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  1. I like JER too. And I find Passions to be very entertaining.

  2. Just dropping in to say hello to a fellow JER fan!

  3. Thanks! I agree, it is probably very hard to please so many people. Hopefully he will continue to please as many as possible in the near future!

  4. I am new here but would like to say I like how you support JER. I am one of the few that think he is a great writer. People do not understand how hard it is to come up with material all the time and you cannot please everyone. I think he has had a lot of great story lines.

  5. RionPassions- I just have to tell you that I love posting with you so much!!! I don't know what I'd do without your pro-JER and pro-Passions talk. Us JER fans have to stick together!!

  6. NOTE: This blog takes place the first week of 2007. -Grace and Sam are enjoying being reunited as a family. They're planning a simple and elegant vow-renewal ceremony for close friends and families. Tensions flare between Kay and Charity as they help Grace prepare. Meanwhile, Grace's curse on her enemies begins to take effect in subtle ways. -Theresa and Ethan have also been reunited as a family with Little Ethan and Jane. Gwen has been exposed, and Ethan knows he's Little Ethan's father. They enjoy ice-skating, snowball fights, sledding, a sleigh ride, and other fun winter activities. Unbeknownst to them, an increasingly-psychotic Gwen is stalking them, determined to kill Theresa and Ethan and raise their kids as her own. -Eve is upset that her medical license has been revoked and her reputation ruined, but she is determined to redeem herself. She helps TC with his physiotherapy as he continues to recover from his stroke. Meanwhile, Julian becomes convinced that finding his child with Eve is the key to winning her back, so he hires private investigator Frank Lomax to search for him. Ivy, in the meantime, is beginning to fall in love with Julian after bonding over their heartbreaks, and becomes increasingly concerned with becoming Mrs. Julian Crane all over again. -Tabitha finds herself at odds with Endora, who is continuing to help Fox stay with Kay. Tabitha subtly reminds Charity of the deal she made with Death about Maria, and tries to convince her to leave town again. -JT has been murdered, and with Luis off the force, Paloma and Fancy are tasked to the assignment. Unfortunately, a crack in the case leads them to arrest Jessica not only for JT's murder, but for the motel murders as well. -Unbeknownst to her, Sheridan is being guided by a mysterious dark force of evil to keep Fancy and Luis apart. Meanwhile, Fancy's eyes become green with envy when she spots Noah and Paloma in a kiss. -Finally, Chad and Whitney's break-up sends her reeling into the arms of Frank Lomax. Chad and Jared are seen as pariahs after being revealed as secret lovers, but they're determined to bring peace and understanding to Harmony, along with Simone and Rae.
  7. -Julian informs Tabitha that he is not going to lose another child, not after losing both Chad and Little Ethan in one year, and this time he means business. After Tabitha refuses to agree to a custody agreement, she is served with papers! Tabitha renews her curse on the Crane family, but this time she specifically targets Julian! -As Theresa and Ethan vacation at the Crane cabin, they are unaware they are in grave danger. While Ethan goes out to chop wood, Theresa is stalked by an axe-wielding Gwen! Gwen has psychotically funny fantasies of killing Theresa and Ethan. Unfortunately for Gwen, Ethan saves Theresa before Gwen can have a chance to "Lizzie Borden" her enemy. Later, Gwen stands in the freezing cold and watches as Theresa and Ethan make love. At the end of the week, thanks to Gwen, Theresa and Ethan's car skids on black ice and crashes off the mountain! -Fancy is sent out of town on a danger mission thanks to Sheridan, and Luis goes after her! He is stabbed in the chest by a string ray. Will he survive? -Grace and Sam renew their vows in a lovely ceremony at the church, but Fox and Kay's vows are interrupted when Jessica is arrested for multiple murders! Not believing Jess is responsible, Noah does his own investigating, which leads him straight to Paloma's arms. She's also determined to prove Jessica is innocent. Unbeknownst to them, the real killer is prepared to strike again! -Ivy schemes to throw Frank off the trail of the Eve/Julian lovechild. Meanwhile, Eve gets wind that Julian is looking for their lost child and confronts him. Eve refuses to be manipulated by him, but later admits to herself that she still loves Julian and dreams of reuniting with their child. -Chris and Spike make a deal: Spike won't tell Sheridan about Chris' past if Chris doesn't tell anyone what he saw go down between Spike and JT. Meanwhile, Chris is contacted by JT's mystery informer: Beth Wallace!
  8. -From her jail cell, Jessica urges Sam and Grace to forget about her and go on their honeymoon. Relunctantly, they agree, and head off to Niagara Falls. Upon arriving in the Falls, Grace is promptly recognized as "Faith Standish". -Gwen kidnaps an injured Ethan and drags him through the snowy woods to an empty cabin. There, she ties him to a bed and tries to nurse him back to health. Theresa has been left for dead in the snow, but Jared comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, they become snowed in at the Crane cabin, and all the power goes out! As a delirious Theresa dreams of Ethan, will Jared take advantage of her as they lie together naked in order to keep warm? -Sheridan comes to Luis' rescue, much to Fancy's chagrin, but Sheridan is infuriated when he thinks Fancy saved him and kisses her. Upon returning to Harmony, Fancy has a pregnancy scare and confides in her aunt. As they wait for the pregnancy test results, Sheridan hopes to herself that the baby won't survive to term. Luckily for everyone, Fancy's not pregnant. Later, Sheridan gets a letter from someone who wants to help her break up Luis and Fancy. -Charity, who was planning on leaving town after Fox and Kay's wedding, decides not to miss her flight and heads to the airport. Kay finds a letter from Charity to Miguel telling him what she's doing, but throws it into the fire so he can't see it. Meanwhile, Fox figures out where Charity is and lends him the Crane limo to take him to the airport. Miguel puts up a fight with security but manages to get past them. As Charity settles into her flight, she thinks she's lost Miguel forever. But Miguel arrives on the plane and makes a huge, emotional declaration of his love. She begins to cry and almost reveals the truth about her deal with Death, but Miguel is kicked off the flight. But unbeknownst to her, Miguel has actually knocked out the pilots and hijacked the plane!
  9. -Before they can make love, Theresa and Jared are surprised when power is restored to the Crane cabin. Theresa contacts Crane Search and Rescue, and they arrive via helicopter to pick up her and Jared. They track down Gwen in the cabin, who is acting like Kathy Bates in "Misery". Theresa and Gwen fight, but Gwen manages to escape before she can be arrested by tobogganing down the side of the mountain. -In Niagara Falls, Grace and Sam meet a curious antique shop owner who thinks Grace is her dead twin sister, Faith. Grace begins to question the lady about Charity's father, but is puzzled when the lady seems somewhat delusional. Sam suggests it's time that they not only look into Faith's past, but Grace's past as well, and find out what she was up to before the fire that robbed her of her memories. -Fancy and Paloma look deeper into the JT murder mystery, and Fancy is upset when Noah enters the mix. To make matters worse, Luis is helping Noah! The two of them are conducting an unofficial private investigation, and begin rounding up suspects. By the end of the week, Fancy finds evidence that points the finger at Gwen! -Beth is back, but she's keeping her presence a secret. She breaks into Sheridan's cottage and plants sound devices and chemicals to gaslight Sheridan and drive her crazy. Beth decides to use Sheridan to break up Fancy and Luis, and perhaps even get Sheridan to kill Fancy! With Fancy dead and Sheridan on death row, Beth will have Luis all to herself! Meanwhile, Marty sneaks out of his and Beth's lair and is spotted by Sheridan. Luckily for Beth, she gets Marty back in time. Sheridan thinks she's losing it. Meanwhile, Beth dresses up as a man and pretends to be a transsexual named "Eddie" and befriends Sheridan. -Miguel has taken control of Charity's plane, and eventually sets it on autopilot. He then straps a parachute on, takes Charity in his arms, and plummets out of the plane over the ocean! Charity and Miguel land on an island and take refuge in a cave. Meanwhile, Kay and Fox become distressed when Maria's fever gets worse.
  10. -Gwen breaks into the Crane mansion and kidnaps Little Ethan and Jane. Armed with one-way plane tickets, she is headed out of Harmony and into China! Theresa finds Gwen trying to take her kids and they battle. Security arrives, as does Ethan. As the police prepare to arrest Gwen for JT's murder and her other crimes, she grabs a cop's gun and shoots Theresa! Gwen escapes and gets on the plane to China. -Frank and Whitney go to Boston and end up at the hospital where Eve gave birth to her son. Whitney tries to find staff members who worked there at the time, but all of them mysteriously left. Frank breaks into the archives room and is knocked out by a mysterious assailant. Meanwhile, Whitney finds a janitor who worked there at the time, and he tells her about the mysterious night Eve's baby was born. Whitney rushes to find Frank, and they end up locked in the archives room. They decide to make love. -"Eddie" and Sheridan continue their friendship. Beth makes secret phone calls to her father, who is hiding out in an undisclosed location. Beth is making way for his return to Harmony. As "Eddie", Beth convinces Sheridan to kidnap Fancy. -On the island, Charity and Miguel almost make love, but she stops them by telling him about the deal she made with Death. Miguel is confused. He doesn't want Maria to die, but he doesn't want to lose Charity. He tells her he doesn't think Death could be that cruel, and proposes marriage to Charity. Charity agrees and they passionately kiss. Meanwhile, Maria is hospitalized, and Kay panics. She can't find Miguel. Tabitha uses her bowl to find them, and Kay is enraged to see Miguel is with Charity, and not Kay and their daughter. Endora uses her magic to create a ship in a bottle, which she zaps to Charity and Miguel. They are shrunk down and put inside the boat, which magically sails back to Harmony. Meanwhile, it may be too late. Miguel and Charity arrive at Tabitha's only to find out Maria is in the hospital. When they arrive, Maria has just been pronounced dead!
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