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Hope and Steve are on their flight to New Orleans as Hope is telling Steve it's remarkable how quick they got a flight. Steve says they got lucky. Hope admits she still has her doubts that she is doing the right thing. Steve assures her she is and that he is right by her side. They will handle whatever comes there way together. The plane then experiences a great deal of turbulence and the pilot makes the announcement that due to some severe weather ahead, they will be making an emergency landing in Nashville. Hope asks a frustrated Steve what they are going to do now. Steve tells her they will just have to stay the night at a hotel. Hope asks if he is talking about in separate rooms. Steve nods and says of course. Hope smiles and says good.


Kayla is front of Abe's office having some coffee when Bo races past her. Kayla follows him into Abe's office and asks if his contacts had anything. Bo shakes his head, saying it's like Steve and Hope just vanished again. Kayla can't understand what is going on with them. Bo tells her that with Tony gone too, according to the note, it seems they got a lead on Steve's past again. Kayla worries about them being tricked or falling into a trap. Bo says he is worried too because this is the Dimera's they're talking about. He promises Kayla he will do everything he can to find them.

Just then, Bo's cell rings. He answers it. it's Doug, who tells Bo he went by the house looking for Hope and no one was home. He asks if he knows where she is. Bo tells Doug not to worry and fills Doug in on what is going on. Doug can't understand why Hope would take off once, let alone twice. Bo says he doesn't either. Doug offers his help but Bo says he has it taken care of. He is sure Hope is fine but he just wants to find her in the event that she ends up in trouble. Doug asks Bo to keep him in the know. Bo tells him he will and then hangs up. Kayla tells Bo she has an awful feeling that Hope and Steve could be in trouble. Bo embraces her and assures her it's going to be alright.


Tony waits on Liz's couch and looks at his watch. She then enters the front door and apologizes for having to leave. She tells Tony that Mrs. Flowers is an elderly woman who is all alone and she goes over to check on her. She tells Tony that she had a little fall but she is ok now and got checked out by a nurse that lives down the block. Tony tells Liz he would've came over to help. Liz appreciates it but says she had it taken care of. Liz tells Tony they can now get back to what they were discussing. Tony and Liz sit back down as she reminds Tony of how close she was to Daphne. Tony says he remembers what a comfort Liz was to his mother during her depression. Liz remembers how scared Daphne was of Stefano, all the way up to her life's end.

Tony: I recall her getting stronger. She was, indeed, a very courageous women. However, she could only take so much and her depression took so much out of her. I know she was thankful for your companionship. She always said one of the best things I did was marry you.
Liz: She helped me tremendously too. We helped each other. Remember when I shot Marie? She was right there by my side.
Tony: Yes. Mother was very loyal. Giving...loving...I think of her everyday. She gave me so much...and I know she would've given me more.
Liz: She loved you, Tony. Just like she loved this other child. She knew once she learned she was pregnant that she had to protect the child. Stefano had been trying to influence you since the day you were able to comprehend what he was saying. She always told me she was lucky you didn't have his blood running through your veins. That saved you from becoming the heir to his evil, she would say. This child was Stefano's, conceived from a night in which Daphne had a hard time speaking about.
Tony: My God... don't tell me...he forced himself on her?
Liz: No. She was embarrassed to admit she still loved him. He had treated her badly from the moment after they married and onward. Despite all the hurt, all the other women, all the lies...she still couldn't help but love him. Every once in awhile he would turn on that charm of his and sweep her off her feet. One of those nights conceived the child we are speaking of.
Tony: So, what happened to the child?
Liz: Well, she told me there was just man back then. He was good friends with your father, Enrico, and came to be your mother's keeper in a way after your father passed. The man's name was Paolo. Paolo hated Stefano with a passion and was only working for the Dimera's to make a decent living for his family's sake. Daphne was hiding her pregnancy from everyone until she knew what to do but Paolo learned of her condition one night when she was ill. He had offered to take her to the doctor but she told him nothing was wrong. She just was sick to her stomach. She told him about the baby and confessed her fears of what the child would end up like if Stefano was an active part of the child's life. So, Daphne ran away into hiding at Paolo's urging. The plan was to hide out and then to give up the child once it was born. She felt she had no choice. Stefano frantically searched for her and Daphne told me of the many close calls she had. She would hide out in any place she could find. Sewers, soup kitchens, even Stefano's very own tunnels and catacombs.
Tony: Didn't that risk the child's health?
Liz: Sure, but Daphne felt it was worth it to protect her baby from becoming the next source of Dimera evil. She was already worried about what you would become. She always felt horrible that she wasn't able to get you away from Stefano. She considered herself lucky that you turned out how you did.
Tony: I consider myself lucky, as well.
Liz: Anyway, she went into labor while hiding in a small village in souther Italy. She made her way to an Inn. The innkeeper called a doctor and the baby was delivered. She then told the doctor she wanted to give up the child. The doctor was confused but Daphne explained she didn't feel the child would get a proper upbringing. The doctor followed her wishes and the baby was taken away. Daphne then returned to Stefano, who was furious with her. She merely lied and said she needed to get away to relax and clear her mind. She took alot from Stefano but she accepted it. She was devastated to learn that Paolo had been killed during a fight with Stefano in her absence. He was covering for her and she felt great guilt over the situation.
Tony: I can imagine.
Liz: Your mother kept tabs on the child. She used a Dimera contacts that she trusted. One that had worked for Stefano but was fired due to incompetence. He would use what was at his disposal to provide Daphne with info about how the child was doing and so on. I have everything she compiled, along with proof of the child being Stefano and Daphne's. She wanted to make sure all her bases were covered. She told me about all this a short time before her death. She had hinted at it and had such a hard time opening up. She said she always sort of knew she was going to entrust me with this because I was the only friend she had and could trust to tell you and you alone. Once she knew she could trust me, she came out with it. She had a feeling her life would be cut short so she felt the need to tell me when it felt right. She needed to make sure the information would somehow be passed on to you so you could find your sibling and fight Stefano together.
Tony: I see. I also noticed you talk of the child but don't talk of it's gender or it's name.
Liz: Well, I guess part of me can't accept that the moment has arrived where I can finally share this secret with someone. It seems surreal that you finally made it here.
Tony: Yes, well, I'm just glad I found the clues and completed this journey.
Liz: Your mother knew she had to take a risk. It couldn't be easy. She needed to protect the secret so if Stefano or anyone else found the first clue in your favorite book they wouldn't know what they had come upon. She was confident that not even Stefano could figure out what was going on if he had found the first clue. She knew there was no way he would find the others. Daphne knew there was a chance of you not catching on to all this and then I would be taking this secret to my grave. Luckily, you did. You figured it all out, just like your mother thought.
Tony: Yes, well, I know how it all happened so, now, it's time to tell me about this sibling of mine. Is it a he or she? A name...I need the rest, Liz. Time is not something to be wasted right now.
Liz: I know. I know. I'll tell you. Just let me go get the info your mother compiled and the proof.

Liz gets up as Tony waits anxiously to learn the rest of the answers he so desperately seeks.


Abby tells Forrest to go ahead and begin as Dr. Dobbs watches.

Forrest: You see, my family...we built this wall of lies around us. We had to have this perfect image and father wouldn't have it any other way. Father always thought of Lawrence as the crown prince. I was small in stature and father detested me from the moment of my arrival. His treatment of me, from what I can remember, was not like that of a Alamain. It was almost like I was some stray picked off the street. If it weren't for mother...(fights back tears) I don't know...
Abby: It's ok, Forrest.
Forrest: Lawrence detested me too. I was only 3 but he makes no secret of the fact that he bullied me.
Abby: How do you know?
Forrest: I've met with him several times. You see, it was Lawrence who encouraged father to send me away. Father wanted to send me to a school in eastern Europe where I could be properly refined. I was not an Alamain to him from birth so he had planned to mold me into one. However, he did not want to deal with the embarrassment of it all so he covered it up. They had the perfect opportunity to do so the day I fell into that pool. I didn't understand what I was doing and just fell in, I suppose. The next thing I know, I woke up in a sort of dormitory at a school, the very one I gather father wanted to send me too. I later learned from my brother that Lawrence had helped father fake my death. Mother believed it because she had seen me fall in. Father made Lawrence pull her away so he could pull me out and take me away. No one ever saw the body. I never saw...mother again (wipes tears from his eyes).
Abby: Wow...I'm...sorry.
Forrest: I spent 15 years of my life at that school and left at age 18. It ended up being one of the greatest times of my life. You see, I made friends with this young girl. Sylvia was her name. Luscious blond hair, eyes that I would find myself lost in everytime I looked into them...she had my heart from the minute she arrived. She had been sent there against her will as well and we bonded. We were the same age and, even at 3, we felt drawn to each other. We laughed, played...without her, my life would have been...nothing. Our friendship grew into love. After we graduated, I proposed. Unfortunately, that very day, she had reunited with her family. She had forgiven them for some reason and she just had to go with them, of course. Both our hearts were broken that day. I didn't know how I would live. She had her family but I had nothing. However, I did go in search of my family. I learned that mother had died but I couldn't find father or Lawrence. I somehow got it together after that and made a career for myself. How I had the strength to go on...but I did. This wonderful man gave me a job in his shipping organization and I worked my way up to, for all intents and purposes, running it. Then, one day, this women walks in asking for assistance in transferring some orders for her father's business. It was like walking back into the past...
Abby: Sylvia, right?
Forrest: Yes. We reconnected. It was like no time had passed. I met her family and they made me feel like I belonged. One thing led to another and I asked her to marry me yet again. This time was the charm (smiles). We were so happy...until my brother came back into my life.
Abby: Just like that? After all that time?
Forrest: Yes. See, Lawrence had people around that reported back to him. He knew everything about me. I mean, he had the Alamain name and influence. He had returned to Europe with his beloved Katerina.
Abby: Oh yeah, my mom told me about her...wasn't her name Carly, though?
Forrest: Yes but my brother called her his Katerina. She had lost her memory and regressed back in time to when they had fallen in love. When we first met after all those years, he smugly described the privileged life he had led. He told me how happy he was but I told him I was happy too. The life I had led did have ups and downs but I felt it could've been worse. Needless to say, Lawrence was disappointed that his words had no effect on me. He was clearly bothered by the fact that I was happy and satisfied with my life. Around this time, a man named John Black had also been claiming my identity, mostly thanks to Lawrence who planted my half of the locket and fabricated DNA results to make it appear John Black was me. He and Stefano Dimera had come to an agreement. They had been making many dealings at that time.
Abby: Yeah. Lawrence handed over my presumed dead Uncle Steve to Stefano. The police and ISA have been looking for him but nothing.
Forrest: Yes, well, my brother has been living in the shadows, shall we say. Lawrence just wanted to make sure I remained a distant memory, even if that meant making it appear someone else was me. Of course, we know he is Roman Brady now. Needless to say, I was upset with my brother and reminded him he couldn't erase the fact that I am an Alamain too. I had kept the name through the years, even if so many were paid to make sure no one of significance ever realized that I was the real Forrest Alamain. The tension between us was palpable. We met several times. It was clear my brother was doing it for fun and games. He just always had to try to prove he was better then me in every way. More and more he became frustrated because his efforts were futile. I was happy and planning a wedding with Sylvia. You know, I finally thought things were going to be alright in my life. For the first time...(begins to cry)

Abby rubs his shoulder and tells him to go on.

Forrest (tears streaming down his face): The morning of our wedding...everything was fine. I talked to Sylvia through the door of the bridal room of the small chapel we had decided to marry in. Her family left her to be alone and she...never walked down the aisle. We...waited...(wipes tears from his eyes) and...waited...and nothing. Her family went to check on her and I was so worried I had to follow, especially after hearing what sounded like screams. We all arrived outside the bridal room and saw smoke coming from it. Sylvia was screaming and we determined someone was in there with her (in tears). We heard her struggling and fighting with what clearly was a man's voice. It was muffled for sure. We tried hard to get into the room. I tried the window outside but the room was in flames. I couldn't see anything but there were wedding guests outside, who saw no one...get out. Two bodies...were found in the remains. One of a man and one of a woman, the woman being proven to be my Sylvia (breaks down in tears). My precious, Sylvia (pulls out his picture of her from his wallet). I will never find love like I had with her. Never.
Abby: You think your brother did it?
Forrest: The authorities never found anything, really. I suspected Lawrence. The next time I saw him...he was more smug then usual. He was also secretive. Part of me would like to think he would never go that far just to make it known to me he is superior but...he is capable. I knew back then he was and I know now he. It's all speculation. My poor, Sylvia...we were finally going to get it right (covers his face with his hands).

Abby looks over at the picture as she rubs Forrest's back in an attempt to comfort him. This time, however, she studies the picture and realizes Sylvia bears a resemblance to her. Her face then turns to one of fear. Abby begins to back up in her wheelchair. Forrest turns around and asks what is wrong. Abby tells him to stay away from her. Forrest realizes Abby now has seen the resemblance and begs her to let him explain. Abby refuses to listen. Dr. Dobbs vouches for Forrest. Forrest admits to Abby he is working with the ISA to protect her and her family. Abby doesn't buy it and then asks Dr. Dobbs how much Forrest bought him off for. Forrest explains to Abby he brought Dr. Dobbs in to help her walk but he did use Dr. Dobbs to isolate her from Salem and her family. It was for her protection. Abby rolls her eyes and asks from what. Forrest tells her from his brother. Abby is shocked.


Hope and Steve enter their room. Hope is upset they have to share a room but Steve tells her with a few flights grounded the place was bound to fill up. Hope looks around the room and wonders why they can't take the credit the airline gave them and go elsewhere. Steve says it's only good at the airport motel and advises Hope to lower her standards a bit. Hope points out that the bed shakes for a quarter. Steve laughs and puts a quarter in. He then jumps on the bed and tells her that's cool. He encourages Hope to come aboard. Hope tells him he is out of his mind. Steve then gets up and grabs her, dragging her on to the bed. They shake back and forth on the bed as Hope screams at Steve to let her and get off of her. He begins to ticker her and asks why "Ms. big bad former cop" is not capable of breaking free from his grasps. Hope warns him not to mock her. Just then, they look into each other's eyes and pause. Both Steve, who is on top of Hope, and Hope both seem lost in each other's eyes.

The bed then stops shaking. Hope tells him she thinks they should get up now. Steve slowly gets up. Hope does so as well and, seemingly nervous, she tells Steve she could really use a shower. Steve says ok and watches her grab her bag and go into the bathroom. In the bathroom, Hope takes a deep breath and asks herself what is wrong with herself. At the same time, Steve asks himself the very same question and blames himself for making Hope uncomfortable. He tells himself he needs to keep his composure or else he will hurt her and probably even others. Plus, the trip would be a bust. Steve goes over to his bag and takes his shirt off. He looks over in the direction of the bathroom and takes a deep breath before digging through his bag for something.


Doug sits at the bar, worried about Hope and thinking about Julie and their marriage. His frustration boils over, leading to him smashing his glass of liquor on the table. Jean comes over and sees this scene and says:

Jean: You know, that is quite dangerous and a hazard to your health. I mean, they say drinking excessively is too but it doesn't help matters when your using your glass in such a manner.
Doug: Excuse me?
Jean: Sorry. It was hard to just sit back and say nothing seeing a scene like that. Seems like you have a whole bunch of problems, buddy.

Doug looks at Jean and asks her why she feels the need to share her opinion because he certainly doesn't care to hear it. Jean is offended and tells Doug that she won't be talked to that way. She approaches him slowly and stares him down as Doug wonders what he got himself into.


Tony looks over a folder and tells Liz he can't believe what she just told him and what he read. Liz assures him it's all true. Tony tells her he needs to get back to Salem ASAP. He tells Liz he hates to rush off and thanks her for everything. They embrace. Liz says it was her pleasure and she is so happy to have fulfilled her promise to Daphne. She wishes Tony luck. Tony wishes her luck as well and tells her not to be a stranger. Liz tells him he can come back and visit too. Tony smiles and says he will call her on that. He gives her a friendly kiss and then leaves. Liz closes the door behind him and hopes that Tony and all the rest of Stefano's victims find peace. She then looks to the heavens and tells Daphne her secret is out. Her son knows and now let the chips fall where they may. Meanwhile, Tony calls for a cab and looks at the folder Liz gave him, saying Stefano and Salem are in for quite a shock as the scene freezes on his face and then fades to black.




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wow good episode. LOVED the recap of histories with Forrest and Daphne. Thank you so much. I bet the other son is John.

SO GLAD Steve and Hope are getting" Closer"

Who is Jean? And for the life of me I can't figure out what kind of place is Abby in?

Love the pics you guys use. Very classy and bright.

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wow good episode. LOVED the recap of histories with Forrest and Daphne. Thank you so much. I bet the other son is John.

SO GLAD Steve and Hope are getting" Closer"

Who is Jean? And for the life of me I can't figure out what kind of place is Abby in?

Love the pics you guys use. Very classy and bright.

Jean is Alyson's mother. Jean and Alyson were created by two loyal readers of ours, Tishy and daysfan, as prizes for them finishing first and second in the Vendetta game earlier this year.

Abby is in a normal beachhouse that Dr. Dobbs owns. They wanted to get her out of Salem to prevent distractions and stress to better treat her, only she is learning now what the deal really is with Forrest.

As for the Dimera child, we haven't mentioned if it's a son or daughter yet but I can tell you it's not John. The character of John was changed back into Roman last year so there really isn't a John Black.

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ahh i see, so what is Abby being treated for? ANd yes I do remeber them winning the Vendtta game right?

And more thing I forgot to metion I loved the little back story that yens gave Ms. Flowers.

So the Dimera child isnt John, now I am going to have to wrack my brain. I guess I'll just wait to see what happends

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ahh i see, so what is Abby being treated for? ANd yes I do remeber them winning the Vendtta game right?

And more thing I forgot to metion I loved the little back story that yens gave Ms. Flowers.

So the Dimera child isnt John, now I am going to have to wrack my brain. I guess I'll just wait to see what happends

Chelsea and Abby were ina bad car wreck last November. Abby was paralyzed in the crash and has been struggling to recover ever since.

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LOVE the big talks. Although Tony and Liz talk barely revealed a damn thing but that is very good. Keeps us in suspense and also it was just glad to "see" Liz. Besides it is movement and that's all that matters to me. :D

Great Forrest and Abby stuff. You right both of them so well, especially Forrest.

Oh and Jean interacting with someone other than Alyson. Interesting she's talking to Doug. I LOVE IT!!!

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