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DAYS: Former writer lands major writing award

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The big deal is, unfortunately, is that she wreaked havoc around here and on World of Soap Themes. Jeopardized the reputation of this site, risked to destroy long-running friendships, offended everyone who crossed her path, made a mockery of herself and all connected to her and so on. The list has no end.

But the biggest deal is that she didn't have the guts to admit who she was (EricaKane4Life) and didn't have the integrity, sincerity or whatever human quality you want to apologize and admit to all those appalling deeds. That will forever be a stain so big and unremovable, that no Tide or any other detergent will ever remove.

And yes, Vee, she will never work in daytime. Never.

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Fine. I went from believing she existed and was a potentially promising writer for daytime, to not being able to take a thing about the woman at face value, even her actual existence, and never wanting to hear her name again. If you think that's threatening to anyone but her reputation, more power to you. But this is not some proving ground for new daytime professionals. Nobody will get a break from this message board.

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Ha ha!!!!

Glad you married yourself to all that Sylph, because I WILL enjoy watching you eat crow later.

I also believe Ms. Voof when she says that she was NOT erica-whoever and that a bunch of looney-tunes

have fabricated lies and innuendo about her.

Apparently she DID come to SON and register AFTER the accusations were made, but before

that, she says she was too busy writing the novels that are coming up.

She seemed, during her "reading", to be quite intelligent and level-headed.

Evem "Normal", dare I say.

She also has some pretty major things coming up, and I do wonder how she got all those books

written while supposedly being responsible for the fall of the internet.

The thing about life, Sylph, is that all it takes is one "Successful hit" somewhere---and bam---somebody

you thought was OUT....is suddenly back IN.

The people in charge today---probably won't be the people in charge down the road. And judging by

the famous people who came to Ms. Voof's reading, I'd say she has pretty strong connections and


I would "never" be presumptuous enough to say never.

One thing IS for sure--"Days" is going off the air, and that will probably prompt some other soaps

to be cancelled as well.

But I think Ms. Voof's career is only beginning.

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Vee, I'm honestly confused.

I don't understand why you think posting the news of her award win

is somehow an appeal to get hired back to daytime?

If any other white soap writer had won an award, we would post it.

Why does her news of a win have to be some appeal to a message board?????

Since Ms. Voof talks to Brian Frons all the time, I doubt she's thinking about

this message board.

I certainly am not appealing to any of you for anything. I'm just making people

aware that a former soap writer won an award and that her career is RISING.

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I agree that Vola Voof is Sheila Carter!

I think she's Sami Brady, Sheila Carter, Helena Cassidine, Celeste Carver, Erica Kane and

Drusilla Winters all rolled into one.

Vola's biography, IMO, reads like a soap opera!

That why I think she's perfect for soaps. :lol:

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But I would.

If she's so great and doing so well, you don't need to spend post after post telling us how well she's doing, and how none of these things are her fault, how she was "just trying to have fun on the Internet," what harm can it do, and how you're just positive all the other writers do it. Nobody wants or needs all this cajoling. You can just let her writing, wherever and whatever it may be, speak for itself. Surely if she wanted a stranger to speak for her, she would have asked you, hmm?

Right now, though, she is not writing for soaps, so maybe you can take it to, I don't know, "Off-Topic Lounge" after the first five pages. Just a thought. In terms of marketing or lively discussion of her work, this is a waste of time and any attempt to market her here after the previous debacles will fail.

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Market her????

She's a former soap writer who won an award in Sweden.

This is a soap discussion board.

Regardless how you and I feel about her, her award is NEWS.

Just like all the other soap writers who make the news.

Who in the world is trying to "market" her?

Of course I'm going to defend her, because I MIGHT...be her....after all.

You never know.

(**cue lurking music**)

(**Close up on back of her head**)

(**CUT TO: Vee on the other telephone line, screaming irrationally, "You conniving bitch, Vola!"**)

(**CUT TO: A black gloved hand placing the receiver into its cradle**)


This has been the first half of "What a Woman Will Do"

....our story will continue in a moment

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