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DAYS: Former writer lands major writing award

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I am generally supportive of Ms. Voof.

Incidentally, does anybody find it juvenile that we are not permitted to even use her name on the board? I can understand being censored for using the F-word or the N-word, I would support that. But, censoring someone's name? Good grief!

Back to topic. Ms. Voof may be eccentric (oh yeah, baby!), but she is certainly passionate about daytime. And, although Voof is a pen name (even she admits that), there must be a real person there somewhere, because the name DID appear in the credits for DOOL for at least one episode. I "seen it" myself. Ken Corday may be a fool, but I don't think even he would add a writer's name to the credits, if she didn't exist. Plus, I assume he had to pay her. How do you write a check to a non-existant sister?

Admittedly, I've considered many of Vola's soap storyline ideas a bit over the top, but at least they were based in reality and reflected a 21st century believability. I used to lovingly call her ideas "reality on steroids." Hell, that's a lot better than much of the fantasy and cloak-and-dagger drivvel we've been force-fed for the last twenty years on the soaps.

Is Ms. Voof ready to be the head-writer on a soap? No, not in my opinion. But, she is most certainly prepared to be the second bananna apprentice under another head writer. And, after two or three years of that, she will have learned enough about the harsh realities of daytime to combine that disipline with her wonderful creative skill. Ms. Voof could easily be the next Harding Lemay, Douglas Marland, or Bill Bell. Sh*t, there ain't nobody else in-line.

And regarding multiple screen names, well what's the big deal? It may be disheartening at first, but we need to acknowledge that many of the net's best soap historical experts have (for one reason or another) more than one screen name. I'm thinking of posters on various boards such as Neil Johnson, Walter Curtain, Fletcher, Snark, Judge Lowell, Wolly, Libby, Brian, Gregorzink, Danfling, Lenore Curtain, and even (the real) Harding Lemay!! Not to mention various current soap insiders (actors, producers, etc.). They all post under more than one name. So what?? Should we just dismiss all of the soap history they have to share with us? If Ms. Voof has more than one screen name, why is everyone so dag-gone traumatized? Get over it. I bet YOU have more than one screen name too. I do.

And one more thing. Funny. In earlier posts, folks were comparing Vola Koof to various soap characters. In reality, Ms. Koof campares to only one iconic soap character, Rachel Davis.

Enough said.

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Considering all of the drama that went down, it isn't juvenile. I don't want to go into how I feel, because I don't want my comments to seem out of line or biased and possibly ruin some relationships on the verge of forming with certain posters.

I will say this, it was and still is believed that [S.W.S.N.B.N.] posted on SON and WOST, and tried successfully to create problems between the two boards. After months of miscommunication and immaturity on both sides of the fence, an olive branch was given and after putting two and two together, both sites had proof or "proof" as some people will say, that she did post on both sites as [!@#$%^&*] and as an "anti-[!@#$%^&*]" person.

Due to the amount of lies, threats and damage that was done by [!@#$%^&*] or someone pretending to be her, the administration chose to delete all topics regarding her. When that wasn't able to be done in time, we chose to not allow her name to be posted. Too much drama was going on and we needed to put a stop to it.

Whether or not [!@#$%^&*] was actually [!@#$%^&*] or not, whoever it was had their posting privileges revoked on both sites and we began trying to mend fences.

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Actually, Ryan....in all of Vola's posts on WOST...she mentioned that she liked SON and that she didn't

understand why people couldn't like both boards.

Even Kennylicious can testify to that.

In several radio interviews, she also gave a "big ups" to SON. I heard them myself.

The only time she attacked SON was when they claimed that she was ErikaKane, which she completely

continues to deny.


You know what just dawned on me?

Maybe Vola posted as this other person so that her LOYALTY to WOST wouldn't be questioned?

As I recall, that whole board had this anti-SON rivalry and anyone who posted on the other was

a traitor. That would explain the thread over on WOST where Kenny and Vola are asking why can't

they like both boards.

In fact Vola started the thread and Kenny joined in agreeing with her.

Now let's say that she really was ErikaKane--maybe she wanted the same ANONYMOUS status that other

soap figures get on these boards.

Vola did complain to WOST personnel that she didn't like ErikaKane constantly talking about her and that

she wanted to post for herself on WOST, but she was never against SON.

I wrote an email to Ken Corday asking some questions about Vola and he mailed me back the


K-ola's fabulous an crazy, love her a lot.

Steve Wyman would know a lot more, he

and Brian Frons.

Take care.

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God, just stop.

This is painful. It's like watching a child desperate for affection dance for pennies for 24 hours straight, changing the routine every two minutes in the hopes someone will give them money after all. It's pathetic.

I feel sorry for you that this is so dominating your (and all your alters') life.

Have some respect for yourself and just stop.

BTW, I know Gregorzick. Gregorzick is a friend of mine. He wouldn't touch this cracked out craziness with a ten foot pole, not for all the history in "the Cincy Soap Hood."

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And I am clearly James Lipton, who has to have all his characters driven off a cliff.

Together we are all secretly conspiring against [s.W.S.N.B.N.] and giving other message board posters jobs. Why this board is a soap industry hotbed! You can tell from all the professional-looking annoying sigs and avatars and private fanfics!

Gregorzick was mentioned by another completely different, never seen them before, totally unrelated to you poster as being kin to [s.W.S.N.B.N.]'s Internet board-hopping. Greggers had more class than you ever did.

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This is painful. It's like watching a child desperate for affection dance for pennies for 24 hours straight, changing the routine every two minutes in the hopes someone will give them money after all. It's pathetic.

Then what are YOU doing here?

Dancing for the pennies I don't catch??


I'm sitting on my 3 million dollar ranch flipping through

an option contract for an upcoming anthology from Seven Stories Press.

Where are you sitting?

LIFE is lived day by day, Vee.

Just enjoy it and don't take yourself too seriously.

Nobody should take themselves too seriously.

And BTW---I'm not Vola.

Just getting a kick out of watching you FOAM at the mouth.

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