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DAYS: Former writer lands major writing award

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Actually, I'm using it for what it is - just a soap discussion board. I'll tell you one thing, baby; if I thought for one second I could get career advancement through this board, I would never have registered and participated here at all with as laissez-faire an attitude as I have about it. That [!@#$%^&*] can come back and haunt you later in a career if you're not careful, but then you must know that by now, which is why you have returned on a reunion tour with a message that apparently consists of "everyone trolls, but I'm a great writer, please, everyone love me! LOVE ME!!!" Complete with a Joan Crawford Mommie Dearest rictus freezing your face in place. No. SON is simple silly recreation. Trying to make it something more would be just sad.

Oh, yes, I know that. And I so envy you! But you forgot to add that you are also flying around in your invisible airplane, sipping Moet, pursuing a fancy-free life of arms dealing, modeling, covert operations, Kabuki theater, and of course, teaching at Hogwarts. And you are also a Thundercat.

In a chair. sob! A puny little chair! Damn you [s.W.S.N.B.N.]!

And sometimes, some of us live multiple lives through several screen names while hiding in the bushes outside of Ed Scott's house.

I don't think anybody here could take you less seriously if we tried. And I'm trying.

And you should be flattered. I only do it for failed writers who are also paranoid schizophrenics.

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If K_L_ B__F([sAJAK]only vowels left[/sAJAK]) wants to write for a soap, her best bet would be to do something for BET, a network that is in desperate need of something substancial.

Despite the fact that I think she's nuts, I do think she's got great ideas. But I think they are far too radical for network daytime television.

And BTW...K_L_ B__F is SO last year! When will we get awesome new lurkers and posters on the site?! I want to see Megan McTavish revealed as a poster defending Zendull or a GL fan defending Dave Kreizman.

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That's the sad thing. She has some great ideas and of course daytime needs so many more people of color, especially women, behind the scenes. The unfortunate problem is she, or whoever is posing as her anyway, is absolutely bugshit insane, and if I was in daytime I would never take a chance on someone like this after this kind of repeat behavior. Which is apparently why this circus is back in town here.

I drew my blood and I really am done now. If SON doesn't choose to regulate this endless trolling problem that's their business but as I think IMissAremid noted...this has nothing to do with soaps or discussion of soaps at all.

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I think the biggest thing, for me, is that I would assume both SON and WOST would have worked with K_L_ B__f to clear her name if she was innocent of all that was accused of her. Why not do that? Why not release something from her own stating that those two people weren't her?

And was she ever credited on DAYS? Why does it say former writer? Regardless of whether she was ghostwriting the show...that credit still went to someone else.

As much as Jimmy Reilly helped out SUNSET BEACH in 1998, the credit still belongs to Meg Bennett, Christopher Whitesell, and Margaret DePriest. They were on the front lines!

So, if she was never credited with writing the show...why does it say "Former DAYS writer"? I'm juz sayin!

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YES, she was credited actually.


that she worked for DOOL for 4 months.

There's no way that anyone can claim that she isn't a former writer for "DAYS".

Just GOOGLE her name and the title of the show.

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ATTENTION my buddy, VEE,

I'm not attempting to get "career advancement" for Vola Voof through this board.

I'm announcing that a Former Writer for "Days of Our Lives" has won a major literary

award in Stockholm, Sweden


That is a fact and that is newsworthy.

THEY DON'T GIVE THESE THINGS AWAY---you have to be able to write.

Especially coming from an all-white country like Sweden, it's AMAZING that they were so touched

by an essay she wrote about "female genital circumcision" that they made Vola---


Ms. Boof suffers from being vaginally circumcised, Vee, and wrote a piece called "I Am My Own Daughter"

that ran in Sweden's top women's magazine.

She's also written a t.v. movie for LIFETIME that is scheduled to be filmed (according to what she said

at her recital).

Her novels have been critically acclaimed FOR YEARS, Vee.

Last year, Princeton University chose her autobiography as the Best Book of 2006.

She was featured on MSNBC and CNN....so we KNOW that she exists.

As much as you hate this woman, you can't take away her accomplishments, and she's still considered a NEW writer,

so just imagine what she will likely accomplish in the future.

Vola Voof can telephone Brian Frons, Barbara Bloom or Ken Corday DIRECTLY anytime she likes,

she doesn't have to seek "career advancement" on a message board---but she does have SOAP FANS, and she

does want them to know about her achievement.

Black writers do not win literary awards in countries like Sweden everyday.

Would BellCurve or Vee or MissAremid please tell me what other black soap writers have achieved

the acclaim for their WRITING that Ms. Voof is getting....and she's much younger than all of them!

To be honest...I can understand you dissing Vola for your personal reasons...but you also realize that she's

fabulously talented and loves soaps don't you?

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Yeah, hard for her too....

since she denies that she did what has been claimed.

Honestly, it doesn't matter now that the Head of NBC Daytime has been fired

and "DAYS" is going off the air.

I'm sure Hogan will do his best.

I personally wish they had kept Beth Milsteine on board. Her and Vola are

good friends and Beth really understands the show better than anyone on Hogan's


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Oh, my, I'm dying here! :lol:

Now that I know who you are, and despite our being at odds in the past (I think I was at odds with Jase but that's buried history and I forget even why that was), I LOVE you! The dialogue in here is just popping! You're such a clever and witty writer.

For the record, though, I side with Vola. (Not that I'm suggesting ChangedBySON and her are one in the same; but her views about soap operas are very enlightening and she would do well at ANY soap, but I see her as a better fit for GL.)

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What exactly did Vola do? I think it has been hilarious, although frustrating to those of us not in the loop, that there have been discussions of "what she did" on various soap message boards for months, yet people just talk around it. They never articulate exactly what she did.

The posts always go something like this:

After "what she did," she'll never get a job in daytime.

I will never believe Vola is for real, because of "what she did."

Vola is a rotten person because of "what she did."

These conversations go on for days, without ever offering any details. All I can figure out is that she got herself two screennames, posted as two different identities, and caused a little drama. Is that really it? Is that really all? Somehow, I think there is more to this story. And, what did Sean Paul Riesling have to do with it?

Could someone please clarify all this for me?

Regarding her soap writing efforts, I think threads about Ms. Voof do belong on this board, because she is a former soap writer. Her name did appear on the DAYS credits. I saw it myself. Talking about her life and career is no different than discussing Nancy Curlee, Claire Labine, or Irna Phillips.

By the way, Gregorzick is a poster on some other boards. Perhaps not this one, I'm not sure. He is quite a soap historian and really knows his stuff.

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