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  1. Nah! It's not Jeff. Carly should have never been able to neutralize Cyrus by just taking his mother. Cyrus should have gone on with business as planned and told Carly, in no uncertain terms, that if anything happens to his mother while in Carly's custody, even if a natural heart attack, he would pick off her family one by one. There is absolutely nothing Carly would be able to do about that, and she would have only picked up extra expenses keeping Flo safe because Flo would be a useless hostage. They even had Parking Lot Petey crying because Anna wasn't his mother. A real villain, no matter how bad the performer is, would already have known she wasn't his mother but was only using Anna for his own gain. Frank doesn't do villains. He just writes arcs of his pets doing bad things because soaps need characters who do bad things. He will slowly "redeem" them and have us rooting for them. Folks already want Dr. O in a relationship. I mean...Cyrus walks right out of prison and into GH's COO position? Dr. O has numerous crimes on a federal level, yet she walks right in as COO. Stanco, a serial killing rapist terrorist gets a family with a woman who was brutally raped as a teen, and only gone now because the actor performer was tired of the character being bashed. What's Petey's new gig gonna be? Governor? Daytime soaps are at the bottom of the food chain for a reason!
  2. Remember he played the psycho cult leader who knocked up a 12 year old girl on SVU?
  3. This show has a huge pacing problem and it kinda sucks! That's it...that's the post
  4. She returned from being gone a few weeks with some extra plump lips and when people started talking about it, Kelly said she was bitten by a spider...
  5. When Kelly got lip injections...um, I mean a spider bite
  6. Nothing new here. Give me some soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gosh, I wish I cared why that little bitch is consistently screaming. I don't even care about his inevitable apology. To have Liz's child this rabid over a serial killing sexual assaulting terrorist is absolutely criminal! Not sure why allowances are made for Cam but not Joss. I strongly dislike both these kids but Joss has every reason to defend Jason, who has protected her against that dead weirdo.
  8. I will not be satisfied until someone punches him in the [!@#$%^&*] face! Cam taking this turn over that serial killing sexual assaulting terrorist just makes him a horrible character. Another one bites the dust (in the name of Stanco).
  9. They should give Niz another go, get rid of Michael Easton and find someone in Maura West's league!
  10. Can he just be banned forever?!
  11. Found one of the most incredible series and its called Home Fires. Set in 1939 and war has been declared. The WI (Women's Institute) have to plan on how to keep things going when the men leave. Incredible from beginning to end. Only 12 eppies so once I finished it, I immediately started watching it again. I just don't have enough words to describe the acting, writing and the overall production. Spectacular! ITV canceled the show, not because it did poorly in the ratings, but because it skewed older. Not sure who thinks themselves intelligent when bringing this to tv expecting young folks to watch. Idiots! I'm so tired of getting the short end!
  12. Last night's eppy was more corny than anything but still enjoyable. If you guys are watching, what is happening with Monet Mazur's (Laura) face? She literally looks like a corpse.
  13. Lawd! Nadal out on Clay? The new guard is here!
  14. An incredible actress. Whenever I saw her name, I knew I was going to watch whatever it was. Wow! This is quite a loss
  15. This is unreal. My heart is broken
  16. It will be fun to see Amanda as a bubble headed valley girl. Can't wait
  17. Nope! Wasn't touching that. There are so many things to write about. Lovecraft Country was great (sans the finale) but I just don't wish to watch black folks in pain and suffering 24/7. Bridgerton was a great escape from that and there are tons of other stories to tell, that have been told and are being told. WTF was Lena doing here? I won't be watching anymore slave sh!t that is written for the sake of showing how black people have suffered at the hands of whites. That's ongoing. Don't need 1,000 films/tv shows about it.
  18. That was an award winning eppy last night! I was mesmerized. Samantha Logan cam thru! Daniel Ezra brought it as well!
  19. Today's soap scribes know nothing. Stories viewers hate with a passion drag on for years while stories with potential move too quickly. Chanel just got to town. Viewers need to get to know her and the fact that she's lazy and greedy is not enough.
  20. He won't get comeuppance. Frank will toss a baby in Petey's arms and that's equivalent to redemption. How can you be mad at a man holding a baby?
  21. I like this show. I don't have cable so I catch it on YT when its available. Martel and Mel! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I only finished eppy 1 because my little guy asked me to wait. Not anymore, especially after I got a glimpse of the latest eppy. The first eppy was excellent. Can't wait to catch up!
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