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  1. A Very Brady Sequel- now before people laugh at me for watching it, I really liked it. It was one of those movies that's so bad it's good. I love it when the guy accidentally eats some shrooms and starts tripping out to "Good Morning Starshine". It's so cheesy, but funny. And I forgot that Jesse Soffer was in it! He looks so different!
  2. The rumor is that Kim started the feud b/c SJP got a huge raise during the second season of the show, while KC and the others didn't. Kim was pissed off b/c she felt like, even though Sarah Jessica was the star of the show, Kim's character was by-far the most popular. Kim said that they never actually got into any fights on-set, but that she often had to stand up for herself and how her character was being written. Since SJP was an exec. producer on the show, people assume that the two of them came to blows. When SJP won the Emmy after the last season, you could tell that Kim was really upset about it. They'd do photo shoots together, and Kim would be at one end and Sarah Jessica at the other w/ the other two in between. And then there was the fact that Kim refused to do a SATC movie when the show ended. When asked, SJP said that the feud never happened and that any disagreements that the two of them had were in the past since the show was over. But when someone interviewed Kim about it, she said something about how the two of them weren't friends, that they were just professional actresses doing their jobs. Also, I heard a rumor that SJP didn't get along w/ MM on the set of Failure to Launch, so that makes me wonder...
  3. I thought I was the only one who didn't like SJP. Sex and the City is one of my all-time favorite shows, but she was the worst one. I hated her character...maybe it was mostly b/c of the way she was written, but the acting didn't help at all. The other 3 women were definitely a million times better than her. I'm not surprised that Kim Cattrell hates her...she shouldn't have been the star of the show.
  4. I saw The Devil Wears Prada yesterday and really liked it. Meryl Streep is my favorite actress, and she was great in it. Anne Hathaway was good too. There were parts in the movie where I had to turn the other way b/c I was so embarrassed for Anne's character. The only thing I didn't like was that in the end, they made Meryl's character turn out good. Even though she did have one or two redeeming qualitites, she was such a [email protected]#$%^&*] throughout the whole thing. I also saw a lot of movies on DVD: --Pride and Prejudice (w/ Keira Knightly). It was a lot better than I expected it to be. I still prefer the A&E version, but this one was nice and a lot shorter. --Rumor Has It. It was okay. Not that funny, except for Shriley MacLaine's character. --The Family Stone. It was really good. It was funny, but really sad too.
  5. I saw A Prarie Home Companion on opening day (today) only b/c Meryl Streep is in it and she's my favorite actress. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. It's definitely off-center, but I still enjoyed it. Definitely worth the $7 at the movie theaters (it was a matinee...it's $10 in the evenings! ) Some parts were absolutely hilarous, especially the scenes between Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin who play sisters who are in a singing group together. Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly were really funny too: they're a singing duo too and they like to play "dirty" songs.
  6. I just wanted to say that you're doing a great job with this story. Great job!! I can't wait to read more!!
  7. I'm not writing in here anymore. If you want to read anything, read my LJ http://another-grl.livejournal.com It's mostly Friends Only, so you'll need to have an LJ account and friend me. Some (mostly the boring stuff) is public, so you can read that I guess. Ciao. Rachel
  8. where to begin: I have a nasty stomach virus thing...at least I hope it's just a stomach virus. I went to Health Serv. and the nurse said that that's what she thought it was, so I'm going to wait a few more days (b/c it's supposed to take maybe a week and I've had it since Thursday maybe), and if it doesn't get better, then I'll go back to HS and see a doctor. :/ Soooooo...I really don't want it to be bad. It's like taking over my life b/c I can't do anything overly-stressful, and well...Smith is [!@#$%^&*] stressful all the [!@#$%^&*] time!!!! We got a snazzy room...215. It should be aWesome next semestre. I cannot waiiiiiiiiit! We might pop a sweet suite in the spring, to change things up and such. Classes are so fricking crazy. I have sooooo much crap due. On Monday, I have a fricking Spanish take-home....ugh. No diccionario either. WTH. going home for Easter...on Friday after Spanglish class. Registering for clases on Wed. Already have una idea buena sobre what I'm going to take. tomorrow I have 2 meetings...I was elected HONS (Head of New Students) for next year along w/ my roomie...if I didn't mention that already. So I have to go to these stupid meetings, and then I get to return early in late August to go to workshops and shite like that. but this stomach thing is bugging me. I don't even want to think about it.
  9. I didn't want that last entry up top...it makes me too upset. This fricking ghost keeping shutting the door! This is the third time today. People say that there is no such things as ghosts...well, they need to spend a day in my room and they'll start believing. The thing isn't even scary...except that night that it turned on the light. It's just annoying!! Since I really can't find interesting enough History classes here, I might take a class at UMass. Here's why: 1. UMass classes are generally easier than Smith courses (surprise...surprise) 2. it's a good way to unstress...getting off campus. 3. ummm...CO-ED institutions?? Trust me...I'm not some horny prep school girl, but it will be nice to step away from all that estrogen for a while. we'll see how it goes.
  10. I just found out that my old neighbor, Nina, passed away. She was only 19. We used to hang out a lot my freshmen and about half of sophomore year because we were the only two people on the bus stop. I remember the first day she moved in. She had just come back from Attleboro, and would tell me stories about ditching class at AHS and how she flunked out her freshmen English class and had to to repeat it now at SHS. She would always be smoking at the stop, and we'd have to look around to make sure that the cops didn't drive by. LOL. The one thing I remember the most about her was that she was an excellent signature forger, and would forge hall passes and come visit me during gym class. And then she and I would go in the woods, and she'd smoke another cigarette. The girl was always smoking: she was always trying to quit too. Or how once one of her friends got a car, we'd drive into school and would always be late. And once in a while we'd ditch school altogether and she'd go to Dunkin' Donuts and order an iced coffee and put obscene amounts of sugar in it. It was disgusting. She made my freshman year a lot of fun. It was probably the best year in high school. And sure, she wasn't the best influence, but she was always a fun person to hang around with. If you're going to make stupid mistakes in your life, your teens are the ones to do it in. I don't regret getting in trouble, getting caught skipping school or smoking in the bathroom, all the detentions, even when I got suspended. We were young and dumb, and I turned around a lot sophomore year. And now I'm the most straight-edge person I know. I just wished Nina could have done the same, but what does it matter now? Good grades, good behavior, even a high school diploma won't save you from death. It could have been me...it could have been anybody. But why was it Nina? When I found out that she was dropping out, I was really upset because I thought that her future was over...who knew it would be cut so short. I thought that we would have another fun year together, like we did my freshmen year. I always wished that she'd move back to Anthony Street and would return to high school. But that wasn't meant to be: that wasn't her. After she moved, I would see her often at Target, and she'd tell me about what was going on with her life. The last time I saw her was last summer. She and her fiance were buying a stereo system. She looked happy, and I was happy for her. By then, both of us had changed a lot...that happens when you're teenagers I guess. And now she's gone. Just like that. The world can be so cruel at times. Nina was a good person. She made me realize that by judging people just because of the way the look or the stupid decisions they make only leads to not getting to know some amazing people. Nina gave me a year of fun and enjoyment, and allowed me to be stupid and immature without judging who I was. When I was with her, I didn't have to stand up to some kind of expectations. We were both messed up kids who wound up leading different directions in our lives. Even when she was with a group of friends (and she had a lot, I remember), she'd never ignore me. She didn't see me as some shy, nerdy freshman with absolutely no self-esteem whatsoever. Unlike almost everybody else, I wasn't that person to her. This kind of stuff isn't supposed to happen to people our age. It isn't supposed to happen to people we know. We hear it on the news, "19-year-old killed in car crash", but we don't know that person. Good-bye Nina. I'll truly miss you. **from my LiveJournal http://www.legacy.com/providence/Obituarie...rsonID=17284309
  11. I'm worried about registering for classes. I just don't know what I'm going to do...I really should talk to my advisors. I'm taking Portuguese next semester definitely b/c someone I know is taking the class, and usually I'm never w/ friends in the FL classes. And it sucks because you can't even speak English in them, so it's 2x harder to talk to people. Plus, I heard really good things about the POR dept. here, and it doesn't hurt that I already speak it...but I'm not telling the prof. it's Brazilian Portuguese, and I speak European Por. so it's not going to help me that much anyway. Right??? Also, I hope that they offer 241 in the spring b/c it sounds so interesting, esp. if I'm going to Spain. I guess I'm not worried too much about rooming...but seriously...it would be nice if we had that huge room in 215 and then two of our friends lived across the hall in 214 because then we'd have that foyer area and our own little VIP area on the roof. The only other option would be to take 315 and then they'd take 316. But 315 is Sylvia Plath's old room...scary!!
  12. Next week...exactly. 3 April 6PM, we have room draw. Well, Steph (that's my roommate, I'm not sure I've specified that yet) got a really good number: 124. (I got 198, which is good, but her's is better, so we're using that). Now, you'd think that would be the first number....but no. There are like 6-8 new sophomores coming in, and two of them have numbers better than 124 (one is 122!!!) So now we're worried about not getting the room we want. Steph insists that we take 215, which I'm fine with. I'll take either 214 or 215. But what if both of them take those two rooms??? I refuse to live on the first floor (there are mice!) and the third floor is just a pain in the ass to schlep all my stuff up and down two flights of stairs. I guess we could move over to Wesley, but still...I really want either of those two rooms. It just isn't fair. We should be choosing first. I think that they should give top priority to people staying in the house. ugh! Junior year, if I'm around, I'll take a suite. Most likely I won't be because I want to go to Spain. Then senior year I'll just take any single (I really want it to be in Wesley, but we'll see what happens)
  13. It's my favourite time of the semester: course selections!!!!! Here's what my schedule will hopefully look like: MW History 217: World War II in East Asia 9-10.20 MWF Spanish 241: Culturas de Espana 11-12.10 or Portuguese 125: Portuguese for Spanish-speaking people 11-12.10 TTh History 266: Age of Civil War 9-10.20 Spanish 230: Latin American and Peninsula Literature- Transatlantic Search for Identity If I get this schedule, it would mean no classes after 12.10 on MWF and 11.50 on TTh, and only one class on Friday. Here's what worries me: not sure about HST 266. Don't know about the prof, so it worries me because what if he's horrible?? I can't handle that! So I figure if worse comes to worse, then I won't take an American History course next semester (even though that is my concentration). The other History will count towards the geograpic distribution anyway. And then you've probably realized that I'm back with the Spanish major again. I had a realization that I should just stick to it. I'm pretty confident about the 230 class, and the 241 sounds uber-interesting, but I kind of want to take Portuguese. I think that, no matter what class I take, I can always take Portuguese in the spring along with 244 (which is a requirement for the major), and then go JYA, return and take 250/251 and the two 300 level courses (which really don't look as daunting as it seems IMO) Then for the History, I'm just going to take 2 each semester, meaning that I'm only going to have to take 1 my senior year (the seminar). I'll probably wind up taking more.
  14. Would it be wrong to say that I don't want to go back to school? I don't care anymore about the homework because I can always find a way around it. Sometimes I wonder, though, if I'm doing the right thing. It's almost like I'm not having a normal college experience...you know? It's not so much about partying because I don't think I would do that anywhere I went. It's just that the majority of my days in college is devoted to homework...just homework. Between classes and dinner, then between dinner and bed, it's always homework, nothing else. Weekends aren't much better because if I dare to take a break on Friday and/or Saturday, there's always the threat of homework looming over my head. I know that no matter where I went, I'd still have to do homework...but it's just so intense here! Sure, I'm pretty much guaranteed a good job once a graduate because the school has such great alumnae connections and everything else. But I don't know if I can survive another 3 years of this.
  15. Transamerica Transexuality is a big issue at my college, and I thought that this movie was a great way to depict something that not a lot of people know about. They actually built a Transgender Counseling building in the basement of the house that I live in. I thought FH was amazing in the role. When I was watching, I didn't even think of it as a female actress portraying a transgendered woman.
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