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All: TV Guide Canada's List of Soaps' BEST Actors

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1. —TIE — ANTHONY GEARY (Luke Spencer, GH)

SUSAN FLANNERY (Stephanie Forrester, B&B)

3. ERIKA SLEZAK (Victoria Lord Davidson, OLTL)

4. KIM ZIMMER (Reva Shayne, GL)

5. MICHAEL E. KNIGHT (Tad Martin, AMC)

6. MICHELLE STAFFORD (Phyllis Summers Newman, Y&R)

7. DAVID CANARY (Adam/Stuart Chandler, AMC)

8. HEATHER TOM (Katie Logan, B&B)

9. MAURA WEST (Carly Snyder, ATWT)

10. JANE ELLIOT (Tracy Quartermaine Spencer, GH)

11. STEVE BURTON (Jason Morgan, GH)

12. JACK WAGNER (Nick Marone, B&B)

13. LESLI KAY (Felicia Forrester, B&B)

14. CATHERINE HICKLAND (Lindsay Rapapport, OLTL)

15. PETER BERGMAN (Jack Abbott, Y&R)

16. ROBIN STRASSER (Dorian Lord, OLTL)

17. JUSTIN DEAS (Buzz Cooper, GL)

18. CRYSTAL CHAPPELL (Olivia Spencer, GL)


20. GINA TOGNONI (Dinah Marler Mallet, GL)

21. JAMES MITCHELL (Palmer Cortlandt, AMC)

22. EILEEN DAVIDSON (Ashley Abbott Carlton, B&B)

23. GREG RIKAART (Kevin Fisher, Y&R)

24. SUZANNE ROGERS (Maggie Horton, Days)

25. TREVOR ST. JOHN (Todd Manning, OLTL)

26. CADY MCCLAIN (Rosanna Cabot Ryan, ATWT)

27. BEN MASTERS (Julian Crane, Passions)

28. NANCY LEE GRAHN (Alexis Cassadine, GH)

29. HUNT BLOCK (Lee Ramsey, OLTL)

30. RICK HEARST (Ric Lansing, GH)

Steve Burton? He's good, but hasn't been GREAT for years IMO....I can think of alot of actors who should be on this list, where's Michael Park, Ellen Dolan, etc.....

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Michelle Stafford is a terrific actress. Greg Rikaart is good, but shouldn't be on here.

By the way, were the effing HELL is Jess Walton?

Ugh, this is a joke, although Peter Bergman and Susan Flannery, Slezak, Tom, Strasser and some others are spot on!

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Michelle Strafford top 10? Really? I have no beef with her but surely their are some vets who have logged in more time, more performences and more effort in there careers then Stafford who has been on Y&R for an unconsecutive 10 years. Right? Her being so high up there just seems to skew the entire list.

Are we serious with Steve Burton knocking on the door of the top 10? A big hell to the no. He was once a very poignant and expressive actor who was able to infuse light, beauty and likeability into his performences however now all he does is stare, shout and bring out monotone performences every. single. day. There is no life to his performence. His dull stare expresses little if anything. Please to him being no. 11 on this list. Burtons performences have been lifeless for years now.

Greg Rikaart is the best example of recentism on this list. He's okay. He's a strong newbie and can carry his own in scenes without getting swallowed by LeBlanc but hardly worth a top 25 placement. Ditto to what I said about Strafford for him.

Hunt Block? Seriously? I mean what did he do on OLTL to grant him a placement such as that?

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In Burton's defense, however, Jason is brain-damaged and mentally impaired.

Still, Skin, you make an excellent point. Jason Quartermaine may be long gone, but Guza should be able to write Jason Morgan with some emotional complexity, and not as the second-rate action hero he has become.

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