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  1. Deadline says they are taping Wednesday. Maybe Thursday is when she starts taping again.
  2. I am sure the shorter work days will also apply to other soaps so the idea that they will probably go back and film as much as possible to stock in case they have to shut down is out the window. GH was filming 7 episodes a week before the shutdown. I doubt they will be able to do that now with shorter work days.
  3. Apparently at the end of last week per Twitter. They held some kind of event for a character and people pointed out how light the crowd was and certain characters that they were expecting to be there that weren't. Most likely due to the new guidelines.
  4. This is going to be really, really bad. I could see soaps not being in production till the summer in the best case scenario. When it slows down finally in the LA area, it will probably feel like a massive earthquake hit them. Who knows how long it will take the area to recover and for TV shows to be ok to go back into production. ETA: It wouldn't surprise me if the start of the traditional fall season is pushed back this year. Shows won't premiere till early next year and will have shortened seasons.
  5. Yep. The events were great. The cast integration during those events was always fun. But GH would always make the mistake of going back to the Sonny, Carly, Jason show when the event was over. It's why they always came close to B&B in the ratings during that time but could never tie or maybe even pass B&B in the ratings. It was so maddening.
  6. Same here. Out of all the contract actors, I would keep FH, NLG, GF, and KS. ER is alright but I know a better Lulu is probably out there. WK, KW, and Kin can stay. Either on recurring or I would up them to contract. It would be up to them. Everyone else can go and I would rebuild the show around the four I would keep. ETA: JL. Another one that deserves to be upped to contract status. He is the reason why they probably ended up aging Peter to 40 instead of someone in their 20's and casting him with WR. I think the initial plan was to make Peter's Faison and Anna's from when he kidnapped her in 92.
  7. This is what GH does when they fall in love with an actor and get attached. It's why six years later, Dr. O is still a thorn in Anna's side.
  8. Unfortunately, it looks like Michael Easton as Finn is the one who finally stuck. She's gotten more with him any of those other guys. She has gotten more with him than she did with Duke for their second time around. Grayson played the dude she mentored. The original actor came back to play Sloane because GM wasn't interested in returning to the show when FH came back from vacation that summer just to play Sloane being killed.
  9. GH deserves to drop because they killed the momentum of Jason's return with Man landers, Nina, etc overload the next two weeks after Jason's first full week in PC. JFP & Guza could never hold onto their momentum and they had better casts to work with.
  10. Watched the clip again. It looks like Luke was trying to get away from Burt in the action sequence. I think the other guy in the suit that Robert had a hold on was the goon from Holly's family. I don't think he was with Burt.
  11. Yes because I just watched it a couple of weeks ago. It was from the oil scam Holly was in on with her family. Luke & Robert trying save Holly b/c I think her uncle and cousin were after her for not cooperating the way they thought she should. Here's the link. Starts about 39 minutes in. Bert was after them, too so I think it was mixture of them dodging her family's goons and the police.
  12. Yeah well Wolf works for CNN which is Fox News South. Not to mention, there is no guarantee that Mitt will make it through the primaries. For Mitt to make it through the primaries, he has to hope more moderates vote than the crazies on the far, far right which in this political climate is easier said than done.
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