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^ Yeah, I'm pretty pro-Israel, but I can't get behind targeting the press in any way. This conflict will probably out live us all, sadly. Meanwhile, Biden is between a rock and a hard place on this issue. What a mess. 


We really are living in chaos. I guess it's nothing new, but I feel it so much more these last few years. We've got the Republican party seemingly turning against democracy, while telling us bald faced lies with no shame at all. A humanitarian crisis on our boarder. An untold number of people believing crazy Q conspiracies. God knows how many people dying of Covid in India and Brazil. Asian people being assaulted over Covid because we learned absolutely nothing from the way gay men were scapegoated in the 80's. Things get more absurd by the day.





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10 minutes ago, dragonflies said:

I just saw this video and he remains the worst along with Scott Baio and Kevin Sorbo. All has been actors who need serious psychological help!!! 

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Posted (edited)
16 minutes ago, dragonflies said:

 Ricky looks like a homeless hobo. Was he at Cosco to buy shampoo, soap, hair coloring and a razor? 

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