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Abe brings Theo downstairs and tells him to watch cartoons until mommy gets there. Celeste tells Abe they really should try to find a way to get Alexandra to talk to them. Abe reminds Celeste that Lexie has taken every measure possible to avoid that. She sends people over to get Theo or waits in the car while someone else enters to get him. Celeste tells Abe they should refuse to let anyone in but him. She tells Abe they need to know once and for all if she saw their kiss.

Abe agrees but thinks they have to be careful. He gets the sense that Lexie is in a vulnerable state and doesn't want to cause her to further distance herself from them. Celeste sees his point and says she has something else on her mind too. Abe asks her to go ahead and tell him. Celeste tells Abe she feels they need to discuss what happened between them.


Lexie is on her way out through the lobby when she spots Anna rummaging through her purse. Lexie comes over and says hello. Anna gives Lexie the same greeting and says she didn't know Lexie was staying there. Lexie says she is until she can figure out some things. Anna tells her she knows the feeling. Anna then asks how Tony is doing. Lexie says she wouldn't know as he has been in and out of town handling something. Anna thinks that is strange. Lexie looks at Anna inquisitively and asks her why she just doesn't talk to Tony and give him another chance. She can see she still cares about him.

Anna tells Lexie she will always care for Tony but he messed up things with Carrie and it's hard for her to get over some things that happened before he left her all those years ago. She tells Lexie she wishes it was that easy to just forgive him or push him out of her life like a bad dress or something but she can't. Lexie says she understands and feels the same way about Abe. Lexie then looks at her watch and says she must be getting going. She tells Anna to take care and invites her to do lunch with her sometime. Anna likes the idea and bids her good night as the scene shifts to...

The Salem Inn bar area, where Jean is still staring down Doug after their tense exchange. Doug apologizes to her, saying he has alot on his mind.

Doug: I'm worried about my daughter and...well...
Jean: Marital problems?
Doug: How did you know?
Jean: I can tell. God knows, I have had my fair share with my ex. So, what did she do? Cheat on you? Damn! I'm so sorry to be so blunt. I...
Doug: No. It's ok. She didn't cheat on me. Although, it would be much easier if she had. She lied to me about something for months. Something that caused me to nearly die and to lie in a coma for weeks.
Jean: Oh my...why would she do such a thing?
Doug: Well, her aunt had been going through some tough times. She lost her husband and fell off the wagon. There was just guy she became involved with after her husband's death. He hurt her real bad and there was an incident. Whatever the case, I ended up in a coma and near death and she lied about it.
Jean: To protect her aunt, who had something to do with this?
Doug: Right. Her aunt had lost control and got drunk. One thing led to another...
Jean: So, your wife is a devoted family gal?
Doug: Yeah. Always has been.
Jean: That's a damn good thing. Most people would love that.
Doug: I do. It's just...
Jean: This seems like a situation that wasn't easy for her. You know, sometimes someone tells a lie for reasons they believe are right. Sometimes the circumstances aren't so cut and dry. I mean, there are white lies but there are also major lies that one feels they need to tell to help a person, protect them...
Doug: I know but I just can't see it...
Jean: The person that gets hurt always has trouble seeing the reasoning but, believe me, it's not that the person wants to do it.
Doug: You sound like your speaking from personal experience.
Jean: My ex-husband and I used to lie to each other all the time. We blamed each other but, looking back on it now, I think we see the both of us were at fault. I mean, he may have cheated first but then I went ahead and did the same thing and lied about it. Mistakes were made on both ends. I just feel bad that my daughter was in the middle of it. She blamed herself for the divorce because she was in a rebellious phase then and her father and I would argue over her at times. After the divorce, she came to live with me but had this big falling out with her father. She blamed him for everything and lashed out at him for hurting me, even though she knew I had did some things to bring the divorce on as well. She told her father she hated him and walked out, never to see him again. That is why I didn't tell her when I heard about his death in a sailing accident.
Doug: What?
Jean: I knew she would feel a tremendous amount of guilt. I couldn't do that to her. She told him she hated him and those were her last words to him. She would never forgive herself or get over it and she is in enough emotional turmoil as it is. I know it was wrong but I felt it was right and still do. I just want to protect her and I will always do whatever it takes to do that. I'm sure your wife felt the same way when she did what she did. She felt she was helping family and protecting them. That is what you do. Protect your own. It's a natural inclination.
Doug: Yeah, I guess it is. I suppose I would do the same thing for my daughter.
Jean: And her, right?
Doug: Yes...yeah. I can't believe I am just opening up to a stranger like this.
Jean: Hey, I'm doing the same thing. We both played the game here so, what do you say we keep everything said between us?
Doug: Fair enough. But I don't even know your name.
Jean: Jean Parker (puts out her hand).
Doug: Doug Williams (shakes her hand and smiles). You know, it's funny. I sit here and think I have the right to judge others, including my wife, but I really have no right. It's hypocritical. I was a con artist early on in my life. I schemed and plotted to rip good people off...
Jean: Anyone that is hurt feels the need to judge the person at fault. It's just natural. What your feeling is normal.
Doug: You really are a good listener. I'm glad we met here tonight. It's been a great talk.
Jean: Yes, it has. I couldn't agree more.

Doug and Jean both smile at each other as the scene shifts to...


Maggie comes out of the kitchen with some of Alice's doughnuts as Julie tells Alice that Doug could be gone already. She just knows it's over. Maggie tells Julie not to think like that. Alice tells Julie to just have faith. Alice tells Julie to think of all that she and Doug have. They are destined to be together until the end of their lives. Maggie tells Julie that Alice is right and Julie just needs to hang on to that. Julie isn't sure she can or if that is enough. She doesn't know what she will do if Doug leaves her. She can barely keep it together now. Maggie tells Julie she will have her family and friends by her side if it does happen. She won't be alone. Maggie tells her not to worry though because she feels Doug and her will be back in each other's arms soon enough. A tearful Julie hopes she and Alice are right. Maggie embraces her and tells Julie to just believe and keep the faith as Alice watches and looks to the heavens above, asking Tom to help Doug and Julie through this difficult time. She says they need all the guidance they can get.


Steve is going through his bag when he hears a scream coming from the bathroom. He calls out to Hope and asks if she is ok. She screams again. Steve races over to the bathroom. Another scream comes from the bathroom. Steve breaks down the door to see that a pipe under the sink has burst and Hope, who is clad only in a towel, is trying to stop the water. Steve goes over to Hope, who falls backward into his arms. Her towel falls off as Hope looks up at Steve and the two lock eyes. Steve tells Hope he's got her. After a few moments of silence, Hope says she can see that. Steve looks down and tries to tell her about the towel but can't seem to get the words out of his mouth. Hope continues to look into his eyes but finally stirs and realizes her towel fell off. She freaks out, picks up the towel, and races out of the room as a clearly affected Steve watches her run out.


Forrest begs Abby to listen to him. He tells her he is working with a former ISA partner of Shane Donovon's. Her name is Miranda Grey. Forrest tells her The ISA sought him out last winter to help in their mission because they had received intelligence that Lawrence was on the warpath. Katerina had left him after learning that he handed Steve over to Stefano after his "death." She heard about how he faked Steve's death and it upset her so much that she took off and no one has heard from her since. Forrest explains that Lawrence blames Jack because Katerina learned about Steve from The Spectator. She would always get it once and awhile to check up on Salem. She always seemed to feel drawn to it, despite her loss of memory.

Forrest explains his brother losing Katerina left him with nothing. He is now being driven by a desire for revenge. It's all he had and all that keeps him going. He wants everyone to share in his misery. Forrest explains the ISA came to him last winter and said they wanted to him to help to protect her. Lawrence wanted to get his revenge on his enemies through her. Jennifer was gone and he thought it would be poetic justice against you and so many others. I was suspicious of my brother still concerning Sylvia's death and had felt for years he needed to be brought down so I obliged. The ISA learned of Orpheus', then known to them and everyone as the MCF, ship in Italy. They knew people were being held on board from chatter they picked up on. They didn't know the details but they knew that Abby was on her way so they decided to plant him on board the ship.

Forrest admits it was risky but the ISA observed the ship and it seemed the bottom cell rooms were for the imprisoned so they deduced that only one more room was available for prisoners. Forrest explains he got himself captured by walking around on the ship and that is who he was in the position he ended up in when Abby and him met. Forrest says he is just lad it went smoothly and that their plans went as well as they did. Forrest tells Abby he knew he had to get close to you so she would trust him when the time comes. That is why he pulled out all the stops to impress her. He explains that Dr. Dobbs also came in for that reason. He was to help solidify the trust but he had to be used to get Abby out of Salem. Forrest explains that was done to brief Abby on what was happening when they felt it was time. This way, she wouldn't run away nor would there be anyone standing in the way and interrupting. Plus, they can't let her loved ones in on this or Lawrence will know they are on to him. He tells Abby it wasn't supposed to be now that she found out.

Abby still can't help but wonder if her resemblance to Sylvia is the bigger reason why he is doing this. Forrest shakes his head, saying he can't lie that he doesn't think about Sylvia nearly everytime he looks at her but he assures her that he didn't take the case due to the resemblance. He did it to bust his brother, who could've killed Sylvia, and to protect her and those she loves.
Abby asks Forrest if she knows of Lawrence's plans. Forrest shakes his head and says nothing concrete. Forrest asks Abby if she believes him. Abby looks at him and then wheels away. Dr. Dobbs yells out to her, assuring her that Forrest's intentions are true and good. Abby wheels into her bedroom as Forrest tells Dr. Dobbs to give it up. He blew it and the mission is a failure. Meanwhile, Abby thinks about all that she has just heard and wonders if Forrest is telling the truth or if he is trying to make her his replacement for Sylvia. She wheels over to her bed and says she has no idea what to believe right now.


Jean has just finished telling Doug about her and her daughter and their connection to the Brady's through Samuel being Eric's son. Doug is shocked by the story and tells her Eric was a great man and he is sure Samuel will grow up to be just like him. Doug also tells her the Brady's are a great family and very welcoming. Jean says she knows that and affirms they have been great. Jean looks at her watch and says that she lost complete track of time and that she must be going. Her daughter probably needs her. Doug tells her again that he enjoyed their talk. Jean says she did too and that she hopes to see him again. Doug smiles and says he will be around and that he hopes to see her too. Jean bids him good night and leaves as Doug looks back, watching her leave, and then thinks about what she said. He begins to wonder if he has been too hard to Julie and if he should at least talk things over with her.


Abe sits Celeste down and tells her that he thought they understood each other. Celeste says she knows they have to put what happened in the past but reminds Abe that there was something there and she fears it could make itself known again. Abe says they can't let it. If they do, they may lose any change of ever having Lexie back in their life. Celeste admits to Abe she doesn't think it was love, although she does love him as her son in law. She tells him it felt more like one of those girlhood flings. Abe tells Celeste they were both vulnerable and were helping each other during a difficult time. They bonded and are now closer then they ever have been and he is grateful for that. Abe tells Celeste he feels the life and death situation on the cruise ship was what pushed things over the edge. He doesn't think they would've ever reached that point otherwise. Celeste isn't so sure. Abe says they may never know but thinks it's time that they move on and try to forget this so called infatuation ever happened. Celeste nods in agreement, saying it's what is best for everyone.

Just then, the doorbell rings and it appears to Lexie's chauffeur, asking if Theo is ready. Celeste tells Abe to say Theo isn't coming out unless his mother is the one that comes to get him. Abe isn't sure that is a good idea but Celeste convinces him it's worth a try if it gets Alexandra in to talk to them. Abe does as Celeste suggested and, after a few minutes, an angry Lexie comes bursting in, demanding to know the meaning of this. Abe smiles, saying it finally got her inside to talk. Lexie realizes it was a trick and calls out for Theo, saying it's time to go. Abe grabs Lexie and begs her to just give him a few minutes. Lexie says she has nothing to say to him. Celeste begs her to just hear them out. They know what she saw on the cruise ship and want to explain. Lexie says there is nothing to explain. She knows where they all stand. Abe asks Lexie what that means. Lexie turns and says:

Lexie: It means that I saw my mother kissing my husband. I heard that you two got close during my absence but seeing that...
Abe: You were right, Celeste. She does know. Look, Lex...
Lexie: No, Abe. I have nothing to say to either of you. You betrayed me. As far as I'm concerned, you both are out of my life and have been since that night on the ship.
Celeste: Alexandra, please!!
Lexie:No, mom. I'm through. No matter what happens...I'm through with the both of you. As far as I'm concerned, your both dead to me and I think it's about time I do something to finally move myself past all this. Makes me wonder why I didn't lash out and make this declaration months ago. I guess I just needed a little push. Thanks, Abe.
Abe: Lexie, we can talk about this. Don't do anything you will regret.
Lexie: I already did. The fact that I even thought about giving us another chance a few months ago...you'll be hearing from my lawyer, Abe.
Abe: What?
Lexie: You heard me. I've wasted enough time already. I'm ready to act now. I'm ready to move on. I'm filing for a divorce and you can expect Theo's custody to come into play again too.
Celeste: Alex...
Lexie: No!! Don't say anything. Theo, sweetheart!! Let's go!!

Theo comes running out as Lexie takes his hand and tells him to say goodbye to daddy and grandma. Abe and Celeste embrace him and tell him to have fun. Lexie then looks back at them and turns away in disgust before walking out the door. Celeste asks Abe what they are going to do. Abe is silent and walks out of the room as tears stream down Celeste's face as she begins to realize she may have lost her daughter forever...and maybe her grandson too.


Steve closes the door behind him after the hotel utility man leaves. Hope is laying on the bed. Steve tells her everything is cleaned up and fixed. Hope is silent. Steve apologizes for what happened. Hope says it;s not his fault. They both can't help themselves and she knew this would happen. Steve tells her they will just have to do a better job at keeping their emotions in check. Hope says they can try as hard as possible but the past and the emotions associated with it are strong. Hope doesn't think they can fight the power the memories have. She tells Steve she hasn't felt the same since that night they went to Maison Blanche and nearly made love. She tells him she is afraid of what they might do. Steve tells her he will make it his personal vow to her that he will fight whatever urges or feelings that come up. He will make this as easy as possible on both of them. Hope says she's tired and just wants to go to bed so tomorrow will come and they can go to Maison Blanche and get this all over with. She hopes the quicker they do it, the less likely that something will happen that could lead to heartache.

Steve turns out the lights and says he can't argue with that. He then goes over to his bed and lays down. Hope turns the opposite way and wipes tears from her eyes. She says she has this awful feeling she is about to do something that can hurt the people she loves. She then prays to God that she doesn't do something she'll regret. Meanwhile, Steve does the same, asking the big guy upstairs for strength to fight what he is feeling before it's too late.

The scene then pans up and fades away on Steve and Hope lying in their beds and then fades to black.




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