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GL/GH: Casting RUMOR


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That's okay Josh. I liked Peter Simon and even sort of liked Van Vleet. I really liked Robert Gentry back when I was a boy but I just grew to love Hulswit as Ed.

Hulswit had good chemistry with Lynne Adams who played Leslie Jackson Bauer. And he had good chemistry with both of the Holly's Lynn Deerfield and Maureen Garrett.

What was so weird was that Lynne Adams was the original Leslie and beloved by fans. She didn't have a lot of chemistry with Don Stewart as Mike. But when they replaced her with Barbara Rodell for awhile - Rodell to me didn't have much chemistry with Hulswit but she and Stewart oozed chemistry. And when Adams returned to the role the lack of chemistery hurt esp. now that Leslie and Mike were married. I think that is the biggest think that led to Leslie being written off.

The think that I always hated about what happened to Hulswit was that he was so loved as Ed, but as he aged he did lose some hair and put on a few pounds. But after 12 years he didn't fit what they wanted for Ed, and they let him go and replaced him.

It was stated why they let him go but it never stated whether they gave Hulswit the chance to lose the weight or to maybe get hair plugs or something. I have always wondered if they did.

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This rumor about SD being cast as Ed was probably started by the same fans who started that rumor about SD being Mickey.

ETA: While I appreciate that some of his died hard fans wanting him to quickly get another job so he can give the big FU to GH, I wish they would stop pushing him onto shows that have problems of their own and have gotten rid of some of their own actors the same way.

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