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DAYS: Former writer lands major writing award

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Well, I'm going out on a limb here.

In today's MediaBistro (which is like a really big deal in the publishing industry) they

featured the seasons big award winners, including the Nobel Prize for Doris Lessing

and the Man Booker Prize for Ann Enright.

Well along with those heavyweights, they have a former writer from "Days" whose name is

not allowed on these boards. You all know Vola Voof.

Scroll down to her award win in Sweden.

MediaBistro/Literary Award Winners:


I know people are prudes and people are petty, but I just don't get it.

The soap industry is dying and they're letting award winning authors like this get away

because they're eccentric and cause publicity?????

I just find that to be the most mind-boggling stupidity.

I watch the shows day in and day out, and I don't see the level of passion or bodacious-ness

that this woman had anywhere on the soaps.

Now back in the day, they use to have that urgency. People talked about them!

I just find myself miffed at the whole OVER-REACTION to this award winning and obviously

rising author by the soap industry. Talent is talent.

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All I know is that during her reading at the Schomburg Center last month, some soap fans asked

her questions from the audience and she said that she's offered to write "for free" for all the soaps.

She even wrote a bible for "Guiding Light".

She said that she nags Brian Frons daily and nags Barbara Bloom and nobody will give her a job

unless it's "uncredited" as a Ghost Writer.

Supposedly the "sponsors" don't like her past, but Vola said certain writers are jealous of all the media

attention she gets and that they only have two agents for soap writers because they pretty much pass

the same people around like "musical chairs", and she said neither one of those agents would take her

because the "star writer" for each agent threatened to walk if they took on Vola.

She has a bunch of books coming out though and she wrote a movie for LIFETIME CHANNEL that she's waiting

for them to actually film.

I was pissed they won't use her though. She's popular with black soap fans I know that much.

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To me, just being "BANNED" makes her cool as hell!

I mean heck, that's the kind of writers that go on to become legends.

Everything she does, there's a commotion around it.

To me, that's a sign that she's got something.

Why does the press like to write about her so much?

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No. I'm actually completely dense. These posters are all unique and different!

It is way too early in the morning for this [!@#$%^&*]. Assuming you actually do have questions about the woman, ask Kenny or one of the mods, nobody else. This place has the security of a wet paper bag, it always did.

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If I'm not mistaken, this board allows everyone here to post ANONYMOUSLY.

So if you're implying that I'm Vola--then why would that be anybody's business if I was?

Brad Bell visits this board and interacts here, is he to be dragged out and shitted on whenever

people like you turn white as a sheet because you suspect you're having a chat with Lucy?

How very childish.

This is the United States....EVERYONE....has a right to post here anonymously.

If people would worry about bringing talented people to these dying soaps and stop

KNIT-PICKING over meaningless nonsense that's not even important, maybe we could

get somewhere in this industry.

The fact is very talented passionate people are being turned away by TPTB and it

kind of explains the sorry state of the soaps.

I could care less what Vola Voof posts on an internet board, especially since everybody in town

does it but get to enjoy their anonymous status, what I want is to see her on one of these writing teams.

Where she obviously belongs.

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ChangedBySon - YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT with what you posted ^^^. Why should it matter where "VV" has posted. For me, after reading her interview posted above - esp the portion in red - (thanks, Slyph), I wonder why she's not writing in daytime any longer.

This is a woman who is obviously PASSIONATE about what she does. She is a proven GREAT writer. She has WONDERFUL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING ideas. What is wrong with TPTB?!?!?

Personally, I wouldn't give a crap if a name like hers appeared after the credits of my GL. Knowing who she is now, I'd probably jump for joy, but that's another story. It doesn't matter to me if the person writing the show is black, white, purple or orange. What matters to me is a good story - well written and well-thought out. If the person with the pen is such a writer, then who am I to worry about their nationality, skin color, sexual orientation or sex....

Look who GLs got now - a cute white man in the head writer's seat. And "writer" is a term I would use very very very loosely to describe DK. He's horrible. He doesn't deserve to be associated in the same FIELD as VV.

How can we get her for GL?

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