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  1. Figure skating is one of my favorites to view. This is one of the best ever and I can watch it over and over. Thanks for sharing the link. My second favorite is the one that Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini won with.
  2. I watched it and agree with you both. Great show and great acting. Of course, the subject is a fascinating one, but this actress was just so intriguing.
  3. Hawaii Would you rather go to the movies or attend a sports event?
  4. I watched Ghost Rider and Breach on DVD and loved them both. Liked Ghost Rider the best. I guess I just love the comic book type shows LOL.
  5. Music and Lyrics, simply delightful.
  6. Bones will be on 8/7c on FOX tonight. Bones can also be seen on-line for past episodes.
  7. Apocalypto......directed by Mel Gibson. On the same wavelength of Breaveheart. Very brutal, heartpounding and high excitement. This movie was based on the last of the great empire of the Maya and the arrival of the Spainards. I gripped the arms of my chair, looked between fingers and closed eyes, grit teeth and marveled that life actually could have been that way and may even be that way in some areas of the world. Very interesting if not entertaining to me.
  8. I watched a 2004 mini-series called 5ive Days to Midnight starring Timothy Hutton, Randy Quaid and Kari Matchett....now I know where I've seen Lisa in this Season of 24, she is Kari Matchett. It was a Sci-Fi Channel mini-series and a tale of a visit from the future, as a briefcase mysteriously appears for Timothy's character, a physics professor and his daughter. It is from approximately 50 years in the future and inside are articles and documents about his murder which will take place in five days. The whole story is how he tries to change his destiny. I enjoyed it even though it was hoak
  9. I'm the little speck that flies around places of interest in Salem. I was on the wall at Sami and Lucas' when EJ bugged the apartment with video apparatus the way that Will had shown him. When he left, I just buzzed along around his head back to his apartment and hung around to see what he planned to do. Well, of course, it was apparent that he was going to hear Sami and Celeste's plot to murder him and how. He sat right there on the couch sipping his cognac, grinning that evil grin this human gets when he loves something. I know that he has a plan to thwart Sami and Celeste. Since I've
  10. I just finished watching the highly rated "The Good Shepherd". It was almost three hours long. I found it confusing and dull but interesing enough to stay with it. Disappointed though for all the reviews. The acting was good, but personally I didn't care for Matt Damon as the main character. He really made him dull. I have 300 in queue at Netflix and glad to read some positive reviews about it.
  11. The Sci-Fi Channel is having a Heroes marathon March. 30th at 7:00 p.m. AST (I don't know what AST is so check for time.
  12. I saw some spoilers on TV Guide channel. The last three epi's are coming up and each one has it's own dynamite for the viewers. In one, , and when asked what should a fan do during the break, the advice was to rewatch all the epi's again to pick up pieces missed the first time or get links from one thing to another that makes it all clearer. I don't know if that meant re-runs or online or buy the DVD whenever it comes out. All episodes will be on line.
  13. I just watched it on InnerTube. It was super. The last scene was horrifying. Surely something helps Peter as he is crutial to the story, I think. I love Surresh and hope he stays the whole series, too. The best part was finding out that Peter and Nathan's mother, Claire's grandmother and the Haitian know each other and Mrs. Petrelli has known about Claire all along. This is going to be interesting. It's always good to see Nikki pop out of Jessica and that was a treat. Seeing Micah was a treat. The secretary who can morph into anyone is cool. That is new, isn't it? I really was sho
  14. I watched The Illusionist and The Prestige this weekend. Both recommended movies. The Illusionist was pure enjoyment and left a happy feeling. The Prestige was much more conflicted, contorted, a tad dark. It left me wondering what happened so I will want to watch it again to tie up pieces, hopefully. Beautifully acted movie.
  15. I just watched the latest episode online. It was a shocker all the way through. Very different that last week. I didn't care for Simone so she is probably the least one I'd miss so far. Claire behaves much more mature than a 15-year old high school girl who has been protected all her life. Sylar has to go. He just ruins the story for me. It's got enough going on without him. Hiro and Ando are a pair and I hope they aren't separated for long. Looks like Hiro recouped his powers, too. How is Matt going to deal with the loot. I like the new girl so far. The actress was on 24 as a nego
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