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Tony, Steve, and Hope pull up to the house that fits the address they have for Liz. Tony tips the driver as they exit the cab. They then walk up to the door. Hope wonders if Liz has changed at all. Tony smiles and says he is sure she hasn't. He then takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell. There is no answer so Tony rings it again. Steve notices the window shades moving and says that someone is in the house. Tony begins to knock and yells out to Liz, telling her who is there. The door then slightly opens. Liz glanced from behind it as Tony smiles at her. The look of fear and worry on Liz's face turns into one of relief and joy as she then opens the door and embraces Tony and then Hope, saying it's been a long time.

Hope and Tony tell Liz she looks well and ask if she remembers Steve. She says vaguely and welcomes them all in. Hope comments on how lovely her home is. Liz thanks her, saying it's just enough for her. Tony is shocked she never married again. Liz explains she focused on her career after she left Salem, which is why she kept the name "Curtis." It just fit better. She did that movie she left to do but her acting career never exactly took off so she went back to focusing on her singing. She tells them she is now the headliner at a local nightclub act downtown and is enjoying her work, other then the constant worrying. She then apologizes for being so hesitant to let them in. Tony tells her he knows she is worried about Stefano. Liz doesn't answer but Tony tells her it's ok. He knows that his mother entrusted her with a secret that could change the Dimera family forever.

Liz smiles and tells Tony it all makes sense as to why he is there now. She admits to him she was beginning to think he would never find the clues that led to her, which is why she was more worried then ever of Stefano catching on first somehow. Tony assures her that Stefano has no idea of any of this yet but Tony tells her she must tell him everything before Stefano does learn of what is going on. Liz looks at Steve and Hope and tells them she hates to be rude but thinks it would be better if she talked to Tony alone. She made a promise to Daphne that she would share this with Tony and it would feel wrong if they were there. Hope says she understands.

Tony tells Steve and Hope to go ahead to the airport since they will want to head for Salem immediately once they have the answers they need. Steve nods in agreement as Hope tells Liz she simply must come to Salem for a visit. Liz says she will once things calm down as it seems Salem isn't the safest place. Hope smiles and embraces Liz, saying she understands, especially with her involvement in the Dimera's business. Liz thanks her and tells Steve and Hope it was nice seeing them. They both echo that sentiment as they leave and tell Tony they will see him later.

Once alone, Tony and Liz sit down. She asks if he wants some coffee. Tony smiles and says it's remarkable that they are able to be civil after their tension-filled marriage. Liz says that was ages ago and she knows he has changed. She also explains that she knows all about his horrible ordeal in captivity. She tells Tony she is so sorry. Tony thanks her. He then tells Liz that he would like very much to get down to business. Liz understands, saying she knows he is worried about Stefano finding out what he is up to and admits she is too. Tony promises her she will be protected. He will make sure of it.

Meanwhile, outside, Hope finishes calling for a cab to the airport and notices Steve making a call of his own. She hears him asking for two tickets to New Orleans and asks what is going. Steve tells her there has been a change of plans. They are going back to Maison Blanche. An angry Hope tells him the hell they are as the scene shifts to...


In the living room, Alex warns his mother that playing games like she is could be dangerous. Elizabeth reminds him that he has always longed for a better life. A life with a complete family and they all have a chance at that now. Alex reminds her they could've been a family years ago if she hadn't lied about not knowing who his father is, which he still doesn't understand the motivation behind. Elizabeth explains that she had her reasons and she isn't getting into them now. She tells him she is going to go see where Jack and Billie went and what is going on. As she prepares to leave, Alex tells her he needs to tell her one thing before she goes. Elizabeth turns and asks what is it.

Alex: Obviously, I am still upset about you concealing the truth about my father from me so you need to be wise here, mother. By that, I mean using me just to snare Jack away from Billie is not a good idea. I will not be a pawn. Your choice! Just know, that if you choose to ignore my warning and end up dragging me into the middle of whatever plot you have in mind, so help me I am through with you. I will no longer have a mother. Understood?

A stunned Elizabeth looks silently at Alex, turns, says she will be back soon, and leaves. Alex shakes his head in frustration as he watches her leave.


Jack chases after Billie and finally manages to catch up to her. He begs Billie to just stop and listen to him. Billie finally stops, reluctantly. Several officers are nearby. Jack asks if they would move away a bit so they can talk alone. The officers agree. Billie tells Jack she doesn't feel like talking or listening to him right now. Jack knows she is upset but begs her to listen to reason.

Listen to reason? You took Elizabeth's side over mine just because you think she is this perfect image of what every woman should be!
Jack: I never said. Alex acknowledged that his mother is not a violent person and, way back when, I knew her to be like that as well.
Billie: People can change, Jack.
Jack: Well, I don't see reason to believe she has. I think Elizabeth is right in that...
Billie: Let me guess. In that I'm jealous, right? This is not about Alex being your son, Jack. This is about Elizabeth and the fact that she has changed. She came right out and told me she has and that all her years of being alone hardened her. She told me she was going to pull out all the stops to make you all hers. She told me that right to my face, Jack!!
Jack: Well, I don't know what to say. Uh...is there...is there a possibility you are exaggerating or that you took her words out of context?
Billie: DAMNIT, JACK!!! It's pretty clear we have a bigger problem here then Elizabeth. You refuse to listen to a word I say! Your in denial and your...ugh!! What the hell is wrong with you? Ever since you found out Alex was yours...
Jack: I know I blew you off earlier and that is why your upset but...
Billie: YOUR NOT HEARING ME!! Your choosing to hear what you want to and to see what you want to. You don't want to believe what I'm saying is true.
Jack: I don't understand. I don't understand what you want from me!
Billie: Clearly! What I want is for you to remember those words you said to me on the ship. Those same words you repeated to me in that cave on the island. I was dying and you told me how much you loved me. You put your heart out on the line right there and it was then that I realized we had something worth taking a chance on...worth fighting for. Then here comes Elizabeth and Alex and we still seem to be on track until you learn, without a doubt, that Alex is your son.
Jack: Right. See, I knew it was jealously. Billie, that's ok...
Billie: I'm not jealous. I want Alex to be a part of your life. A big part of it. This is about the fact that you aren't seeing what is going on here. Elizabeth is using the situation to get close to you. She is using it to break us up and you keep seeing it her way. You keep seeing it as me being upset or jealous all because she told you that was the case.
Jack: I think we better just calm down. Maybe we should talk in the morning so cooler heads can prevail.
Billie: Fine but nothing will change. We will still be at this same place, Jack. Until you get out of your world of denial and start listening to me... all I want is for you to at least consider what I am saying and to just look into it. At the very least, that would show me something that will give me hope. Alex is important to you and rightfully show. Elizabeth is his mother and that means you two will forever have a connection but that does not make then a package deal. You have a close relationship with your son without catering to Elizabeth and falling right into her trap. Jack, I think a part of you thinks getting closer to Elizabeth will help you bond with Alex and that isn't the case. He is a grown man. He doesn't need his parents together. He just needs you both in his life. You understand what I mean?

Jack turns and stands in silence. Elizabeth arrives and watches from a distance, trying to also stay out of sight of the officers.

Billie: Jack?
Jack: I will take what you said into consideration. I'll call you in the morning. Good night.

Jack walks off as Billie calls out to him.

Billie: Damnit, Jack. You just refuse to see it. You don't want to see it. You can't accept what I am saying as the truth. Oh, Jack, if you don't rise above this insane sense of denial...there's no hope for us. Elizabeth will be the end of us (fights back tears).

Meanwhile, Jack walks by Elizabeth, who comes up behind him, saying she was worried about him after what happened. She asks if he is ok. Jack tells Elizabeth he is fine but he wants to be alone so he would appreciate it if Alex and her took off. He will call them tomorrow. Elizabeth understands and asks once again if he is ok. Jack nods and says he just needs to get some fresh air and to think. Elizabeth bids him good night and says she will call him in the morning. As she walks off, she looks back at Jack and smiles as the scene shifts too...


Dr. Dobbs is talking to Abby through the door, begging her to come out of her room. Abby asks if he was in on this sick plan too. Dr. Dobbs tells her that Forrest and him just want to talk to her. They don't want to hurt her in any way. Abby tells them she wants the truth and will come out if they give it to her. Dr. Dobbs looks at Forrest and tells him he doesn't have a choice. Forrest sighs deeply and tells Abby he will tell her the truth. He will tell her everything. Abby then slowly opens the doors to make sure everything is on the up and up and then slowly wheels out. Forrest motions to her to follow him.

They enter the living room of the beach house. Forrest sits on the couch and Abby wheels over. Dr. Dobbs sits nearby. Abby reminds him she wants to know everything. Forrest says he will tell her everything and tells her it all starts with his childhood. Abby asks him if he means when he was presumed to have drowned. Forrest nods, saying that the whole sordid tale began on that very day.


Hope tells Steve she isn't going to Maison Blanche. She reminds him they have to wait for Tony and they promised him they would help. They also can't take the risk of Stefano being on their tails. She adds that there is a good chance that Maison Blanche is crawling with security after their last visit. Steve thinks she is right but they can work around that. He tells they have to get to the truth. Hope tells him they already pretty much know Chelsea is their daughter and that they developed feelings for each other while imprisoned together. There isn't much else to learn. She tells him they can have a DNA test done on him and Chelsea to determine the truth once and for all.

Steve: Your afraid. I know you are.
Hope: I'm not afraid. I am just sick of this. Being away from my family, lying to my husband...I want it to stop.
Steve: So do I but we need to do this, Hope. I heard about what happened when you investigated your past before and I know it led to some nasty things.
Hope: No kidding. I lost yet another year of my life. I'm not going down that road again. I'm not getting lost in the past.
Steve: I don't blame you but we both know there is still things missing from our memory banks (points to his head). We're always going to wonder what that is. We'll feel incomplete without whatever that is.
Hope: I'll live.
Steve: Well, I won't. Hope, I don't know much of anything about my missing years and this could be just the tip of the iceberg for me. If not for yourself, do it for me. We've been friends for a long time and I know it's a risk. I know your afraid of what might happen for many reasons. Your a strong woman. One of the strongest I know. We'll do this together. We''ll get through it together. I know if you look insider yourself you will see that this is right. That we have to do this. We have to.

Hope is silent.

Steve: Come on, sweet thing. You know I'm right. You know you will always wonder if there is more to all this. Your a cop. The curious part of you wants to know. I mean, who knows. We may learn something that can help us bring down the Dimera empire. You never know. You never know unless we give it a whirl. So, what do you say, pal? I'm not doing this without you. We were in this together then and we will be in this together now.

Hope turns toward Steve.

Steve: So, can we do this?

Hope turns away for a moment and then takes a deep breath and says she better not regret this. Steve tells her she won't. She then tells Steve let's do this. He thanks her and says he will call and get them flight. Hope says she will call Tony since she doesn't want to go in if Liz and him are in the thick of things. Steve agrees that is the right way to go. Hope begins to dial and prays she isn't making a mistake.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Liz tells Tony she appreciates the offer but doesn't need protection. Tony insists and says it would make him feel better. Liz smiles. Tony tells Liz to go ahead and begin to tell him about the long lost child his mother had. Just then, Tony's phone rings. It's Hope, who fills him in on the plan for her and Steve to head to New Orleans. Hope tells Tony she hopes he understands. Tony says he does and thanks them for all they have done and tells Hope to call if her or Steve need anything. Hope thanks him and says they will and promises to catch up to him once they are all back in Salem, unless they need anything. Tony wishes her and Steve luck and then hangs up. Tony tells Liz that Steve and Hope have to go. Liz wishes she didn't have to send them away but says she just wants to hold to her promise to Daphne. Tony says they understand and so does he. He tells her she can always come for a visit.

Tony sits back down and tells Liz to go ahead and tell him the secret his mother entrusted her with. The secret that concerns his long lost half-sibling. Liz takes a deep breath and tells Tony she will and that it's a long time coming. The scene then freeze frames on Tony as he waits for Liz to begin to give him the answers he has been searching for and then the scene fades to black.




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Wow, I wonder what Liz is hiding.

I hope Steve and Hope get closer on there trip.

I also loved how Alex stood up to his mom regarding her and Jack. How old is Alex?

And I feel so bad for Jack, he is really caught up in the middle

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Wow, I wonder what Liz is hiding.

I hope Steve and Hope get closer on there trip.

I also loved how Alex stood up to his mom regarding her and Jack. How old is Alex?

And I feel so bad for Jack, he is really caught up in the middle

We are writing him around 28-30 years old so he's not a little boy, that's for sure :lol:

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I did not like Jack looking like an idiot in this episode, IMO.

But, I am really interested in who Tony's new sibling will be. Have their been any hints that I missed, that I should know about?

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I did not like Jack looking like an idiot in this episode, IMO.

But, I am really interested in who Tony's new sibling will be. Have their been any hints that I missed, that I should know about?

Nope. No hints so you are as in the dark as others.

Sorry you feel that way about Jack. Perhaps what is coming will turn you around in regards to him. :)

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