, but I could find a way to live with it.

Jake: I wanted to kill him many times 'cause of what he did to my family. I would have felt justified.

Tad: You, you're different, ok? There's no way on earth you're gonna be ok with this. That moral compass of yours will point you right straight to prison.

Jake: That's true.

Tad: Leave it alone, ok? In this case, ignorance really is bliss.

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