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10/19/07: CURVEBALL PART 2



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Hope and Steve continue to kiss at the door of the cabin but, when Steve places his hand on Hope’s breast, she pulls away and walks towards the fireplace. Steve walks over to her asking if she is alright, to which she shakes her head yes. She can’t even face him, finally saying that she’s sorry for what just happened. Steve tells her she has nothing to feel sorry for. If anything, he pushed himself onto her. Hope then turns and looks at him, saying that it maybe best for them to just go home and forget this whole thing ever happened, before the emotions and memories become too much. Steve agrees, saying that they both love their families way too much to do something like this. They can deal with the past when they feel better prepared to. Hope nods.

They then quietly put their clothes back on and, after Steve puts out the fire, they both walk out into the forest and head back to the street.


Anna asks what Tony is talking about. What secret? He says it involves Stefano but, before he can say anything else, he stops himself as he looks at Anna, and asks where Marlena ran off to. She tells him Marlena is following Roman. Tony grabs his cell phone and tries to call Stefano but he isn’t answering. The scene then fades to..........


In Victor’s surveillance room, Victor is sitting with Nico as they watch the front of Orpheus’s restaurant. From that location, Victor receives a phone call. When he answers, it’s Bo, telling him that he is in one of the limos down the street from the restaurant. Victor tells him good but also tells him to be very careful. Bo smiles, saying.........

Bo: I will, Dad.

Victor is quiet as Nico slowly stands up and places his hand on Victor’s shoulder. Victor shakes his head and tells him.......

Victor: Now look, Bo. We will have one shot at this, ok?
Bo: I know that, Victor. I just wonder what’s going on in there.
Victor: So do I, son...........

As the scene fades to the inside of...


An angry Stefano holds a defiant Orpheus at gunpoint. He reminds Orpheus that if he’s wondering why a Magnum is pointed to his head, he need not think back too far. Just remember the Brady twins and everyone else he killed or hurt. Not to mention that he put a bullet in him not too long ago. For that, it’s time he dies. Orpheus tells him that it must have been quite a long time since he’s fired a gun, seeing as he has his lackeys do his dirty work for him.

Orpheus did what he had to do. He started getting rid of everyone who stood in his way. Stefano says to what? Orpheus then grows silent and then he speaks up, saying he and the rest of Salem will see. As the scene turns back to a surprised Stefano, it then dissolves onto the top of a building across the street as Roman lays down on the blacktop and points a rifle at the entrance of the restaurant. What he doesn’t see is Marlena walking up the street. Bo sees her and calls Victor back, telling him that they have to hold off.

Marlena follows one of Orpheus’s men behind the restaurant. She ducks behind crates and boxes as the man walks forward but stops when Tony calls her cell phone. Marlena gets very upset telling Tony..........

Marlena: Dammit! Why are you calling me?
Tony: I have to tell you what I found out before you get yourself killed.
Marlena: How do you know what I’m doing?
Tony: Anna told me.
Marlena: Never could keep her damn mouth shut.
Tony: Marlena, do you want to hear this or not?! It will destroy Stefano.
Marlena: Then by all means, go ahead.

Tony tells her his news and Marlena’s eyes grow wide. She tells Tony that he is certainly right.........this will destroy him. She then says she has to go..........one of Orpheus’s men is coming back her way. Before Tony can tell her to get out of there, she hangs up, and kneels down further into the darkness. As the man walks by, Marlena stands up holding a 2 x 4 and hits him hard on his head, sending him crashing to the pavement unconscious. She then looks around and starts taking off his clothes so she can put them on.

Bo gets out of the limo after it drives down the street and he instructs the driver to circle the block until he comes back. As Bo jumps out, he walks down the alleyway, looking for Marlena. A man walks past him and he hides his face as he walks past. After the man leaves, Bo continues to head down the alleyway, looking for Marlena. But, he stops, turns around and looks back down the deserted alleyway. He then sprints to the street, where the man that just past him is nowhere in sight. He then calls Victor, saying that Marlena just gave him the slip and he doesn’t know where she is.

Victor smiles, saying........

Victor: I have always admired her resourcefulness.

He then orders Bo to find her and says he will radio Roman and tell him that there is a complication. As Bo takes off, Victor tells Nico to get in touch with Roman. But, on top of the building, Roman has turned off his radio and leans back down to look through the lens towards the restaurant. As Nico turns and tells a concerned Victor that Roman isn’t answering, Marlena looks up and sees Roman on top of the building.

She starts to run across the street so she can get into the building but when she opens the door.........a guard is standing there. He asks her what she’s doing there and Marlena lies, saying she needs to use the bathroom. The guard doesn’t believe her, saying that there is one across the street. Another man comes in and asks who this is. The second man takes a good look at her and tells the first guard that it is Roman Brady’s wife. They need to get her over to Stefano. Now.

The two guards take Marlena by either arm and drag her across the street. Bo sees this as they bring her out and runs over to them, jumping on one of the guards and knocking him to the ground. The other guard then turns and pulls a gun on Bo, who can’t reach his weapon in time. Just then, Bo’s men come running and pointing guns at Stefano’s men as one of them states that if anyone tries to get at Mrs. Brady, there will be a lot of blood running in the streets. Bo stands pat as the men take Marlena towards the restaurant and, as Victor and Nico watch from the mansion, Bo gives his men the order to stay on guard.......but not to fire.

Roman fixes his sight on Marlena, not knowing it’s her under disguise. Before he can pull the trigger, she disappears into the restaurant.


Victor orders Nico to tell Bo to pull their men back........for right now. As Nico calls Bo, Bo answers his phone. After a few moments, Bo hangs up, as he turns and looks at his men. Bo’s limousine pulls up as he silently gives the order for his men to stand down. Bo then gets in the limo and drives slowly away as his men disappear into the night.


Anna asks if Tony is going to tell Stefano. Tony smiles, saying it would give him no greater pleasure. Tony explains if not him, Marlena will, and he will just have to settle for providing the details. Either way, Stefano will feel unspeakable pain. However, Tony is worried Marlena may get caught in some sort of crossfire. Anna then says they have to find Marlena and help her. Tony grabs her by the arm, asking if anything has changed between them. Anna is silent and says there is no time for that as she shakes free and runs off, with a smiling Tony closely behind.


On The rooftop across from Orpheus' restaurant, Roman is angry that his one shot to end this war has slipped through his fingers as he turns his radio back on and checks in with Victor. Victor informs him that Stefano has Marlena in the restaurant and Roman demands to know why they didn’t stop her. Victor asks if Roman saw the 30 or so men who had guns pointed at one another. Roman says no. He was trained on the front door. Then, Victor says, remember that the next time he starts spouting off. Roman says that’s all well and good but Marlena is in danger.

Victor says for Roman to tell him something he didn’t know as the scene fades into the restaurant, as Marlena is brought before Stefano and Orpheus.

Stefano averts his gaze as he sees Marlena being brought in. He walks over to her as Orpheus stands and asks what is the meaning of this crude interruption. His man tells him that they found her trying to cross the street for some reason. Stefano looks at her, walks over to her, and says.........

So..........the lovely Marlena. Once again, you get involved in things that are NOT of your concern. Just like that blasted husband of yours.
Marlena: Well, I’ll take that as a compliment, Stefano. He was always the better man.
Stefano: More insults.
Marlena: The truth, as I see it.
Stefano: Very well. Have it your way, my precious flower. One day...........we WILL be together. That I can assure you.
Marlena: I’d rather sleep with a carnival geek than to let you touch me.
Stefano: SILENCE! (Looking at his men) Take Mrs. Brady away. I’ll deal with her later.

As Marlena is being led back outside once again, Stefano turns his attention back to Orpheus, who says to him........

Orpheus: My, my. Can’t keep your women in check, I see.
Stefano: Still with the smart mouth. Well.........that is about to be fixed...........permanently.

As Stefano raises the gun towards Orpheus, Marlena is being dragged to a waiting limousine. As she struggles, she looks up towards the rooftop and the scene zooms in on a determined Roman, as he once again aims the gun towards the door. Marlena kicks one guard in the shin and pushes the other guard away as she runs toward the restaurant, determined to stop Roman........

Stefano points his gun at Orpheus and starts to squeeze the trigger. Marlena comes bursting in. Everyone points their weapons at her as two guards grab her. Stefano does not advert his gaze from Orpheus this time and asks what is Marlena’s game this time? She says she’s learned a secret he must know. Stefano smiles, saying that he knows all. There is no secret that would shock him and that’s when Marlena blurts out.........

Marlena: Then how about the fact.............that you have a gun pointed at...........


Stefano stares at Orpheus, who stumbles backwards in shock and collapses in a chair as the scene splits in two once again, as Stefano and Orpheus, Father and Son, stare at each other in shock.........

And the scene freeze frames...........and then suddenly goes black!




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Holy [!@#$%^&*]. I am stunned. STUNNED!

Honestly, I didn't think that you two could shock us anymore, but congratulations. You have done a marvelous job. I knew that someone was going to be Stefano's son, but I NEVER thought it was Orpheus. Great buildup and great dialogue.

Great balance between the romance and the drama. These two storylines leave me wanting more.

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This is probably one of you guys' best episodes to date. It was short and to the point, yet got across everything you wanted to. I'm totally thrown for a loop right now.

I predict this will greatly change the tides of war. Looks like it's gonna be Father/Son Stefano & Orpheus vs. Father/Son Victor & Bo.

I only hope when Tishy and I begin our next big story, it's as entertaining as your story has been. Great work guys.

Fuckin Stefano is Orpheus father....damn.

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