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  1. LATEST RATINGS: November 6-10, 2017

    GH deserves to drop because they killed the momentum of Jason's return with Man landers, Nina, etc overload the next two weeks after Jason's first full week in PC. JFP & Guza could never hold onto their momentum and they had better casts to work with.
  2. Classic GH Thread

    Watched the clip again. It looks like Luke was trying to get away from Burt in the action sequence. I think the other guy in the suit that Robert had a hold on was the goon from Holly's family. I don't think he was with Burt.
  3. Classic GH Thread

    Yes because I just watched it a couple of weeks ago. It was from the oil scam Holly was in on with her family. Luke & Robert trying save Holly b/c I think her uncle and cousin were after her for not cooperating the way they thought she should. Here's the link. Starts about 39 minutes in. Bert was after them, too so I think it was mixture of them dodging her family's goons and the police.
  4. Their biggest story is going to flop in the ratings! Robin's return will be a bust….GH plans on showing a regular episode on Christmas Day to catch up….no one will be watching this week much less on Christmas…. Christmas Day should always be a filler episode. But don't they usually air the game or something on ABC during that timeslot? No. It's Christmas Eve that they are showing an original episode instead of a repeat. ABC Daytime hasn't aired soaps on Christmas day for as long as can remember. First, it was because of college football. Now its because of the NBA. He hasn't asked Finola either. I still can't believe that the show turned a thug like Julian, who left the show previously by killing his sister and his Duke imposter so Anna wouldn't get the tea, into a leading man with a recon wuv story.
  5. Y&R: Casting call

    Let her be Noah's new love interest.
  6. Pagie was shown yesterday getting birth control pills so I doubt it would be her.
  7. Don't see it happening. RC has shown little interest in Anna having a personal life outside the PCPD. It is almost like the show is working FH only for her contract guaranetees and that is why we see Anna always working. The show has put little effort into D&A romance over the last year, too. I don't see this show caring about D&A enough to give them a kid together or seperately.
  8. Tyra Banks: New talk show

    No. They could replace GH with Tyra if whatever show is put in that 3 pm slot this fall is a success.
  9. Tyra Banks: New talk show

    This could mean bye-bye GH. They better pray what is put in Katie's time slot this fall doesn't take off because if it does, Tyra will probably take the 2 pm slot in the fall of 2015.
  10. That is probably it. Helena was probably shocked that Stavros would go as far as shooting his own son to keep L&L from learning that he was alive before he was ready.
  11. GH: Nurses Ball Crashee?

    No. That is from the cast pic, which was taken a week after they finished taping the ball. There is also a CGS spoiler that says Sonny is suprise when ConKate shows up on his doorstep. Kelly also tweeted that she wasn't at the ball.
  12. GH: Lesley Webber

    There is a legit spoiler that Anna is suppose to give devestating news to the Spencers. If it involves Lesley & Spencer going missing or being presumed dead in Italy, I think we could see her soon. The devestating news has to involve Lucky or Lesley because spoilers seem to show that Lulu is back and Nik is on the mend.
  13. Jacob Young had left the show before Frons and Guza really got their hooks into the show and started the destruction.
  14. Soap Opera Feuds

    Maurice and Tamara Braun didn't get along because she expressed interest in Carly moving past Sonny. IIRC, TB bascially admitted that in her exit interview TV Guide. There is also a rumor that Maurice got Lisa Vultaggio fired even though Hannah and Sonny had been done for a long time at that point.
  15. Soap Opera Feuds

    I think the fact that every female actress on the show including Frances being happy he got fired has something to do with him maybe sexual harrasing an underage Alison Sweeney. Considering that he went on to marry the 18 year old actress who played Sami's friend on the show, I think that he did harrass AS.