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Thursday: http://video.cgi.cbs.com/vplayer2/play3.pl...05.565156808516

Friday: http://video.cgi.cbs.com/vplayer2/play3.pl...05.565156808516

Monday: http://video.cgi.cbs.com/vplayer2/play3.pl...omo_nextweek.rm


Amber to Cane- "Sin city. So let's commit some sins."

Cane to Amber- "Sure."

Jack to Colleen- "Don't give up, too many people love you."

Brad to authorities- "My daughter is quite ill, we have to get home."

Czeck authority to Brad- "You aren't going anywhere."

Brad- "We need to get home now!"


Nick to Phyllis- "I'm very sorry."

Phyllis to Nick- "I think you're only sorry because you got caught."

JT to Vikki and Brad- "I'm glad you're back."

Brad to JT- "Right now I'd like to put you in a hospital bed.

Vikki to Brad- "Brad stop."

Will to Kevin- "You're under arrest."

Kevin to Will- "What?"

Will to Kevin- "For the attempted murder of Colleen Carlton."

Kevin to Will- "No, no I didn't do anything."


Ji Min to Kay- "Jill is a fascinating woman, like her mother."

Jill to Cane- "I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing here."

Cane to Jill- "Kind of, yeah."

Phyllis to Lauren and Michael- "Be honest with me, did you or did you not know that Sheila Carter was in town?"

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JI MIN :wub:

Another week of the cast turning sh!t into gold. And of course, typical Brad, and his typical emotionless self. C'mon Don, impress us and do something other than anger.

I HATE when Amber and Cane try to flirt and be sexy. Because they're NOT. Well Cane is sex on a stick, but Amber is just blah. And once again the Daniel Goddard looks BORED in his scenes. I bet he wasn't expecting a muppet as a screen partner when he signed on. Hopefully Jess Walton can save him.

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As a long time Y&R viewer who is tired of the bull LML is writing, it wouldn't matter if Adrienne Franz aired on the first episode of Y&R. She's a boring character who doesn't belong on the show. If they want to give her a job, send her back to B&B.

!!!And it wouldn't matter if she had aired on the first episode of Y&R back in '73!!!!


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Amber is fierce, my favororite B&B character when she was on, but she is definitely overexposed and in bad stories on Y&R.

Ji Min inquiring about Jill? [Katherine Chancellor]Dear God in Heaven![/Katherine Chancellor] I don't know what I'll do if they go through with this hotness!

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Who the HELL does she THINK SHE IS? I mean, really, she acts like Nick's giving a gift (and I know that's what her butt is whining about) to Sharon was the ULTIMATE betrayal.... I guess she wasn't flashing back at all to when she kept saying to Jack how sorry she was when she got busted in having her affair with Nick....I bet she wasn't remembering to when Daniel walked in on her doing the nasty with Nick on the couch and when she said sorry, he said those same words to her.

Phyllis is in no right to be giving Nick the third degree for his giving his ex a anniversary gift... :rolleyes:

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