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  1. "I Hate Everyone" - Get Set Go "Everytime I See Your Picture I Cry" - Luba "L.A. Song" - Beth Hart "Let Down" - Radiohead
  2. Mason

    At End of Day

    Coming soon to SONBC, AT END OF DAY is an original soap created by SON's Mason Wimberley. Set in the suburban town of Glenview, Illinois, the soap follows the triumphs and tragedies of four core families: the wealthy Richards', working class Thompsons, the upstanding Conrads, and the African-American Williams family. Although the cast is not yet complete, many major daytime stars have already been cast such as Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley, Y&R/B&B; ex-Kristen/Susan/Sister Mary Moira/Thomas/Penelope, DAYS), Jack Wagner (ex-Nick, B&B; ex-Frisco, GH), Martha Byrne (ex-Lily/Rose, ATWT),
  3. You better come back soon! :)

  4. For some reason, I haven't been able to get the song "That's Just What You Are" by Aimee Mann out of my head today. I literally woke up and started singing it in my head.
  5. Marland RULES. You rock, Sir Marland!

  6. I'm extending the olive branch...will you accept? :)

  7. You do the same for me. You, like Shannen, are simply, AWESOME.

  8. You make me smile my fellow Shannen/Tiffany Lover~!

  9. You are awesome! Keep on kickin' ass!

  10. I'll have you yet, JSF! Hehehe

  11. OMG, I could NOT believe Izzie did that! I just want to b!tchslap her every time she starts in on Callie. But especially when one of their BEST FRIENDS could be DYING. So uncalled for.
  12. Another great show tonight. And HOLY F.U.C.K at the ending!!! Did NOT see that coming!
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