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  1. Osaka is totally taking this title but Vika will give a good match!
  2. Too bad Thiem and Med is not the Final.
  3. I think Thiem will take it.
  4. Shameful this has to be said. Ridiculous!
  5. Oh ok but like Faulkner said, it's not much of a stretch. Deranged Djoker fans have been really trashing her even talking about her decreased son. Where's DD? Can't wait for her/his thoughts on Djoker.
  6. Who cares what wacko stan say? It's like they want the crazies to continue harassing the victim. I hate wacko stsns! Onto FAA. I hope he cries himself to sleep tonight. Thiem was his usual good but FAA went away after the 1st set.
  7. I was hoping if Queen doesn't take the title, Petra would. I'll settle for Osaka. Petra has always been a fave.
  8. I like Djoker but his arrogance is so unattractive!
  9. In a total dick move, he intentionally hit that ball in her direction. Djoker just didn't think it would actually hit her.
  10. I may have to rethink this. He looked in her direction before tapping the ball in her direction. Djoker's arrogance knows no bounds.
  11. OMG! It was clearly an accident. Most players discard the ball that way but that usually aim for the ground.
  12. Kiki is now free from the prison she hated. She should be happy
  13. Not sure why Ashley stays with that clown. She has her anchor baby and if I'm not mistaken, she has met the terms of her agreement, right? Ash needed to be married to Michael for 5 years at least so she gets a nice payout.
  14. I hope Tits' pops not around for him to abuse after this loss!
  15. Her coach/brother went off too, which is why they were called the Cersei/Jamie Lannister of tennis. The tweet was unfortunately deleted.
  16. Zverez can [!@#$%^&*] off! Covid is not political!
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