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10/18/07: CURVEBALL



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

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Having arrived in New Orleans, Steve and Hope get out of a cab down the street from Maison Blanche. A severe thunderstorm blankets the destroyed area as Steve and Hope run towards the mansion. They stop suddenly as they see armed guards covering every entrance to the huge structure, a new protocol since their last visit. Steve grabs Hope as a guard heads in their direction and they both run to one of the cabins on the grounds, deep in the woods.

Once inside, they try their best to dry off. Steve offers to start a fire to warm them up. Hope thanks him as she starts to remove her wet clothing. Steve looks over at Hope and she catches him as he turns his head quickly towards the fire once again. Steve then starts to remove his shirt as Hope comes and sits by the fire. As she sits down, Steve looks at her and smiles and Hope returns it in kind. What neither can’t shake is how they feel at this moment and Steve and Hope start to slowly lean into each other. They stare at each other as they get closer and the couple finally pass that last barrier........

As the tension is broken............with a steamy kiss.

As the kiss ends, Hope looks into Steve’s eyes and then turns away. She gets up and runs over to get her wet clothes. She throws them on and tries to hit the door but Steve jumps up and walks briskly to the door to stop her. He grabs her by the arm as she opens the door and asks her.......

Steve: What’s the matter, Hope?
Hope: Nothing. I just had a memory flash of..........
Steve: Our time together. I know because I had the same memory flash.
Hope: Damn.
Steve: Aye........don’t damn it, baby. Just give in...........

And with that, Steve starts leaning in once again. Hope leans back and Steve gently pushes her against the doorway as the thunderstorm roars outside. They look at each other as Steve steps forward and Hope responds as they both throw themselves at each other......

And kiss each other passionately as the rain pours down on them.........


Stefano sits and watches a fencing match from Europe. Lincoln calls on his cell phone and one of Stefano’s servants brings it to him........

Stefano: Ahhh.........dear Lincoln. How are our plans going?
Lincoln: Orpheus is right where you want him. They found where he goes to eat dinner at 3 nights a week. A private restaurant he owns. You’ll have a clear shot there.
Stefano: Good. Excellent. Well...........move our men into position and let me know when his men have been neutralized.
Lincoln: No problem.
Stefano: Call me when it’s time for my arrival. We’ll get one shot at this..........there are to be NO slip ups, understood?
Lincoln: Perfectly.

Stefano bids farewell to Lincoln and right after he hangs up his phone, it rings again. Stefano goes and pours himself a glass of water as his servant answers it and then announces that it is Dr. Marlena Evans Brady. Stefano smiles as he walks over and takes the phone, asking how the lovely Marlena is doing. She responds by saying that he will need the same plastic surgeon he used on Roman if he doesn’t keep up his end of the bargain. Stefano says she doesn’t sound much like the fair lady he fell in love with and she says that’s what happens when some !@#$%^&*] is trying to destroy her life.

Stefano laughs, saying that she needs work on her manners. Marlena asks if he plans to get Roman out of the middle of this war. He says he will keep his end of the bargain, so long as Marlena doesn’t forget the favor he is doing for her and her family. She says that sounds like a threat, to which Stefano says it’s no threat. Just the truth. Marlena hangs up the phone and as Stefano does once again, he smiles and chuckles. One of Stefano’s men then comes in and says that Orpheus is on route to his restaurant. Stefano tells him.......

Stefano: Well, let’s hurry up. I don’t want to keep this bastard waiting.

The armed man puts Stefano’s coat on him as they both leave quickly, the elevator door closing on their faces.


Roman rushes in and goes into the back room. Marlena sees him come in like a whirlwind and asks him what is going on. Roman says he’s on his way to get some payback for what happened to Sami and Eric. Marlena says that he doesn’t have to do that. She has taken care of everything and soon they can start trying to put their lives back together. Roman says maybe they can.........after he does this one thing. He looks at her as he stops at the door and then turns and walks out the door and into the night, getting into Victor’s limousine and driving off.

Marlena turns and instead of getting upset once again, remembers some costume she wore years ago for a undercover mission she helped Roman on. She rushes upstairs. Forty-five minutes later, she comes back downstairs, her appearance changed almost completely. She calls the guard outside her home and tells him that she needs to go to the store and would he come inside and help her with some things. He says he would and, after she puts the cell phone down, goes to the closet and gets one of Roman’s wooden baseball bats.

When the guard rings the doorbell, Marlena lets him in and when he walks past her, she hits him with the bat, knocking him out cold. Marlena looks down at the man, saying that she never did like baseball that much anyway, drops the bat, closes and locks the door, and races off towards the pier.


Anna is walking on the pier when she sees Marlena run up. She asks Marlena where she’s going and she responds that she’s tailing Roman and seen him going in this direction. Anna says she just saw a limousine drive by, going towards the city. Marlena says she has to be going but will fill her in later. They say their goodbyes to each other and Marlena races off after Roman.

A few moments later, Tony, having just returned to Salem, rushes up on the pier. Anna remarks that she hasn’t seen the pier get this much action since the naval fleet was in Salem. Tony says...........

Tony: I have to find Stefano!
Anna: What now?! What is so damned important that you have to rush off like this?
Tony: News, darling. I just found something out.........

That will absolutely destroy Stefano. And I have to get to him...........right now!

Tony races off and Anna has had enough. She turns, sees where Tony is going, and races off after him.


Orpheus gets out of his limousine as he is being led into the 5-star restaurant. His men check out the place, as always, to make sure that everything is fine. Orpheus walks to his table and, as the waiter asks him what will he be having, he says the usual. As the waiter leaves, Orpheus turns to one of his men and asks if the waiter is someone new. The man says yes. The previous waiter was sick and they got this guy at the last minute. Orpheus asks very sternly if he was checked out and the guard says he doesn’t know.

Orpheus’s eyes grow wide and, at that moment, before he can utter one word, the waiter pulls a gun and points at Orpheus’s head. Other patrons in the restaurant, both men and women, pull out all types of weaponry, as each of Orpheus’s men are subdued. The waiter tells Orpheus to sit tightly in his seat..........there is someone who wants to have a word with him.

At that moment, Stefano walks in, dressed in black, and pulling a .357 Magnum from his trench coat. He slowly walks up to Orpheus, points the gun to his head, and as a extremely defiant Orpheus stares daggers into him, a equally defiant Stefano says...........

Stefano: So, where do you want it............HEAD OR HEART, YOU ROTTEN [!@#$%^&*] BASTARD?!

The scene then splits screens as Stefano and Orpheus stare at each other..........as it freeze frames and then slowly fades to black.




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This is the Stefano I like. I love that Anna and Marlena are working together.

Hope and Steve...So hot. I love them together. Excellent pairing that could have huge ramifications down the line. You can definatley see the passion between them. I like them better than Steve and Kayla and Hope and Bo.

Great episode. Short and sweet and to the point. I can't wait for tomorrow

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Great episode guys. Though I'm still a card carrying member of Bope & Payla Forever.....I'm kinda digging Hope & Steve.

Their scenes were very intimate and romantic, something that is lost sometimes when people write. It's like a forbidden love. I love it!

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Playing catch up is always fun :) I love this episode....Glad you are writing the episodes with vivid images of each location...awesome.

I had to almost hold back a smirk when I read Marlena calling Stefano an !@#$%^&*]...just hearing that come from her mouth had me smiling a bit.

I know I may have missed the news that Tony has to give to Stefano, so I'm going to keep reading till I'm all caught up on this. :)

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