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  1. He earned two million last year. Shows how he can manipulate and lead people. I just would like to see him actually win something. Has he won any challenge? I truly don't remember, but he and Shambo are my favs. Finally loving the season.
  2. Figure skating is one of my favorites to view. This is one of the best ever and I can watch it over and over. Thanks for sharing the link. My second favorite is the one that Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini won with.
  3. The red team is massacring the yellow team LOL. I love James and Leslie. They are my favorites right now. What a wonderful challenge that was. James has been amazing in both challenges. Whoever has him on their side will win, I'm thinking. Besides being good, he is well liked I think so it would not surprise me if he and Leslie are the last two.
  4. So now I guess the production of S7 is in doubt yet again depending on whether Kiefer gets jail time.
  5. I watched it and agree with you both. Great show and great acting. Of course, the subject is a fascinating one, but this actress was just so intriguing.
  6. Although I see no reason for spoiler codes. We don't know anything, just speculation.
  7. Hawaii Would you rather go to the movies or attend a sports event?
  8. Is anyone watching this? It's my first viewing of Survivor and I really thoroughly enjoyed tonight. Seeing the views of China was exotic and exhilerating. The game site is amazing. Tonight was too short a time for me to remember about each player, but from tonight James is the one I'd want on my team. When he made that leap over the fence to open the gate, he looked like a Hollywood stuntman. I did like several of the guys and hated PG and the blond waitress from New York. I think PG is the most dangerous competitor. Actually, I didn't realize there were teams competing. It makes it more difficult to get rid of the best players who are protected by being on the other team. The challenge didn't look all that difficult and it really was pretty. Now, I know why folks were saying that Pirate Master was like Survivor.....so much similarity and even the wording sounded familiar. I loved Pirate Master and hope it's revived.
  9. There's a lot going on with 24 which begins filming September 10th. Much is still up in the air but from what I've gleaned from around the net, there is a really bad hombre who wants to be redeemed so that is part of the story. Chloe will be back and a new federal investigator will be added in the person of Jeananne Garafalo, Bill Buchanan will be back and it's rumored that Morris O'Brien will be back, too. Cherry Jones will play the female president. The season is supposed to be on a more personal theme as well as environmental. It will begin again with the four hour opening, two on a Monday and two on a Tuesday. I'm already planning a party LOL. Just guessing, but I hope it's Philip who wants to be redeemed which would mean he somehow escaped from the ocean. Did you know that Philip is Josh's father? The actress who played Marilyn was quoted as saying when she learned this she was feeling ikey saying, surely I never slept with Philip. But, it was artificial insemination by invitro since Gary couldn't give her children. Philip offered his sperm.
  10. I watched Ghost Rider and Breach on DVD and loved them both. Liked Ghost Rider the best. I guess I just love the comic book type shows LOL.
  11. I love Angelica Huston. She played the President in some movie....I forgot which one. Also, Glenn Close would be excellent.
  12. http://community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/TV...Elect/800017368 Ausiello Report Exclusive: 24 to Elect First Female Prez?Geena Davis, call your agent. Word on the street is that the Commander in Chief on next season's revamped 24 will likely be a (drumroll, please) woman. Casting could begin any day now on the sure-to-be-plum part. A show rep, however, cautions, "Nothing about next season has been absolutely decided as of yet." Assuming it does happen, 24's lady prez would be in office just as Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House kicks into high gear. Coincidence? Hmmm…. In other 24 news, the show is also said to be adding a female FBI agent to the mix. As I first reported last month, 24 — in an effort to reclaim some of the creative and ratings steam it lost last season — is shaking things up in a big way during Season 7. For the first time in the show's history, CTU will be MIA as the majority of the action moves outside Los Angeles; New York, Washington D.C. and London are among the new locales being considered. Additionally, of last season's cast, only Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub are shoo-ins to return. But back to the female prez: Aside from Geena Davis, what other candidates should 24 producers put on the ballot? (Did someone say Mary McDonnell?)
  13. Music and Lyrics, simply delightful.
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