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If this is truly the case, I hope Senate Democrats run right over Mitch McConnell on the way to get the infrastructure bill done. It would serve 'ole Mitch right after he has stood in the way of progress and tried to block anything good from happening for the better part of a decade. Maybe, just maybe Democrats will be able to show him that his deliberate inaction as an act of sabotage will have consequences that will impact him and his cronies negatively.

I hope he gets severely outmaneuvered.



Also, I hope the tweet means 2021, not 2020.


Looks legit.

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I was glad to see some high-profile Twitter pundits asking the press to actually push McConnell on what they are planning to do. Sadly, they know they can just keep using buzzwords, or posing with Pepsi cans, and the media, along with sympathetic voices like Matt Stoller, will carry the narrative for them and make enough people think they are standing up to big business.


I see that Manchin and Mark Warner are now complaining about the infrastructure bill not being pro-corporate enough. I guess we will see how much of it they ruin...

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Posted (edited)

Not enough people will believe it, no. The polling and public reaction is against them. That's why McConnelI is squawking so loud - because what Biden is doing is working.


Manchin didn't ruin the last bill and he won't ruin this one. So much of what he's doing is just tacky posturing.

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Good. Now, will Ivanka, Kelly Anne and the rest of the cabal be made to face repercussions?


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