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  1. Reading the summaries from earlier that year, it seems like someone on SFT wanted to off Jo that year - having her shot and then paralyzed for a period of time. Unable to do that, the show offed her sister Eunice.
  2. Guiding Light is just so excellent at this point. All the characters are woven together so neatly. And all the new characters have mystery surrounding them; it's all so expertly mapped out. Killing off Leslie, however, seems like such a random and altogether damaging decision. I think ATWT, on the other hand, had almost too much going on. The overlapping triangles makes it hard to keep track. I agree with others Y&R kind of hit a lull after the initial Jill/Kay story wrapped which was a blockbuster of a story. The build up to Jennifer shooting Eunice on SFT has been great.
  3. Thank you so much @FrenchFan. I wonder what others think from reading these monthly summaries were the best soaps of 1975? I would say the top three were Y&R, GL and AMC - with Love of Life and SFT being very intriguing at points too.
  4. Of course B&B gets the first go-ahead. It must help that Brad is married to the Chairwoman of the California Film and Production Commission.
  5. They co-presented the lifetime achievement Emmys to Mary Stuart, Charita Bauer and Larry Haines in 1985 posted in this thread. Already by 1985 they were recognized as the titans of the industry.
  6. Rare to find a scene this old on YouTube.
  7. Deeply unfortunate that it isn't on YouTube but the climax of the Jill/Kay feud of ownership of the Chancellor mansion in 1998 included one of the best confrontations ever on daytime. Jill to Kay: "By the time I came into their lives - she was a monster, he couldn't stand to be in the same room as her. She was a fall down drunk and she reeked of booze and her tongue would rip your head off. I gave that man something he'd never had before. Love. And sex. Good healthy SEX with a SOBER, sweet smelling woman and it drove her SO MAD with jealously that she KILLED HIM! DID YOU KNOW THAT? Did you know that she killed Phillip by driving him off a cliff while she was drunk!!!! Come on Katherine, tell you're guests about your glorious times in this house with Phillip!"
  8. Yes, Julia was so good during this period. Its a kind of story repeated so often on daytime - but Barr and Canary made it something more because of how committed they were to those scenes. Laura's death a year prior made the storyline even more tragic. I'd say that's one of the best scenes in daytime history. It's just perfect. The writing, the lighting, the set, the acting, the wind in their hair, the finger pointing and the way Alexander waves her hand at 7:20. Plus, to see Monica being a bitch is such a treat.
  9. Ross rips into Dinah (1:45) after learning Dinah faked her own kidnapping. I always felt like GL actors really relished yelling at Wendy Moniz's Dinah, who was rather hapless in the role.
  10. When GL literally became "The Reva Lewis Show."
  11. Brooke learns the truth about Adam and Dixie.
  12. Mark's cocaine addiction and subsequent intervention was one of AMC's most notable stories and Noone's Ellen reading Mark the riot act was one of the show's greatest acting performances. So satisfying because Ellen had been such a goody two shoes for so long. It got a lot of attention in the soap press at the time. And then two years later Ellen disappeared and I can't ever recall her being mentioned again.
  13. Kathleen Noone's Emmy win is at 1 hour 36 minutes. (I don't think it had ever been up on youtube). She specifically thanks Agnes Nixon for coming "back to the show" to write this story.
  14. Martha Byrne was nominated in that category for almost a decade. She must've had the longest run as an "Ingenue" in daytime history.
  15. Ellen Wheeler's win at 13:30 in that clip. Thank you @Forever8 That was mighty stiff competition in that category - Debbie Morgan, Martha Byrne, Robin Wright, and Jane Krakowsk. Perhaps the best line-up ever in the Younger Actress/Ingenue category. Compare those names to the actresses that made up the category in the late '00s or in the 2010s. Wheeler was so beautiful but also appeared really awkward and shy.
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