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DAYS: SOW for week of Jan 8th

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SOW tidbits.......

Shelle on the cover wearing gray suits. Shawn is in coat and tie.

Days: Philip returns

Victor takes Shelle to court.

He has petitioned for custody of Claire on Philip’s behalf, even though he’s been absent from her life for months. Shelle feel like there is no basis for the case yet they are scared someone could take her from them.

Victor brings up the kidnapping and tries to paint Belle as a negligent mother and Shawn as being out of control since he drove his car through Victor’s house, is living with a prostitute and working for a criminal.

Then Willow testifies. She’s been paid off by Victor. She makes remarks about Shawn not caring about Claire, not talking about her and that he just wanted EJ to pay him so he could get a fast car and a great apartment.

Shelle fight back. Belle says she’s a good mother who would protect Claire with her life. She notes that Philip left town and that Victor is a liar starting with a lie of omission when he knew Shawn was Claire’s father. He lied about Philip’s whereabouts and why he wanted to see Claire. Now he’s lying about Shelle being bad parents.

The tension peaks when a mystery man comes into the courtroom: Philip!

Belle is stunned and unfortunately for her, his presence changes everything. The bandages come off as do the gloves.

Interview with Jay Johnson.

Sneak Peaks:

-John’s finger moves in front of Belle

-Hope wonders if Kayla wants more children

-Billie tells Bo she fell off the wagon

-Mimi’s younger brother Connor, comes to town

-Sami suggests Chelsea and Billie move into Lucas’ old apartment

Can’t miss, 1/9: Steve goes wild

Next week:

-Shelle lose custody of Claire

-Sami receives an award

-Steve discovers EJ’s whereabouts

Mailbag: Pro-Hope letter defending Hope stating at the end that Hope has carried Bo many times over the years and maybe its time he returned the favor.


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I can't wait for this storyline to pick up and for Jay Kenneth Johnson's return date next Friday. I still have a suspicion that Claire is really Phillip's daughter afterall. I hope so. Ava & Olivia White look more like Phillip (when Kyle Brandt played him and now that Jay's back, looks more like him as well). I think Victor may know this. Maybe Patrick or EJ changed the results of the test. I think it would be better storyline wise and I think it's been kinda hinted at with Victor's scenes with a bandaged Phillip.

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Here's a pic of the SOW cover with JKJ/BB/MM. JKJ is in uniform....


I never thought I would see the day where I would look forward to a story that involved Shelle. If someone had told me that I would 2 or 3 years ago, I would have told them they had to be joking!! My how times have changed!! Some credit goes to Brandon B and Martha M for making me care about Shelle. But most of my gratitude goes to Hogan S for making me care for nearly all the characters in Salem now!! It was one of the reasons why I enjoy his writing so much.....

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JKJ looks super in that picture. Amazing he takes his bandages off in court and presto, a gorgeous Philip is under there....do you think that is how it happens LOL. At any rate I can scarcely wait to see this unfold.

The White twins did resemble Kyle Brandt and have no resemblance to either BB or MM apparent to me. I hope she is really Philip's child, too. It's a shame that Shawn and Belle have a child they didn't conceive in love and desire to be parents. Would that make a difference for how they feel about any future kids? Philip dearly loved Belle and wanted Claire with all his heart.

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